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Making Medical Marijuana Easy in New York With Telemedicine

As New York’s medical marijuana program expands, patients from Buffalo to Brooklyn are turning to telemedicine services to cut wait times and consult with their doctors from home.

How Zendo Training Taught Me To Calm Freaked-Out Festival Fans

When festival-goers fall into a bad trip, volunteers with the Zendo Project are there to protect them from harm. I sat in on a training session.

Autism, Sleep Apnea Added as Minnesota MMJ Qualifiers

Minnesota health officials say they're adding autism spectrum disorders and obstructive sleep apnea as qualifying conditions, effective in July.

Less Moral Outrage, More Harm Reduction: Revamping Cannabis Education for the Age of Legalization

Legalization will empower educators to advise people on how to use cannabis responsibly, instead of potentially coming under fire for endorsing the use of an illegal substance.

UNM Study: Medical Marijuana an Alternative for Opioids

Surveys showed a significant proportion of pain patients substituted their opioid prescriptions with cannabis.

Recreational Legalization Won’t Make Medical Marijuana Cards Obsolete

As states like California move to legalize recreational cannabis for adults, seasoned consumers may want to think twice before retiring their medical marijuana card.

Across State Lines: One Medical Cannabis Refugee’s Journey to Colorado and Back

Barry Lauder was diagnosed with MS in his mid-twenties. He sought Colorado's medical cannabis to ease his symptoms and ultimately change his perspective.

Using CBD to Achieve Balance and Wellness

CBD is among the non-intoxicating cannabinoids found in cannabis. It doesn't produce head-swimming highs, and research has shown that it may help to treat conditions like anxiety and help alleviate stress.

New Study Finds CBD Products Still Dogged by Labeling Errors

Researchers tested 84 CBD products ordered online in 2016. Only 31% were accurately labeled.

Medical Cannabis Advocate to Talk CBD at World Health Organization

Medical marijuana advocate Raúl Elizalde will share how CBD has helped his family and others before the World Health Organization’s International Drug Scheduling Convention in Geneva, Switzerland.

Stanford Study Confirms Cannabis Users Have More Sex

“Frequent marijuana use doesn’t seem to impair sexual motivation or performance. It’s associated with increased coital frequency.”

Comedy, Cancer, and Cannabis: Alan Park’s Wild Ride

After finding fame with Royal Canadian Air Farce and confronting mortality with a killer cancer diagnosis, Alan Park reemerges as a fearless cannabis advocate (and conspiracy theorist?)

California Wildfire Explainer: Toxic Smoke, Cannabis, and Your Health

The Northern California wildfires released dangerous airborne toxins. Here's what to know about how that might affect outdoor-grown cannabis.

West Virginia Wants Your Thoughts on Medical Marijuana

Officials hope the anonymous survey will provide insight about potential patient demographics, where they seek care and what conditions they are looking to treat.

With Plans to Sell CBD Nationwide, Lucky’s Market Charts Legal Gray Area

“This is just about the grayest of gray areas as far as federal law and policy,” said Vincent Sliwoski, a cannabis attorney and law professor. “I think the DEA’s even confused about it.”

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