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5 Facts About The Marihuana Tax Act of 1937

The Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 was the first federal anti-cannabis prohibitory act, but what were the true consequences of this law?

Medical vs. Adult-Use Budtenders: What’s the Difference?

Medical marijuana budtenders know a thing or two about serving patients, but adult-use budtenders are crucial dispensary staff members, too.

Is It Legal to Mail CBD Oil?

To those who live in a state where cannabis is illegal, it may seem like a godsend to be able to order CBD oil over the Internet. But what’s the legality?

Is Drug Testing Negatively Impacting America’s Workforce?

Many companies in legal states still require pre-hire drug testing and regular screenings throughout employment. Does this policy adversely impact the United States workforce?

How to Train Your Budtenders to Better Serve Customers and Patients

When it comes to a dispensary visit, make sure your staff is prepared to treat customers and patients with the knowledge and respect that they deserve.

Can the Philippines Legalize Medical Marijuana Despite Duterte’s Violent Drug Crackdown?

Amid Duterte's brutal drug war lies a comprehensive bill to legalize medical cannabis in the Philippines. Surprisingly, it has widespread support and could easily pass. Will it?

5 Differences Between the United States’ and Canada’s Medical Cannabis Programs

Canada and the United States share many similarities, but there are subtle differences in each country's medical marijuana programs.

Reward Your Regular Customers With a Dispensary Loyalty Program

One of the best ways to gain repeat business with customers and patients is to offer a loyalty program with points and perks for returning and referring.

Nevada Wholesaler Steps Up to Restock Dispensaries

A cannabis distribution company known as Blackbird Logistics will be helping restock empty shelves at newly opened Nevada dispensaries and retail cannabis shops.

Infographic: Know Your Rights When Driving With Cannabis

If you have cannabis in your car and get pulled over by law enforcement, don't panic! Know your rights and protect yourself.

Take Advantage of Amazon Prime With These Fun Cannabis Deals

Amazon Prime Day is here again and we've compiled some of the coolest, funkiest cannabis accessories and deals to scoop up.

A Guide to Cannabis Possession Laws in Canada

Curious how Canadian possession laws will be changing with legalization? We've got you covered.

The History of Cannabis in Canada

The history of cannabis in Canada has been a tumultuous journey. We're taking a closer look at the complex road from prohibition to legalization.

7 Must-Try Cannabis Topicals for Those Scorching Summer Days

Protect your skin during the hottest months of the year with some of the best cannabis-infused sunscreen, creams, serums, and bath products on the market.

Washington State Cannabis Advertising Rules Take a Hit

WSLCB just released new rules on advertising for cannabis businesses and they could have a significant impact on Washington state cannabis companies and dispensaries.

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