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CBD Is a Schedule I Drug? My Shooting Pain Wonders Why.

At 26 years old, I was far too young to have my body buck under pressure. I wasn’t a long jumper, an Olympic heavy lifter, or a baseball pitcher; I was knitting.

How to Use Cannabis to Reduce Opioid Dependence

Dr. Sulak discusses the potential of cannabis to reduce dependence on opioids in this guide. Learn more about how to introduce cannabis to your treatment plan.

The Most Common Qualifying Conditions for Medical Cannabis

Cannabis is a versatile medicine with many uses. Learn about some of the most common qualifying conditions for getting a medical cannabis card.

Cannabis May Protect the Brain Against Stress and Injury, and Here’s Why

Learn about the potential of cannabis to help limit further damage to individuals who have experienced trauma or injury to the brain.

Cannabis-Induced Psychosis: Real or Reefer Madness?

Pleading guilty to assault, a Toronto lawyer blamed his actions on "cannabis-induced psychosis." Does such a thing exist?

THC Tolerance: Here’s Why T-Breaks Work So Quickly

Learn about how THC tolerance develops and why your tolerance to cannabis recovers quickly once you take a break.

RAND Study Says Cannabis Ads May Increase Underage Use

California teens exposed to medical marijuana ads in the pre-legalization years were affected by the message, researchers say.

Study Finds CBD Drug Epidiolex Reduces Seizures by 42%

High daily doses of CBD significantly reduced seizures in patients with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome.

We Can’t Avoid Menopause But Cannabis Makes It Easier

Learn more about menopause and its effects on the endocannabinoid system, and how cannabis can help treat and provide relief for the symptoms of menopause.

Doctors Want More Information on Medical Cannabis, Study Finds

“They’re not as close-minded as you might think, and they also feel they have a lot to learn,” said the lead researcher of a recent study.

I’m a Cannabis-Using Mom. How Should I Talk to My Kids About Legalization?

As we near legalization in Canada, how society shifts in the next few years will ultimately help me determine how to talk to my daughter about cannabis.

This Program Wants to Teach Your Doctor About Cannabis

Take a look inside Colorado’s Holistic Cannabis Academy, where physicians can learn about cannabis as a medical treatment option and healing tool.

What Are the Benefits of a Medical Cannabis Card in Legal States?

If you’re in a state where recreational cannabis is legal, you may be wondering if it’s still worth it to have an MMJ card. It is! Learn more here.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta Calls on Jeff Sessions to Back Medical Cannabis

“The idea that it could work for people, and sometimes is the only thing than can work for people, should give [medical cannabis] the respect that it deserves.”

Cannabis Scheduling: The FDA Wants to Hear From You

Through April 23, the US Food and Drug Administration is asking for public comment on the classification of cannabis.

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