Purple Dog Shit Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Great strain! Very rare to find. Great stuff to smoke before having sex or feeling happy.”

  • “Awesome! Whoever came up with this is the shit!”

  • “picked this strain up from the new Deanz Greenz in my neighborhood . lovely nuggets with a pungent but sweet undertones of fruit and a phenomenal taste of grape. love this strain.”

  • “Got this from Emerald City Institute dispensary. Not sure where the Purple came into this strain but was good high. Smell not so good, hence the name. Also, was hard nuggs that did resemble the name.”

  • “Obtained this strain from a dispensary in Portland, OR. It was soft, bright colored hairs against a light green bud. The high was euphoric. Had an amazing taste.”

  • “An amazing strain to have and to enjoy the night”

  • “Is a little stinky but has a great taste to it maybe a hint of berry ha I paid a grip for a quarter and it was well worth it. Extra giggly happy high I love it!!! The nuggys are covered in hairs”

  • “Great strain. Bought this strain in Portland, Oregon because of it's long bright orange hairs. It was costly but very top shelf.”