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Critical Skunk Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “It's very cool, I tried in Bologna.the first high is cool and funny..but after a while munches and knocks you out..sleepy”

  • “Not only is it smooth it tastes good too!”

  • “It's perfect. Just the right amount of THC and relatively high CBD, and lasts me hours. My favorite strain, and now nobody in town carries it.”

  • “In Spain I smoked this a lot... Love the high, good weed to enjoy with friends... Got to try it one day:)”

  • “Really good chilling strain, feel active and relax at the same time while your senses grow allowing you to be more aware of your body. Last time i tried it was pretty strong so keep calm and enjoy”

  • “it is my fav. strain and my first and will cherish it to my heart forever <3”

  • “Critical skunk is an excellent high, it makes you feel very relaxed and quite happy! I would recommend, also might need a couple of Fiji waters to quench your thirst!”

  • “Been smokin on some concentrate, only thing I don't enjoy is the flavor, critical skunk is a hella accurate name”