Sara Brittany Somerset
New York-based reporter and photographer Sara Brittany Somerset has covered cannabis culture for 15 years. She has been the U.N. Bureau Chief for High Times, and occasionally works from remote places like Timbuktu.
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United Nations Report Scolds Countries for Cannabis Legalization

The board that monitors the 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs doesn't like it when nations ignore the treaty.

5 Ways New York City Can Reform Its Outrageous Cannabis Policy

Stop arresting people for cannabis is a basic first step. Also, in general, leave people alone.

Is Cannabis Legal in New York City? Well…It’s Complicated

It's also confusing. Cannabis flower is illegal for patients, but nearly legal for all others. With extracts, it's the opposite.

Racial Disparities in NYC Cannabis Arrests Are Getting Worse

As many cities decriminalize and other states legalize, New York City keeps arresting more people of color for cannabis. What gives?

Judge Dismisses Case to Overturn Schedule I Status of Cannabis

The lawsuit, known as Washington v. Sessions, was brought by five medical cannabis patients. The federal judge sympathized, but had to follow procedural law.

Meet the Lawyer Suing Jeff Sessions to End Cannabis Prohibition

A blockbuster lawsuit in New York could end cannabis prohibition nationwide. Leafly sat down with David Holland, an attorney for the plaintiffs.

Medical Cannabis Clearly Saves Lives, Federal Judge Declares

But he may be unable to invalidate the Schedule I status of cannabis. A landmark lawsuit got its first hearing in a New York courtroom today.

New Mexico Leaders Want to Give Opioid Patients MMJ Access

Opioid use disorder (OUD) kills 500 residents every year. But New Mexico's health secretary refuses to add it as a medical cannabis qualifying condition.