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Blue Persuasion Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “this strain is very nice, had it once and back for more. it's 60/40 indica but not one to make me sleep. chills out reality, it doesn't escape it. so far I'm very impressed with BUDS Pasco”

  • “I wasn't very impressed by this strain. It had a pretty weak aroma, and while it got me high it just wasn't anything special. For the price I could've got something much tastier, prettier, and effective.”

  • “This is my favorite strain to smoke at the end of the day! It's pretty sweet smelling and smooth to inhale too”

  • “Sweet smelling, sweet tasting, with a high THC % to boot, this grass is an all around powerhouse. Blueberry NLights and White Widow were already some of my favorite strains. Combine them and you get a fruity sweet blend that'll knock you on your ass. Price was just right on this guy, $160 for a half an oz is a deal.”

  • “I think they did a great job growing this strain.. When u look at it under a light its BEAUTIFUL! Looks amazing, taste is fine, high is a creeper. My new favorite mix tho is a bowl of Sour Kush and a bowl of Blue Persuasion and I'm on cloud 9. So happy and smiling and laughing. Amazing Combination I must say! EnjoyWeed!”

  • “not one of my favorites, but it does the trick. low thc mostly indica hybrid great for people with a lower tolerance.”

  • “Taste is amazing, the berry in mine was really predominant. Frosty nugs snow'd keif in the grinder and was really happy with the look and smell overall. Mine seemed heavy on the indica side but really put a smile on my face nonetheless as the anxiety melted away and comfort washed over my body. Quite potent certainly not panic inducing, had the urge to talk a lot. Focused high as well, clear and not spacey.”

  • “A calm, focused Indica. Relaxed with a hint of energy.”