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What Are You Smoking? Ep 16, ‘Like Stoney Gogurt? For Shizzle’

This week the WAYS crew does a little Do-Si-Dos with Royal Tree Gardens, and Ted Youngs from Pure Joy Family Farm stops by to talk about his farm’s take on healthy edibles.

What Are You Smoking? Ep 15, Don’t Drink the Bath Water

The WAYS gang sparks some delicious Chocolope from Gabriel Cannabis, Brett shares her experiences with infused bath soaks, and Jeremiah shares his love for the Magic Flight Launch Box.

What Are You Smoking? Ep 14, Brandywine, Presidential Kush & Infused Apple Cider

The WAYS crew discusses cannabis strains Brandywine and Presidential Kush, sip on some infused apple cider and discuss why cannabis strains have a limit of the ammount of THC and CBD they can produce.

What Are You Smoking? Ep 13, Canadian Vapor Lounges and Infused Potato Chips

The WAYS crew discusses their experience at a Toronto vapor lounge, Canadian legalization, and sparks some Mimosa from Symbiotic Genetics.

What Is Dry Sift Hash?

Learn about dry sift hash and why it’s revered for its terpene profile, potency, and its ability to melt and vaporize completely.

What Is ‘Larf’ Cannabis and What Is It Good For?

Learn more about “larf” cannabis, a slang term used for smaller, immature buds that didn’t quite reach their full potential.

Stream the 2017 Cannabis Health Summit for Free on Leafly

The Cannabis Health Summit is a virtual, live-streaming event that covers topics pertaining to cannabis and health from some of the world’s top cannabis experts.

10 Products to Pick Up Before 4/20

To help you get into the 4/20 holiday spirit, this collection of cannabis flower, concentrates, and edibles might help elevate your celebration to a new level.

7 Jamaican Cannabis Strains to Try in Honor of Bob Marley’s Birthday

To celebrate Bob Marley, a man who spent his life singing songs of universal peace, love, and cannabis, here are 7 strains that were influenced by him and his home island of Jamaica.

The Art of Extraction, Part 6: Experts Talk Cannabis Extracts

In part six of The Art of Extraction, Roxy Striar sits down with four cannabis industry experts as they take turns sampling some of the newest products to hit the market.

How to Make a Homemade Apple Pipe for Your Cannabis

Stuck without a pipe or papers? Learn how to use an apple, or any fruit or vegetable, to make a homemade pipe for your cannabis consumption.

How ‘Bad Ink’ Co-Host Rob Ruckus Ended Up as a Las Vegas Budtender

“I spent two years doing nothing but studying terpenes and cannabinoids and different diseases," the outspoken punk rocker tells Leafly.

How to Roll a Perfect Blunt: A Step-by-Step Guide

Rolling a blunt comes with its own set of norms to maintain function and tradition, so use our step-by-step guide to learn how to roll your own.

Cannabis Craftsmanship: Pre-Rolled Joints

We visited Vashon Velvet on Vashon Island in Washington to see how they produce their pre-rolled joints and how their farm embodies the art of cannabis craftsmanship.

Cannabis Craftsmanship: How to Make Infused Syrup

We visited Craft Elixirs in Seattle, Washington to see their process of making cannabis infused syrup and how they embody the art of cannabis craftsmanship.

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