Elianna Lev
Elianna Lev is a writer who splits her time between Toronto and Vancouver.
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High Design: Q&A With a Cannabis Packaging Designer

Courtney Zalewski is a 31-year-old designer who started her career as creative director of the SuicideGirls brand. More recently, she’s branched out into the cannabis industry, working with Lowell Herb Company, 1906 chocolate edibles, and the SuicideGirls vape line.

How a Visionary Cannabis Producer Became This Canadian Town’s Biggest Employer

“This is an opportunity we won’t see again," says Cronos CEO Michael Gorenstein. "I won’t say once in a lifetime but in multiple lifetimes.”

This Soldier Is Celebrating Veterans Day With Family, Reflection, and a Big Coner

Cody Lindsay, aka The Wellness Soldier, is helping veterans understand how cannabis can improve their lives.

New Brunswick Launches Canada’s First Cannabis Cultivation Course

Open to 25 students, the class will focus on entry-level production skills like plant biology, the cannabis life cycle, feeding, cutting, and hydration.

Licensed Producers in Ontario Concerned Over Polluted Lands

Growers are critical of the Hamilton City Council's suggestion that they build on old industrial land instead of prime farm land, claiming the air pollution would kill their product.

Ontario’s ‘Cannabis Act, 2017’: Provincial Control, Million-Dollar Penalties

Cannabis sales outside the legal framework could bring fines of up to $250,000 for individuals and up to $1 million for corporations.

New Brunswick’s Cannabis Stores To Be Run by Provincial Liquor Board

There will be 20 stores in 15 communities, along with an online retailer, all of which will reportedly be in place in time for July’s legalization.

Ontario Tussles Over Grow-Ops on ‘Agricultural Land’

As one Ontario Member of Parliament tries to steer industrial grow ops away from prime farmland and into rural areas, some farmers and scientists in the region question the motive of the proposal.

How War & Cannabis Created the Wellness Soldier

Combatting PTSD, veteran Cody Lindsay turned to cannabis and cooking. As the kitchen-mastering Wellness Soldier, he's helping millions of others help themselves.

Real-Life Tales of Traveling With Medical Marijuana

As Canada’s July 1, 2018 deadline for legalization approaches, there’s still a lot of uncertainty about how medical-marijuana patients should travel with their medicine.