Bloo's Kloos Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This is our lead off strain, I created this strain with pain relieving properties and reduced negative effects. For people with nerve and muscle pain this is for you. This strain is also recommended for anxiety and stress.”

  • “Love love love this strain. It's not just pleasant to smoke, it actually tastes good, like I want to hit it again just for the flavor. Then I'm left feeling very relaxed and upbeat, without the fuzzy head some strains will leave to get that relaxed in the first place. 5 stars all day!”

  • “Hola chabelos nunkita prove ste tipo de marijuana kiero desirles q soi un fumador de prensado nato si alguno puede tokar su korason y donar algo de mota de buena kalidad se lo agradezko de korason ayuden a un ermano k tiene tanto thc en su sangre komo kuakqiera de ustds xfabor lo nesesito es pa mi salud”

  • “This is the smoothest high I've ever been on seriously nice body high 💨💨💨🌚🌚🌚 🔥🔥🔥 a must try”

  • “I can be generally picky about strains, but this one is a top knotch strain for sure. It has a perfectly balanced high that has great potency for things like being creative, but still controllable to where it's not overpowering. The potent yet controllable balance makes it to where it's a perfect strain for social gatherings as well. I would highly recommend this strain to any true cannabis connoisseur!”

  • “Sounds amazing! MrMack, or anyone, can you please tell me where I can find this one. I have chronic back pain yet don't wanna feel too lethargic. Also, no negatives sounds great.”

  • “I was fourtunate enough to try this strain very early in its realease. I was blown away by the weed from the initaial high to the residual effects. Great strain to use for relaxing or for artists it is a great way to get creative juices flowing. Highly reccomended 10/10”

  • “such a great high. loved this strain!”