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6 best Oregon cannabis brands to try in 2023

Published on February 13, 2023 · Last updated February 24, 2023
Our expert locates six top Oregon cannabis flower growers to try this year. (Sasha Beck/Leafly)
Our expert locates six top Oregon cannabis flower growers to try this year. (Sasha Beck/Leafly)

Millions of Oregon visitors and locals want to know: what are the 6 best Oregon weed farms in 2023?

We’re tourists flying into Portland for a weekend of fun now that things are thawing out a bit. We’re locals struggling to cut through the noise of the massive, mature market to find something with flavor that won’t let us down.

Leafly’s Pacific Northwest expert Will Hyde has spent years walking the fields, hitting the shops, picking up the phone, and packing bowls to detail six go-to Oregon farms you can count on for quality, flavor, and consistency.


Archive Moonbow. (Photo by Adam Bush, courtesy of Archive)
Archive Moonbow. (Photo by Adam Bush, courtesy of Archive)
  • Location: Portland, OR
  • Grow style: Indoor
  • Size: 18 employees
  • Production: 800 lb of cannabis per year

If you’re not already smoking Archive’s flower you’ve likely come across their award-winning Archive Seed Bank genetics grown by others. Ask any of your favorite growers and you can bet they have Archive’s breeding work in their garden. DoSiDos is Leafly’s Strain of the Year 2021.

What sets Archive’s flower apart is their attention to detail in the garden coupled with their high standards for quality genetics worked into authentic new creations. Archive has a long legacy of only releasing innovative new genetics that stand on their own rather than just piggybacking off the hype of their parent stains.

Archive continues pushing the envelope when it comes to new flavor profiles and exciting genetic combinations. This authentic approach and their dedication to quality are apparent in all of the varieties they grow. 

For some of the freshest and most exciting craft cultivars in Oregon look no further than Archive’s small-batch flower and renowned hash rosin. Archive Portland, their flagship store, should be your first stop if you want to see what their latest strains are like direct from the breeder.

Archive strains you have to try

  • IreneZ
  • Moon Beam
  • Moonbow (#112 and #99)

Where to find Archive

Benson Arbor

Benson Arbor Anirado. (Courtesy Benson Arbor)
Benson Arbor Anirado. (Courtesy Benson Arbor)
  • Location: Applegate Valley, OR
  • Grow style: Outdoor and Greenhouse
  • Size: 20 Employees
  • Production: 9,000 lbs of cannabis per year

Tired of pre-rolled cones over-stuffed with flavorless scraps of questionable flowers? Benson Arbor is. That’s why they’re changing the perception of pre-rolls in Oregon with one of the fastest and best-selling rolled joints in the state.

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Using living soil organics and the native soil of Southern Oregon Benson Arbor is growing award-winning flower recognized multiple times over the years at events like the 2018 DOPE Cup, 2019 Growers Cup, and 2022 Oregon Leaf Bowl.

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You will appreciate Benson Arbor’s flavor-focused approach in everything they grow. From their selections of local favorites like Road Dawg and Where’s My Bike, to their creations bred in-house where you’ll find some of the flavors owners Noah Levine and Matt Dautrich are most excited about.

Farm favorites like Anirado, Rubber Bands, Tropic Lemon, and more are helping propel their reputation as Oregon’s best pre-rolled joint. While their automated rolling process ensures a consistent and expertly rolled joint every time and is pretty impressive to watch in action.

Benson Arbor strains you have to try

  • Josh D OG
  • Where’s My Bike?
  • Rubber Bands

Where to Find Benson Arbor

Left Coast Standard

(Courtesy Left Coast Standard)
(Courtesy Left Coast Standard)
  • Location: Merlin, OR
  • Grow style: Outdoor
  • Size: 10 employees
  • Production: 2,200 lbs of cannabis per year

It’s easy to like a small team that’s big on quality. Left Coast Standard is just that and with their collective sense for exotic selections, it’s even easier to connect with their flowers.

Grown in the Southern Oregon sunshine, Left Coast Standard uses living soil methods and organic amendments to bring their flowers to full expression. The result is flavorful cannabis that’s being recognized for its exceptional qualities and exotic profiles. 

Most recently their exclusive Runtz Killer strain was awarded 1st place in the Sungrown category at the 2022 Oregon Leaf Bowl for Exotic Fruit strains. Their Peanut Butter Breath is another award-winning cut that took the podium at last year’s Oregon Grower’s Cup.

Left Coast Standard strains you have to try

  • Biscotti
  • Orange Blossom
  • Runtz Killer

Where to find Left Coast Standard

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(Courtesy Oregrown)
(Courtesy Oregrown)
  • Location: Bend, OR
  • Grow style: Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse
  • Size: 80 employees
  • Production: 1,850 lb of cannabis per year

If you’re looking for respected, in-house flower served in a customer-centric retail experience, then you should be smoking Oregrown. Very few farms vertically integrate and maintain quality at every step throughout the process the way that Oregrown has been able to.

Oregrown excels due to its lifestyle brand and flagship retail experience that is supported by quality Oregown cannabis as well as the partners they feature on their menu.

From strictly a farm perspective, their flower stands out for consistent quality. If you find an Oregrown strain you connect with you can rest easy knowing they keep the staples of their lineup available year-round. 

Oregrown’s soil-based regenerative growing style utilizes the qualities of the local watershed to help plants reach their full potential. While their indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse capabilities give them the flexibility to offer their strains in different product forms and prices.

Oregrown strains you have to try

  • High Desert Sage Sour Sage
  • Mac 1 (Cap’s Cut)
  • Smarkerz

Where to find Oregrown

Pintail Gardens

(Courtesy Pintail Gardens)
(Courtesy Pintail Gardens)
  • Location: Portland, Oregon
  • Grow style: Indoor
  • Size: 11 employees
  • Production: 1,200 lb per year

Few farms dive into the hands-on, craft approach with the dedication that Portland’s Pintail Gardens does. If you appreciate a handmade product with meticulous attention to detail and a focus on renewable energy, let us introduce you to Pintail.

They have invested a lot into their renewable energy and while most farms wouldn’t even consider it based on cost alone, Pintail Gardens owner Mark Ancharski feels strongly they’ve made the right investment and wouldn’t have it any other way.

When Pintail tells you they are hands-on they mean it. From hand watering to hand-weaving their trellis, and most definitely hand-trimming their flowers. This approach gives them a great connection to the plants they work with and offers countless opportunities to reinforce and maintain their quality standards throughout the grow cycle.

Top strains you have to try

  • Biscotti Lemon Mintz
  • Kush Cake
  • SoCo

Where to find Pintail Gardens

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Tao Gardens

(Courtesy Tao Gardens)
(Courtesy Tao Gardens)
  • Location: Eugene, OR
  • Grow style: Indoor
  • Size: 13 employees
  • Production: 800 lbs of cannabis per year

Tao Gardens’ mission is to maintain balance in life. They work towards this with a holistic approach to providing clean, sustainable grown, small-batch cannabis. 

Using living soil methods to enrich their plants, Tao Gardens emphasizes the synergy between the cannabis plants, their soil, and the cover crops that feed into their garden’s ecosystem. Meticulous pheno hunting helps Tao refine their selections into a menu of exciting flowers to choose from.

You’ll appreciate each different variety’s pronounced flavor and unique strain characteristics. Just know that Tao’s small batch approach means you should stock up whenever you have the chance.

Tao Gardens strains you have to try

  • Lemon Maraschino
  • SFV OG
  • Sticky Buns

Where to find Tao Gardens

How did we do? Shout out your fave OR weed farm comment below.

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Will Hyde
Will Hyde
Will is a brand builder, product expert, and storyteller with 2 decades of experience in the cannabis industry. The former co-host of Leafly's "What Are You Smoking" podcast has dedicated his life to sharing his passion for cannabis with anyone who will listen. Follow him on Instagram at @the.avid.dabber
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