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Cannabis Glossary

Ladder perc

A type of percolator in glass bongs and dab rigs made of several stacked disc-shaped bubbler chambers. Water moves up each chamber when inhaling smoke or vapor, as if climbing a ladder. As with all percolators, ladder percs cool and filter smoke, making hits smoother. “This bong with a ladder perc absolutely rips.

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A cannabis cultivar that is native to a specific region. Landraces have unique physical and chemical traits that are a result of growing in their particular environment. Their names often reflect their regions: Afghani, Acapulco Gold, Hindu Kush, etc.

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Perhaps the most iconic symbol of the marijuana plant, leaves stick out of branches and usually have five or seven points. They absorb light and are essential for photosynthesis. “Most people discard the fan leaves, but they can be juiced.

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A man holds up a joint during a rally to support the legalization of marijuana on Capitol Hill, Monday, April 24, 2017 in Washington. Smoking pot in public remains illegal everywhere in Washington. (Alex Brandon/AP)

Marijuana legalization specifically describes the process of creating laws that permit cannabis use, possession, and/or distribution based on a set of established regulations. Note that medical cannabis legalization only permits cannabis access for those with a medical authorization. Adult-use legalization allows anyone over a particular age to purchase and consume cannabis.

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Licensed facility

A cultivation or manufacturing space for a cannabis company that holds a license to operate in that state’s medical or recreational cannabis industry. Each state and county has the power to determine requirements for cannabis licenses.    “You must have a licensed facility in order to legally cultivate cannabis.

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light deprivation cannabis
Light deprivation

A technique used in outdoor cannabis cultivation to force plants to come to harvest early. Light deprivation is the technique, and greenhouses or crops that utilize it are called “light deps” for short. Light dep greenhouses can be covered to block out sunlight, which shortens the daily light cycle, forcing cannabis plants to flower early.

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Limonene is a prominent terpene found in a number of cannabis strains, as well as many other plants like lemons, juniper, and even mint. In cannabis, it has shown to decrease anxiety, curb inflammation, and promote better digestion, among other therapeutic effects. With myrcene, it’s one of the most abundant terpenes in cannabis.

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Linalool is a terpene found in the cannabis plant, as well as in over 200 other plant species. It has a light, sweet fragrance that is both floral and woody, with notes of blueberry. Its most common uses are as a flavoring in foods or a scent in cosmetics, topicals, and other scented products.

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Lipid fats

Lipid fats, plant lipids, and waxes naturally occur in the cannabis plant and are considered undesirable because they will negatively impact the flavor and aesthetics of a concentrate. Lipid fats are usually removed from an extract through the processes of dewaxing or winterization, purifying the concentrate.

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Raw Garden harvest photo essay by David Downs at Leafly
Live resin

Live resin is a cannabis concentrate made from fresh-frozen cannabis plants, in which plants are frozen immediately after harvesting, whereas other extraction processes typically use buds that have been dried and cured. This process ensures a greater retention of terpenes in the finished product. “The flavor profile really comes out in this live resin.

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Critical Concentrates ‘live rosin’ in a jar has a white color and batter consistency and comes from fresh frozen flower and solventless extraction. Potent. Hyper-flavorful. Pure plant resin. (Photo by Jimi Devine for Leafly)
Live rosin

Live rosin is a solventless cannabis concentrate made from fresh-frozen cannabis plants. Frozen plants are placed in a rosin press, which uses heat and pressure to extract a hot oil from the plants, which is rosin.

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Living Soil

Living soil is a cannabis cultivation phrase for a type of growing that uses enriched soil alive with symbiotic microbes and fungi, as opposed to a ‘dead’ soil medium enriched by bottled nutrients.

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A slang term for high quality, fragrant cannabis. Loud can also refer to the pungency of a bud’s aroma. “If it ain’t loud, I ain’t smoking it.” “These buds are too loud for me to burn in public; it’ll reek.” History of loud  Loud is a relatively new term for describing weed.

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Low-temp dab

Dabbing done at a low temperature, which preserves terpenes and flavors more than when dabbing at a high temperature, which can burn up terpenes but usually produces a stronger high. Low-temp dabs are usually achieved through cold-start or reverse dabbing, in which concentrates are placed in a nail first and then heated.

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