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Industrial Hemp-Derived CBD: What’s There to Know?

This article is sponsored by PlusCBD Oil, a product line from CV Sciences (formerly CannaVest). CV Sciences is one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of agricultural hemp-derived CBD bulk and finished products.

As CBD’s medicinal qualities continue to make waves across the country, more states are starting to look into limited medical marijuana legalization laws so their residents can get access to CBD products to treat their debilitating medical conditions. If a patient is unlucky enough to live in a state with no laws in place or no legal access to CBD products, he or she may feel as if there’s no viable alternative that can provide the same relief.

Here’s where hemp-derived CBD products come in. There’s been much debate suggesting that CBD derived from industrial hemp has the same properties as cannabis-derived CBD, making it a potential alternative for patients who can’t legally access medical marijuana but can legally acquire hemp-derived CBD products. A lot of people aren’t entirely familiar with hemp-derived CBD, however. What exactly is there to know?


Some Facts About Industrial Hemp-Derived CBD

what is industrial hemp-derived CBD

Here are a few facts about CBD derived from industrial hemp:

  • Agricultural hemp and medical marijuana both come from the Cannabis Sativa L. plant.
  • Agricultural hemp, which is often referred to as “hemp stalk,” grows differently than THC-containing cannabis, and looks similar to bamboo.
  • THC-producing marijuana plants are grown to an average of five feet in height, spaced six to eight feet apart. Agricultural hemp is grown to a height of 10 to 15 feet or more before harvest, placed three to six inches apart.
  • Hemp has little potential to produce high-content THC when pollinated.
  • As long as agricultural hemp plants are pollinated by members of their own crop, the genetics will remain similar with low levels of THC.
  • There is a strong legal argument that production and distribution of CBD oils/products derived from imported raw material industrial hemp is not a violation of the Controlled Substances Act (CSA); in fact, one Colorado law firm has published a written opinion making the case.


Your CBD Questions Answered

CBD oil questions answered

In an effort to educate the public about industrial hemp-derived CBD, CannaVest, one of the leading suppliers of CBD oil from seed to finished products, has committed to answering your questions about CBD oil. CannaVest and their portfolio companies specialize in providing the health and wellness benefits of products from industrial hemp plant. Their CBD Simple product contains greater than 99% CBD with less than one percent THC and is derived from all-natural hemp-based starting material. Each batch of CBD Simple is tested in-house as well as by third-party labs to conform to purity specifications, ensuring the product is free of pesticides, pathogens, heavy materials, and residual solvent contamination.

Whether you’re interested in learning how industrial hemp-derived CBD is made, how it helps patients, or what the future holds for CBD products, share your queries by leaving a comment and your questions will be addressed in future educational pieces about CBD oil. Your questions are important not just for your benefit, but to enrich the minds of patients all around the world. By spreading knowledge and information about cannabis, hemp, CBD, and other cannabinoids, we’re supporting safe growth of the cannabis industry while at the same time educating the masses about a misunderstood plant.


Without Further Ado, Let’s Hear Your Biggest Questions About CBD!

Simply leave a comment in this article, share your questions with Leafly via Facebook or Twitter, or email your questions to and we’ll address your questions in future installments.

Here are some sample questions to get you started:

  1. What symptoms or conditions does CBD help ease?
  2. How much hemp is used to make CBD-rich hemp oil?
  3. What’s the legal status of hemp-derived CBD?

We’re looking forward to seeing your questions come in and are eager to enlighten you about CBD oil and hemp-derived CBD. Stay tuned!

  • Super helpful article. Thanks for posting it 🙂 I do have a question: Would dosage be the same for taking Hemp derived CBD vs cannabis derived CBD? I’ve been taking 10mg of cannabis derived CBD, but I’m interested in trying the hemp derived product. Thank you for the help!

    • Dana V.

      Well, I’ve heard that CBD derived from cannabis is much stonger thant CBD derived from hemp. I was hoping to get some clarification on that here, but didn’t.

      • Hemp is cannabis sativa l as the article stated. Hemp is the preferred source for CBD since it is more abundant in hemp than it is in marijuana.

        • There are now some strains of Marijuana that were bred for higher levels of CBD… ACDC comes to mind. There are some others. Key is female only plants, grown with space to maturity and hemp seeds (or marijuana) that is or has been bred to be high in CBD rather than THC.

    • Hi, Jeff CBD is CBD no matter the source. I recommend 25mg per day of the Hemp Drops to start.

  • Fred Nolen

    Well, what are the answers to the three questions?

  • siribalwant KHALSA

    useless article as it does not provide the answers to the questions

    • lol

    • Goobie Gillis

      Never addressed the title of the article…

  • dana_larsen

    This article has many errors. “Hemp” means cannabis grown for fibre, but it also means cannabis grown for seed. So while it is true that fibre hemp “looks similar to bamboo,” hemp grown for seed has big buds and looks just like “marijuana.” Seed hemp is grown in a similar manner to marijuana, with plants more spaced out. These plants produce much more resin, at comparable levels to any other outdoor-grown cannabis. If these “hemp” strains for seed production were grown exactly the same as they are now, but they were not fertilized by male plants, they would be an excellent source of resin for CBD and also other cannabinoids. Even when they do go to seed, they still produce plentiful resin with a good level of cannabinoids.

    • Joshua Kruis

      Dana maybe you can answer my question : Once CBD oil has been extracted from the plant are the fibers still usable for textile and building materiels?

      • dana_larsen

        Yes. You could definitely do this. More likely for biomass than for fibre, as you’d grow shorter plants when growing for resin. But usually you would not grow the same strain for fibre and resin. It’s more likely to grow the same strain for seed and resin, that would maximize crop value.

        • Lisa Fowler

          Dana, what product would you recommend? You seem very knowledgeable

          • dana_larsen

            I’m not sure I understand your question. What do you mean “what product would I recommend”?

          • Angela Bonato

            I think the question is about what strain is both good for seeds and resin.

  • Joshua Kruis

    I’m curious about the production process for CBD oil. Once the oil has been extracted from the plant are the fibers still usable for textile and building materiels?

    • Joy E Armstrong

      Depends if you use dab(wax) oil, stem, or seed…and type.

      Each phenotype (plants type) produces different cbd compound amounts based on the means and ends reqyired from extraction.

      So. Say you are using low growing bud style hemp seeds, cold press oil extraction. This would produce a hugher cbd compound than say a fiber hemp plant extracted thru grinding, butane extraction, and hot processed into wax (dabs) may have significantly lower cbd and require higher/frequent dosing.

    • Mike Villa

      Yes actually there is so much available from the waste from oil extraction. There are almost 300 products that can be made with stalk raw materials. Even from the leaf and flower waste material from cbd production you can extract raw lipids and produce animal feed. It makes all the sense to use the whole hemp tree. Doesn’t hemp paper make more sense then cutting down forests. Products from hemp trees that grow every season make more sense

      • Nick Guarino

        Can you produce fiber from the leftover stalk after producing the CBD oil? For textile use or rope etc?

  • M. Kamran

    Out of curiosity, which part of the plant does the CBD oil come from? I’ve read that it is derived from the plant stalk, seeds, or leaves that are not attached to the flowering/fruiting tops of the plant because the tops are high in THC. Is this correct?

    • Safe Space Invader ™

      CBD is in the flowers.

  • Steve Bassman

    Does Hem based 99% cbd have the same exact properties and effects as cannabis based 99% cbd?
    The reason I ask is I bought some hemp based variety for migraines back pain, and vertigo. It seems to exacerbate the migraines and vertigo.
    Would cannabis based be the same or different?

    • Joy E Armstrong

      I found the hemp derrived cbd makes nausea worse for me too. I use a high cbd and 8 to10%thc for migraines and nausea.

      I have found cbd/thc levels as low as 18%/6% combinations help a lot.

      Good luck! Solidarity!

  • Brittany Ogden

    So when a cannabis hermaphrodites is the cbd levels higher??

  • Dea Million

    I’ve recently read an article by a company called Lexaria/ViPova, ( that says, “the CBD oil is derived from the “mature stalks and seeds” or “oil and cake made from seeds” of non-psychoactive industrial hemp plants.” Is this possible? It’s my understanding that there is no CBD found in the stalk or seed. Can someone please clarify for me? Thank you.

  • Cathy Pegg-Owens

    I’m looking strictly for health benefits, pain relief, sound sleep and anti-inflammatory properties in CBD’s. I would like a recommendation on a solid lab tested product and a recommended daily dosage for optimal benefits to add to my nutritional arsenal of health promoting products.

    • Mark C

      I can do that for you Cathy, I’ve been using the Sensi Seeds e-cigarette vaping fluid regularly for the last 4 months or so

      To put it simply, I have a kaput back, discs are not in a healthy state in the lumbar area and the inflammation can get so bad you would think it’s hot enough to cook an egg. Vaping this CDB fluid drops the inflammation rapidly, and that obviously helps with the pain. My missus was born with bad knees which are full of arthritis. I got her vaping as well, and she felt a reduction in pain as well. There are analgesic effects too, as well as “relaxing” effects which knock out the need to take Valium to stop muscle cramps. All in all, I went from up to 6 different pills per day to, well, effectively zero, apart from the days when the pain goes seriously high.

      Dosage? With me it is my usual “as necessary”, only when the pain goes above a certain level. There are no effects on motor skills, etc, and I regularly used the stuff at work with no ill effects or risk whatsoever. If you can get it, I recommend it as I know the difference it made to me.

    • paul

      Try TruGen3’s TruEase. These guys have been in the professional nutritional supplement space for years and have a cbd product with no THc in a soft gel with some sort of delivery system that improves absorption. I tried it and was able to run for the first time in years. Only downside is you have to buy from a doctor, but i think if you call them they will set you up with a doc in your area and sell direct to you.

  • Micah

    Wheres the non sponsored article that actually answers the questions it poses?
    Are all CBD products the same? Is CBD derived from Hemp as potent from CBD derived from the bud of Marijuana?
    Are the proven medicinal studies of CBD using CBD from Marijuana plants or from Industrial Hemp?

  • Larry Marais

    Which is better, Hemp CBD or Cannabis CBD? Is there a difference?

  • kevin johansen

    Would a whole plant extract of cbd have a broader medical application than say 99% pure cbd? And also, what are the differences in cbd concentration in the seed type cultivars vs the high cbd strains used for medical cannabis?

  • Andrea Gerrard Dow

    Great article – thank you.

    My question is: What part(s) of the Hemp plant are the most beneficial when it comes to CBD? For example, is it the stem, the stalk, and the seeds?

    Thanks much!

  • Olivia Penner

    Would you be able to clarify if there is a structural different between hemp cbd and female marijuana derived cbd ? Do they have the same affinity to receptors ?

  • Olivia Penner

    Would you be able to clarify if there is a structural different between hemp cbd and female marijuana derived cbd ? Do they have the same affinity to receptors ?

    • Matt Kay

      CBD is CBD. yes Its the same 🙂

  • Adam Jordan

    After extracting the oil and dewaxing it, what are some practical uses for the left over wax?

  • John Sheeran

    Hi I am currently using cbd to ween of smoking marijuana, my problem is i want to use cbd for its medical qualities but i do not want any thc (none) to be truly clean of any high. I am about to have a blood test for legal reasons and i need it to be totally clear of thc to fly my plane. does this exist on the legal market. i live in united kingdom, thank you.

  • Nickie Crain

    What is your opionion of giving CBD oil to children with ADHD? Is it illigal?

  • Michael L. Wallace Jr.

    CBD amounts of Stalk vs. Leaf

  • Michael L. Wallace Jr.

    * ^ The creation of marijuana prohibition deprived our bodies important endocannabinoid sysytem of necessary cannabinoids. Which threw our homeostasis out of whack & created many new illnesses. Now after many generations of cannabinoid deficient parents later. Children are being born with & early developing horrible illnesses, mental health conditions & cancers. It would not be a stretch to say that most illnesses of today relieved by marijuana are caused by cannabinoid deficiency. Before Marijuana prohibition it was accepted worldwide as a valuable medicine for hundreds of years. The Hemp plant was a valuable staple to the human diet. Those who went long times without cannabis developed a mysterious illness & died. The Medicine Marijuana was made illegal because the Hemp plant had such an Enormous number of Possibility of Uses. That would be like Head Hair Cuts being made illegal because Eyebrows don’t grow back fast enough.

  • Douglas

    You didn’t even try to answer the question.

  • Eric D. Ryser

    In the current market space is there much difference in cost, in bulk, between 99+% pure CBD from the different sources being discussed? IOW between high-cbd cannabis, and low-total-cannabinoid “industrial hemp”, and hemp grown for seeds not fiber? Extraction from high-cbd cannabis would seem easier as you have to work with less plant material per unit of end product, but then it costs a lot less per lb plant material to grow a huge field of hemp. So, how does it land these days?

  • Patricia Driscoll-Baden

    Does CBD oil help with people that suffer from anxiety?

  • Al Marcelline

    Does the CBD that is derived from hemp come (mainly) from the stalk, or seeds, or both?


    Is it true that if a company is advertising CBD derived from different strains such a ‘OJ KUSH’, etc – then the CBD is derived from marijuana rather then hemp?

  • Has anyone actually tried growing hemp more like a marijuana/THC plant? If you give them more space and prune them, will they bush out? If one wanted to grown them for CBD, wouldn’t it make more sense to try it that way?

  • 99% cbd crap. This is more fake news than Faux News or CNN. Just another corporate CBD commercial. Leafly, you lost any respect i had for you.

  • katta

    Cathy, I know this is an old article, the 2018 Farm Bill (Dec 2018) made buying and using hemp products with THC levels less than .3 % legal nationwide. Use discretion around others if smoking or cooking with it, because it smells exactly the same as regular MJ. I researched and decided to try Tweedle Farms which looked much better in pics and received high reviews with almost all customers rating it 5 stars. I could not believe that I didn’t miss the THC. All the other cannabinoids were apparently what I like so much for stress relief and headaches. I recommend making your own products so that you know it is pure and made from quality hemp. Tweedle just started offering CBD oil and capsules for humans and pets, and infused bath bombs in addition to flower and wax. I highly recommend them, and they answer any questions promptly and ship faster than seems possible even with First Class Mail (which is free for orders over $45).

    Here’s a $10 Off coupon link for you to copy and paste. You can even use it on a $10 order, and shipping is under $4.

  • Toni Martin