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Cannabis Glossary

Waffle perc

A disc-shaped percolator, usually stretching across the entire cylinder of a bong or dab rig, with a crosshatched hole design that resembles a waffle. Like all percolators, waffle percs filter and cool smoke or vapor during inhalation to create a smoother hit.

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Washing machine

When making ice water hash, the mixture must be agitated in order to break trichomes off plant material, a labor-intensive process; a washing machine automates the agitation process.

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Really classic wax is hard yet pliable at room temperatures. (Courtesy of Canamo Concentrates)

Cannabis wax is an extract named for its soft, malleable texture that resembles wax. Because wax can take on so many nuanced forms, it may also be called “butter,” “badder,” “honeycomb,” or other descriptive names that speak to the extract’s texture and appearance.

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Dispensaries With the Largest Marijuana Selections | Leafly

A slang term for cannabis. “Weed” is a general word, used to describe any type of cannabis, of low or high quality. “Many people smoke weed or drink alcohol to relax.”  “Weed is natural, just like mint and lavender.

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Whole plant

Whole plant cannabis products, often called “whole plant medicine,” is a way to describe the consumption of cannabis in its original, biodiverse form. The term emerged in response to the trend of isolating cannabis compounds like CBD or THC, stripping out the many other chemical constituents of the plant through extraction.

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An extraction process that uses subzero temperatures to remove undesired waxes and fatty lipids from a cannabis concentrate, including plant lipids, which can negatively impact the flavor and aesthetics of a product. Winterization is similar to dewaxing, which also separates undesirable fats and waxes in concentrates. “Winterization helps purify fats from concentrates.

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Short for ‘Wookie,’ a reference to Chewbacca’s alien species in Star Wars. Wook is a cannabis culture term for a very high-THC tolerance, intensely cannabis culture-oriented person. Specifically, one with wookie characteristics—like being tall, male, and especially hairy, and/or unkempt with counter-culture paraphernalia.

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