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Grow Your Greatest: Tips & Tricks for Massachusetts Cannabis Growers

Two longtime growers at Easthampton cannabis producer INSA share the Massachusetts-specific grow tips they've cultivated over the years.

California Made $300 Million on Legal Cannabis in 2018, and It’s Just Getting Started

The new revenue is equivalent to average salaries for an extra 4,000 teachers, or 3,500 additional police officers.

Brothers, Jazz Cats, and Smokers: Music and Cannabis at Florida’s Foundation Records

Take a look inside Foundation: one of Florida's unique vinyl shops run by two brothers with a passion for music and vintage threads.

Alaska Could Disband Its Cannabis Board. Is That… Good or Bad?

Gov. Mike Dunleavy wants to repeal the boards tasked with regulating alcohol and marijuana in Alaska. What exactly would that mean?

Recipe: Rich and Infused Cocoa Hazelnut Spread

Nutty, chocolate-packed, infinitely decadent, and cannabis-infused. Here's the recipe for one of the best spreadable treats around.

Open Mike Eagle’s Creative Super Powers Fueled by Microdosing

Hip hop artist, comedian, and cultural force Open Mike Eagle compares recording on Kiva cannabis edibles to eating Dragonball-Z’s senzu beans.

Wisconsin Could Decriminalize Cannabis, Legalize Medical Use

Gov. Tony Evers would allow doctors to recommend medical marijuana. He'd also decriminalize less than 25 grams, and allow expungements of past records.

The Roll-Up #73: Stoner Saves a Tiger

Leafly's weekly news podcast takes on Congress, Sen. Kamala Harris, and a tiger hero in Texas.

YouTube’s ‘Pot Scientist’ Fired for Answering Burning Questions

Carter Baird lost his substitute teaching job when his boss found out about his YouTube alter ego.

Fore Twenty Sports’ CannaBowl Brings Cannabis and Bowling Together

Cannabis and bowling are the perfect match at KingPins' Cannabowl tournament in Portland, Oregon. Check out the fun and gear up for the next one.

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