J1 Reviews

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  • “If you suffer from anxiety, this is the strain for you. I suffer from acute anxiety due to a condition named Dystonia. I have a mild case which means that I have a slight muscle problem and facial ticks. When I hit this (only 2 hits from a piece) I thought I was cured. I like this strain because I can focus and get things done and for once, have a normal conversation with people. No memory loss, just an overall calmi...”

  • “On Saturday I decided to smoke a bowel of this right before a 90 min massage. I can describe exactly how I felt before my appointment. Remember that scene in the movie Office Space where Peter gets hypnotized by a large hypnotist. Right before he dropped dead the doctor suggested to Peter that he didn't have a care in the world...just totally and utterly RELAXED. I felt just like that scene. I walked out of the ...”

  • “Dark emerald, super-chunky colas of large, surprisingly densely clustered HUGE calyxes are blanketed in giant amber trichomes that reek of sweet honeydew with just a hint of orange and a mere whisper of skunk. The effect is a high-intensity uplift with no couch lock. A super-tasty palate pleaser that treats the nose, tongue, eye, mind, and body in equal measure. Long-duration effects (3-4 hours,) complete the picture...”

  • “First time smoking J1 strain... smells piney,citrusy and a tad on the pungent side! Tastes good of this small piece i used, imagine from the bong! High is great and fast acting... within 15 minutes i had the head high! Bomb... this is great for anxiety, stress and great all around day meds! Uplifted and feeling good... gonna get errands done and hit the gym before i get home and hit it again... Thanks again to my lo...”

  • “David Cross likes this strain, and David Cross doesn't like anything.”

  • “New favorite for sure! Immediate rush of energy and happiness - you want to do ALL the things and giggle while doing them. After about 30 minutes, it mellows down into a happy high with strong creativity and perception. One of the best I've found for depression and tiredness; I was having some serious fatigue starting a new nerve medication and this pulled me right out of it. Gives me mild-moderate munchies but not t...”

  • “Really decent especially for $65 a quad at Bloom in Phx. Very happy. Don't get me wrong I've had better but I was very pleased. Really nice bud structure and "weed" flavor. I like my weed to taste like weed. Nothing else. Not a blueberry fan or anything like that too much. Hits real smooth. Great for any type of smoking. Don't know about vape. But imagine it would be better. I'm a long time smoker (19 yrs) but I smo...”

  • “J1 is an amazing strain that has an exceptional euphoric and happily uplifting feel to it. It is a tremendous strain for depression, anxiety, etc. I would recommend this strain to anyone stoner out there like my self and to be completely honest I'm more of an indo man but this strain is honestly in my top 3 as it is undoubtedly an amazing and spectacular plant.”