Sour Candy Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “Picked up a strain called sour skittles which I'm assuming is in sour candy's lineage. Sativa strain. Beautiful, dense nug that still breaks apart with ease. It gave me a happy, focused, uplifting high while also providing a great relaxing effect.”

  • “The first time I tried Sour Candy, it didn't really have any specifics. It was just a regular high for me. However the second time, coming home from work & fresh out of a nice shower, I gave it a try and it felt great! It's something I'd go to after refreshing myself and to relax.”

  • “I picked this up at The Healing Touch in Los Angeles but they called it Sour Skittles. I'm going to assume it's the same strain due to its distinct Candy, Tropical and Diesel smell. It is definitely a very clean non groggy Sativa strain. I often drink and smoke which sedated me a lot but this strain kept me going. Just smoking it by itself it doesn't hit me too hard while giving me a very happy effect. One of the fav...”

  • “If you want to be social, I can't think of a better strain to get you into the conversation! This one really surprised me. A couple puffs and I experienced an uplifting wave of optimism that washed over me. I felt happy to absorb other people's thoughts and respond to them with vigor.”

  • “Such a smooth and yummy sativa. It helps calm my c-ptsd symptoms so quickly and effectively. I can focus and complete tasks that are a challenge for me. I feel energized and want to move, which is awesome because I am usually exhausted. I feel so peaceful, grounded and happy on this strain. Also fab for the libido 😀 #420sweepstakes”

  • “So although my tastes generally tend to lean a little more towards the Indica side of the Cannabis spectrum, after smelling some Sour Candy Crumble my guy had, I couldn't help but grab a gram of some wax, some indoor flower, and some outdoor flower (All Sour Candy). So the wax was absolutely GREAT. Especially on taste. Definitely has a very fruity, piney, sort of jet-fuel/hashy taste. Excellent stuff. Very uplifting...”

  • “definitely my kind of candy!”