The Gift

The Gift

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The Gift is a Ringo’s Gift backcross created from seeds gifted to UV Organics by Lawrence Ringo’s son. This potent CBD-dominant hybrid offers a slight bent on the original Ringo’s Gift genetics in terms of flavor and aroma while keeping its robust cannabinoid profile intact. The Gift creates massive CBD/THC ratios like its forebear, but offers sweeter, fruit-forward notes that contrast against the foresty bouquet of Ringo’s Gift. This strain is ideal for consumers seeking calming, anti-inflammatory effects without much headiness due to its nearly nonexistent THC content.    

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Muscle Spasms

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  • 1. Sweet
  • 2. Earthy

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“The Gift is a tried and true medicine. For me Being a 45 year old house painter in the field for 25 years, I hurt in the evening and that's when the gift comes out. After consumption I feel relaxed and content to sleep, this flower knocks out my lower back nerve pains and neck and joint pains 😊 And now I feel rejuvenated and happy in the mornings.”