Blue Diesel Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Fantastic, uplifting high - it takes away my neuropathic pain for hours and simultaneously makes me energetic and euphoric - damn fine attributes for one dealing with major depression that has been ameliorated not one whit by Rx anti-depressants. Toking up on Blue D on a bad morning can turn the day around and your frown upside-down! Unequivocal recommendation for treating nerve pain and depression.”

  • “I find Blue diesel to be really uplifting while offering a good amount of body high that melts away nerve pain; while also easing away mental tension Without creating too much brain fog.”

  • “Blue City Diesel is always my best yielded, purplest nugged, and one of the most pungent.”

  • “O my, this strain never disappoints. My fav daytime buds only 2nd to Cinex & Harlequin (fav of all time). Always eliminates all migraine pain, nausea & stress. NO ANXIETY/PARANOIA (a must). Body high perfect. Head buzz strong but not too much. Vaping def opens up the Blueberry smell & taste which makes each experience that much more delightful. Effects last about 2-3 hours. Highly recommend for daytime use. Could als...”

  • “Migraine pain mild; nausea 9 when I medicated round 2000 or so. Takes bout 10 min to start kicking in. Pain/nausea gone. No anxiety/paranoia (must for me). Body high allowed me to eat dinner, nom nom. Head high melted my anxiety away. Twas wonderful. Slowed me down a bit but kicked @## doin it's job. I'd highly recommend for after work/weekend/afternoon use for pain/nausea/anxiety. Blue City Diesel is till on my favs...”

  • “An immediate on-set of euphoria, happiness, a sense of light heartedness that makes me want to giggle. Very pleasant smoke! Very tasty. I taste the distinct diesel chemical like taste on exhale. On inhale and exhale the taste is over all very sweet. The smoke is very easy on my throat and lungs (those two reason are why I've only been dabbing for about a month) and the strain packs a fair punch. I'm stoned of a perso...”

  • “It's like being a child again. This strain picks you up like mom/dad did, then sets you in a bath of euphoria, and you just get to sit there and bask in it. Your mind and body simultaneously relax. Your stresses get scrubbed away and now everything makes you laugh. Oh, you see that rubber duck floating? Yea, thats fucking funny. You keep getting asked, "what's so funny?" and you try to tell them, but you struggle bec...”

  • “Blue D is hands down my favorite strain out there, everything about it is just hands down amazing. The smell, the high, the taste. I will never ever get sick of this strain.”