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Quebec’s Hardline Cannabis Law: Strict Limits, No Homegrow

“Quebec will be ready for the legalization of cannabis this summer and which, I repeat, has been imposed by the federal government,” said Public Health Minister Lucie Charlebois.

Canadian Government Rejects 13 Changes to Cannabis Act

Among the rejected proposals are calls to ban home-grown cannabis and 'cannabis swag.'

The Hottest Item at This Toronto Design Boutique? State-of-the-Art Cannabis Chocolate

A meticulous cannapreneur and a brave boutique have created a space for craft cannabis. Is there a place for them in the legal marketplace?

Amended Cannabis Act Passes Senate, Heads Back to House of Commons for Final Approval

Bill C-45 endured a bumpy ride through the Red Chamber. Senators of various political stripes took aim at the legislation. They passed 45 amendments overall, including 12 that are substantive.

The Cannabis Act in the Senate: The Final Countdown

Today (or possibly tonight), the Senate will conduct its final vote on the Cannabis Act. Here's what's in play and what we know so far.

The Ontario Election: What Does It Mean For Cannabis?

Ontario is a hub for the country’s cannabis industry, so stakeholders have been paying close attention to the election campaign.

We Took Alberta’s Mandatory Training for Cannabis Workers. Here’s What We Learned.

To work in cannabis retail sales in Alberta, a citizen must be included on the province’s list of “qualified cannabis workers.” To get on the list, a citizen must take and pass the SellSafe course.

The Tragically Hip Celebrates Its First Cannaversary

The Tragically Hip sees cannabis “as a way to make some money but also to be very creative,” says Newstrike CEO Jay Wilgar.

Canadian Senate Amends Cannabis Act to Limit THC, Allow Provincial Bans on Homegrow

The Standing Committee also rejected a number of amendments, including a proposed nationwide ban on home cultivation.

5 Things We Learned at North America’s Largest Cannabis Expo

As Canada speeds toward legalization, Toronto hosts the year's biggest, buzziest cannabis expo. Here are five takeaways.

Sarah Hanlon’s Insider Guide to High Toronto

This weekend, Toronto hosts the biggest cannabis conference in North America. Here's your insider's guide to the city, from awesome art and dining to bring-your-own cannabis lounges.

Cannabis-Induced Psychosis: Real or Reefer Madness?

Pleading guilty to assault, a Toronto lawyer blamed his actions on "cannabis-induced psychosis." Does such a thing exist?

Cannabis Entrepreneur Antuanette Gomez Launches Bid for Toronto City Council

After breathing new life into the Toronto chapter of Women Grow, Antuanette Gomez is shifting her focus to politics and, beginning next month, making a run for Toronto city council.

New Excise Tax Puts Canada’s Blackmarket Cannabis Producers on Notice

Under the Excise Tax Act, illicit cannabis producers could face huge fines or five-year prison terms—on top of the potential 14-year prison sentences they face under the Cannabis Act.

The Campaign for Cannabis Amnesty Fights to Right Prohibition’s Wrongs

The Campaign for Cannabis Amnesty is making sure the government can’t continue to deal in erratic hypocrisy, but must actually address the systemic and oppressive failings of prohibition.

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