Rocky Mountain High Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Ridiculous flower! Now the strain I picked up was Rocky Mountain Fire ( RMH x Fire OG ) This beauty tastes great, smokes great, and delivers! Super dope nugs, nice large chunky buds, that'll have you drooling. Find this strain you'll love it.”

  • “I just had surgury this morning on my feet and the numbing went away and started hurting like crazy. I smoked a joint of Rocky Mountain and the pain is completely gone”

  • “had me trippin”

  • “Rocky Mountain Fire, the name says it all. Lucky me stumbled upon some the other day and decided to try it out. Huge buds with fiery red hairs everywhere, coated in crystals. The high came on strong and stayed for quite some time. I became one with the couch as my mind ran rampant with thoughts. Deep body high, very good for pain relief. Would take it easy if your a novice smoker and run across this strain.”

  • “Rocky Mountain was a very smooth strain all around. The buds were thick and sticky with a dark green tint. Maybe it's just me but this strain smelled like coffee...which I can get behind. Smoking Rocky Mountain High was very pleasant due to how smooth it is. The effects are very uplifting yet mellow, it allows for great concentration and social interaction. Recommended for studying! Enjoy!!!”

  • “yummy! helps with pain, stress, anxiety, and ptsd. highly recommend”

  • “good shit”

  • “A nice relaxing body high. I have osteoarthritis and this is what I use before bed to relieve my pain and fall asleep. Smooth, nice taste, no coughing. Highly recommend.”