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  • “• Presently smoking this T-18% hybrid from Theraplant in CT. Beautifully tri-colorful —> 🍊orange, purple & bright green crystallized buds are lovely just to look at! (I uploaded a pic of buds in my hand.) Aroma is sweet of berries and taste is equally-so.. & spicy 🌶 note @ back-end of hit was a welcome surprise! 🔥 Love this for its' true hybrid qualities + blast of euphoria with every toke. This is a great one for...”

  • “Very good hybrid with a delicious earthy blueberry taste. The high is nicely balanced between physical relaxation and uplifting euphoria. Does excellent at treating stress, depression, and ADD. You are in a happy, relaxed, focused state, everything seems better!”

  • “I LOVE this strain! I smoke this before writing, get a blast of creativity within 10 minutes or so, and do some of the best writing ever. When the sativa high starts to wane I get the relaxing calm of Blue Magoo (another of my favorites). On another note, very smooth flavor. Smells strongly of blueberries when you open the bag. Nice, quick high. Love it!”

  • “Balanced, euphoric, uplifting, and relaxing all in one”

  • “Amazing for blunts. If smokes slow, crisp with a great flavor. I smoked a blunt and a bowl with this strain and I'm not opposed to smoking bowls with this strain but the blunt was over the edge. It was awesome, it made me very paranoid though, thought the cops were coming for sure. Plus I ate everything in my refrigerator”

  • “Blueberry...yum I love the taste of this strain. very uplifting, Happy feeling. solid buds, loaded a bowl hit it a couple times the nug is still rock hard :)”

  • “Good energy strain , very sweet taste much like a berry .”