How to Find the Right Cannabis Dispensary in Oklahoma

Published on May 30, 2019 · Last updated July 28, 2020
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Oklahoma cannabis is booming. With no restrictions on qualifying conditions and huge possession limits, you’d think recreational users would be taking advantage of Oklahoma’s medical program in droves. However, according to budtenders, most of Oklahoma’s patients are in clear medical need.

At Ringside Medical in Oklahoma City, 80% of their patients have debilitating conditions. The Rabbit Hole Dispensary in Oklahoma City sees mostly medical patients and veterans, and many of the patients who patronize Aromatics Rx in Tulsa are elderly and on fixed incomes.


Although most of my experiences at dispensaries in Oklahoma were amazing, some budtenders were pushy or products too expensive. If you end up somewhere you don’t feel comfortable, here’s our advice: simply go somewhere else. Oklahoma has plenty of reputable dispensaries. So many, in fact, that the choices can be overwhelming.

This guide will help you find the products you need at prices you can afford.

Get Fantastic Customer Service and Education

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Confused about which product to buy? No worries: Patient education is paramount in most Oklahoma dispensaries. Most of the budtenders and dispensary owners I met were passionate about helping patients. Many shops, such as Route 66 Dispensary in Tulsa, hire budtenders with out-of-state experience, and T-Town Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Tulsa has a retired nurse on staff Tuesday through Saturday to answer patient questions.

Some dispensaries even have special programs to help patients. Eden Pharmaceuticals in Midwest City recently held a patient drive, which paid the recommendation fee for 180 patients. Heartland Dispensary in Del City keeps a journal for each patient to help them keep track of products they purchase and their effectiveness. The Honeypot Shop in Norman offers a drive-through window and a Leafly Pickup menu for patients who have trouble with mobility.

Where to Find Amazing Flower


It’s not easy to find high-quality flower in Oklahoma. When you do find it, you’re likely to pay premium prices ($15-20 per gram). These dispensaries have notably superior flower:

CBD Plus provides terpene and cannabinoid profiles for each house-grown strain in addition to state-required test results.

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If you’re looking for inexpensive flower, you can find it for as little as $10 a gram at these dispensaries:

Oklahoma City


Del City

Cultivate the Best Clones

With its liberal policies on home cultivation—medical patients can grow up to 12 plants—Oklahoma has quickly become known as a “grow-your-own state.” Many dispensaries offer clones for sale.

If you’re looking for large, healthy clones, stop by Aromatics Rx in Tulsa. Their clones are 18-24 inches and a little pricey at $40 a pop, but they’re worth every penny. The Skywalker OG clones at Medicinal Marijuana of Norman are 10-12 inches and cost $50 each.

Lower prices are available for smaller clones: $15-20 at Green Leaf Supply Co. and Rabbit Hole Dispensary in Oklahoma City, and $10-15 at Route 66 Dispensary in Tulsa. Route 66 carries seeds, too.

Taste Some Delicious Edibles


Oklahoma edibles are on the expensive side. Many budtenders recommend Arcadia gummies for consistency. Check out their locator to see where you can find them.

For some unusual edibles, check out some 30mg beef jerky for $30 a package at Ringside Medical in Oklahoma City. Fort Apache Medical Dispensary in Tulsa carries infused ice cream, with 100mg THC in each $40 pint. T-Town Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Tulsa carries “Bombastic Dressing,” a balsamic vinaigrette salad dressing that contains 975mg of Bubba Kush-derived THC for only $55. T-Town also sells infused croutons, macaroni and cheese, hummus, and cheesecake.

Find the Most Soothing Topicals

Although most dispensaries carry at least one topical product, I found the widest variety at Ringside Medical in Oklahoma City, including High on Love for women and a complete line of full-spectrum, strain-specific topicals from Bison Extracts. They even sell suppositories!

For CBD topicals, check out one of the many CBD Plus locations. Their organic Hot Canna Cream cured my headache in minutes and cost only $20.

Potent Concentrates, Cartridges, and RSO


When it comes to concentrates, Oklahoma’s got you covered. If you’re looking for:

If you’re on the hunt for a good vape cartridge, most dispensaries in Oklahoma carry a variety. Expect to pay as much as $45 for a half gram and $70 for a gram:

Finally, RSO, the sticky, full-spectrum extract used by patients to treat cancer, is widely available in Tulsa, although not in Oklahoma City. You can get a gram at Tulsa East Village Dispensary for $55 or at The Sacred Herb in Sapulpa for $60. At Doctor Green, cancer patients can buy 60 grams of RSO in three monthly installments for just $40 per gram. In addition, Doctor Green offers wholesale pricing to cancer patients on all their products.

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Karen Getchell
Karen Getchell
Karen Getchell has been a cannabis educator and patient advocate for nearly 20 years. She is the co-founder of Byron's Botanicals, a hemp-derived CBD-infused product manufacturer.
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