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Need to Kick-Start Your Appetite? Try These 10 Cannabis Strains to Help Induce Hunger

For those of you who consume cannabis as a natural appetite stimulant or to help calm gastrointestinal distress, here are some strains that can help make you hungry:

Why is Colorado Having a Tax-Free Cannabis Day on September 16?

Due to a quirk in the Colorado constitution, on September 16, 2015, there will be one full day of exemption from the 10 percent special sales tax on cannabis.

Did the Industrial Value of Hemp Spark Cannabis Prohibition?

Cannabis legalization has received a lot of attention lately, but what most people don’t know is that it may have been industrial hemp that triggered prohibition in the first place.

Is Cannabis Helping Prevent Bladder Cancer?

According to the 2015 report of the California Men’s Health Study, cannabis use was associated with a 45% decreased risk of bladder cancer.

The Leafly Roundup: Which Government Official Announced He “Ate Cannabis” for Breakfast?

One Australian Member of Parliament announced in session that he “ate cannabis this morning” to open the eyes of his colleagues to the many advantages of cannabis legalization.

Want a ‘Cannabis Bar’ at Your Wedding? Here’s How One Planner Pulled It Off

Cannabis bars are becoming a growing trend at weddings being held in legal states like Washington, Colorado, and Oregon. We got the details of a recent wedding that included a "weed bar."

Weekend Weirdness: SWAT Team Conducts Raid, Mistakes Organic Tomato Plants for Cannabis

With the number of times SWAT teams crack down on cannabis businesses (regardless of legality), you'd think they'd be able to recognize what an actual cannabis plant looks like.

New Strains Alert: Alien Asshat, Honey Boo Boo, Haze Mist, Chemmy Jones, and More

We've added Alien Asshat, Honey Boo Boo, Haze Mist, Chemmy Jones, and many other new cannabis strains to the Leafly Explorer this week. Check them out and review the ones you've tried!

Motivate Your Mind and Try These Three Simple Activities

Here are three quick and easy activities to try the next time you pick up a mind-motivating cannabis strain. All you'll need are a few household items and a friend to laugh along with you!

Denver Officials Quarantine Products for Pesticides: Are Your Product Labels Up-to-Date?

Denver health officials inspected and quarantined hundreds of marijuana plants and products because their labels listed pesticides that have been banned for use on cannabis.

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