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Tumbleweed Cannabis Co

Tumbleweed proudly provides the Hines community and beyond with Oregon’s most lovingly cultivated and finely produced cannabis and cannabis-derived products. The Tumbleweed dispensary team prides itself on dedicated customer service and a friendly, easy-going attitude. Whether you’re a medical patient or recreational enthusiast, Tumbleweed will help you unlock your optimal cannabis experience. History: Tumbleweed opened its dispensary doors in Fall 2017, proud to be the first and only dispensary in the Hines area within a 150-mile radius. The Tumbleweed team is ecstatic to bring cannabis to the region and help their beloved locals access quality marijuana goods at reasonable prices. Tumbleweed stands by the belief that cannabis is wonderful for both recreational and medical purposes and makes the world a better place when it’s provided by knowledgeable, compassionate people. It is Tumbleweed’s privilege to serve their community with high-quality and lab-tested cannabis, all offered in a friendly and educational environment. Staff: New visitors to Tumbleweed are welcomed with a smile and enthusiasm. A budtender will get started asking questions about what guests are looking for before elaborating on different products and making recommendations to find the best products for their needs. Tumbleweed’s knowledgeable team studies up on the latest cannabis research and passes on their insight to their customers. Tumbleweed’s counter offers two stools at every station, allowing customers to sit down and take their time asking questions and learning everything they need to make informed cannabis purchases. Menu: The Tumbleweed menu features a wide variety of cannabis goodies sourced from top-quality Oregon producers. Its shelves hold about 20 different flower cultivars, several concentrate lines, edibles, topicals, tinctures, and CBD options. Vendors like Wynberry Farms, Golden, Medicine Farm Botanicals, and Calyx Crafts grace their shelves, while Gorilla Glue, Cloud Nine, and Agent Orange are among Hines’ most beloved strains. In addition to Tumbleweed’s cannabis supply, the dispensary features vape batteries, pipes, screens, bongs, and other consumption accessories. Hines visitors must bring cash or debit to purchase Tumbleweed’s marijuana products. Veterans receive 10% off of every purchase while medical patients receive their cannabis tax-free. Tumbleweed’s team invites patrons to connect through their Facebook or Leafly page, or call and email with any questions. The Hines dispensary features plenty of wide-open parking with ADA access. Service Locations: Tumbleweed welcomes recreational and medical cannabis users alike to their Hines dispensary, located in the southern half of the town on Route-20. Visitors from Burns, Lawen, Crane, and Buchanan are welcome to explore Tumbleweed’s cannabis. The team invites Riley, Suntex, Narrows, and New Princeton patrons to visit their Hines location. Residents in Trout Creek, Silvies, Seneca, and Drewsey are welcome at Tumbleweed. From Wagontire to Juntura and beyond, Tumbleweed is the place to be for all things cannabis. Location Information: Hines is a small city in Harney County, Oregon, located south of the 1.7 million acres of the Malheur National Forest. To the south, Malheur Lake and Mud Lake provide plenty of boating, swimming, and fishing opportunities for lovers of the outdoors. The nearby Harney County Historical Museum showcases the cultural story of the surrounding region. Further south, the Steens Mountain hiking trail provides beautiful views for hundreds of miles in all directions.

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