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Karen Getchell

Karen Getchell has been a cannabis educator and patient advocate for nearly 20 years. She is the co-founder of Byron's Botanicals, a hemp-derived CBD-infused product manufacturer.

Most popular articles

The Best-Selling Cannabis Oil Cartridges in Colorado as Told by Budtenders

It can be hard to choose from all of the quality vape pen cartridges out there so we asked Colorado budtenders about their best-sellers & recommendations.

Karen Getchell - July 11, 2018

The Best Cannabis Concentrates in Colorado According to Budtenders

Looking for the most popular cannabis extracts? We asked budtenders about their best-selling concentrate products and where you can find them.

Karen Getchell - July 9, 2018

4 Colorado Dispensaries That Make Finding Organic Cannabis Easy

Looking for organic cannabis in Colorado? We put together a list of dispensaries that offer a wide selection of clean cannabis grown naturally.

Karen Getchell - June 27, 2018

A Guide to Cannabis Inhalers for Healthier Consuming in Colorado

If you don’t like the idea of smoking, try one of these inhalers that deliver the medicinal benefits of cannabis in a method better for you than smoking.

Karen Getchell - July 19, 2018

This THC-Infused Sexual Supplement Is Meant to Get You Extra *Ahem* Lifted

Cannabis is great for uplifting your mind...and your body. CannaMojo is a sexual male enhancement supplement that uses THC to give men an extra boost.

Karen Getchell - July 17, 2018

Articles contributed to Leafly (by most recent)

A Doctor’s Advice: How to Use Cannabis During Chemotherapy

Dr. Joseph Rosado, who's treated over 400 cancer patients using cannabis medicines, shares little-known information about combining cannabis with chemotherapy.

Karen Getchell - July 2, 2019

How to Find the Right Cannabis Dispensary in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is rife with cannabis dispensaries. Check out our complete guide on how to find the best shop for your needs.

Karen Getchell - May 30, 2019

In Photos: Watch the Creation of Edibles & Dissolvable Cannabinoids

Take a tour of the Stillwater production facility, creators of dissolvable cannabinoid product "Ripple" and edible gummies.

Karen Getchell - May 3, 2019

Can’t Find Cannabis in Colorado Springs? Pueblo Has You Covered

If you’re looking for cannabis in Colorado Springs (which prohibits recreational dispensaries), check out nearby Pueblo, which has a selection of great shops with great deals.

Karen Getchell - March 7, 2019

Relax and Unwind With These Cannabis-Infused Products From Colorado

Ease life's many tensions with a touch of infused relaxation. Try these soothing cannabis products from Colorado.

Karen Getchell - February 25, 2019

Ease Back With These Infused Teas and Coffee From Colorado

Feel relaxed and at ease after hitting the slopes this season with Colorado's comforting infused teas and coffees.

Karen Getchell - February 20, 2019

Infused Decadence at the Coda Signature Chocolate Factory

Coda Signature's truffles are as beautiful as they are delicious. Discover what goes on in the chocolate factory and get your hands on these infused treats.

Karen Getchell - February 14, 2019

Your Sweet Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Colorado

Need a few ideas for Valentine's Day? Check out these sweet and infused products from Colorado.

Karen Getchell - February 8, 2019

Cannabis in Colorado: Spotlight on Trinidad Dispensaries

Trinidad, Colorado is a major canna-tourism destination filled with dispensaries. Check out our top picks and get ready for some serious deals.

Karen Getchell - January 31, 2019

Quell Your Sweet Tooth With Colorado’s Favorite Gummies

Need something to satisfy your sweet tooth? Take a look at some of these top gummy brands and what makes them special.

Karen Getchell - January 16, 2019