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How to Grow Cannabis (Legally) at Home in Michigan

November 12, 2018
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Michigan voters, advocates, and ballot proposal writers worked hard to ensure that legalization would allow residents to grow their own bud.

“It’s not legal if you can’t grow it!” was a common slogan among those who fought for the proposal’s creation and passage.

Now that the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marihuana Act is law, Michigan home growers need to be aware that while it is legal to grow plants at home, specific guidelines apply in order to do so legally.

Anyone in Michigan who’s considering growing needs to be aware of these requirements:

There’s a 12 Plant Maximum

Per person, or per household if there’s more than one person per household. Possession of more than 12 plants is considered a civil infraction up to 24 plants. 25 or more is considered a felony, so growers count your crops carefully—and don’t forget to include the mothers in your count.

Keep Your Crop Locked & Out of Sight

Non-growers can keep up to 10 ounces, but the bill allows home growers to keep whatever amount their harvest produces. Regardless of whether you’re growing or not, any amount over 2.5 ounces must be kept in a locked area.

For growers, that includes locking up the grow itself—even if it’s outdoors.

Plants also can’t be visible to the public without the use of binoculars or aircraft, which means no balcony grows for city dwellers.

Extracts Are OK, Labs Are Not

The same rules about quantity apply to concentrates in that you can keep whatever you harvest, but there are certain restrictions on the processing.

What you can’t do is process cannabis into concentrate using volatile substances inside a residence, which means that processes like making butane hash oil (BHO) are out. What you can do is process chemical concentrates like BHO in a non-residential facility that’s removed from residences. You can also make concentrate using natural heat and water-based methods.

Gifting Is Allowed, Selling Is Not

Selling marijuana products without state and local licensing to do so is illegal, but cannabis products can be gifted to adults 21 and older.

This is good news for friends and family of homegrowers, but also a potential starting point for a gray industry, as entrepreneurially home growers seek creative ways to create legal cashflow.

Where Do I Find the Seeds?

You’re on your own there, my friend. Once cannabis stores are licensed by the state, they will be able to sell seeds. But there are currently no licensed adult-use stores.

Again, gifting cannabis and cannabis seeds is legal. To obtain seeds, you may have to start talking to friends and acquaintances about who they might know who has a few extra to spare.

Let Leafly Show You the Way

We have a ton of home cannabis growing resources, from cloning to curing and everything in between. Some of our most helpful guides:


How to Grow Cannabis in Your Closet

When in Doubt, Ask an Attorney

If you find yourself in a gray area, or unsure of how to ensure your home grow is compliant, it never hurts to get some legal advice. Michigan’s cannabusiness boom has resulted in a thriving industry of legal cannabis experts in Michigan, so there are plenty of legal experts available to help keep your home grow legal.

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Marjorie Steele

Marjorie Steele is an independent journalist, poet, and adjunct faculty member at Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University, in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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  • Jonthajuggalo420-710

    So I am a home grower in Michigan I am currently running a recirculating dwc hydroponics system with vita stone grow rocks or peat rocks I am also running one 1000 watt led full spec for vegging and a 1000 watt vivo-sun hps light with fox farm dirty doz nuetreinse and a sog tranning as well I guess my question really isn’t about the bill but how much do you think I should yeild from this how much do you think it will boost the light bill and do you have any ideas of things that I could get that are better or any tips of tricks to help along the way also planning on putting a dehumidifier in the room during flowering and planning on building our own tent

    • FuriousAF

      4-5 ounces per plant indoor is a safe bet. Anything above that is gravy. You can expect LEDs to pull about 33% of the electricity from the wall compared to HPS of the same wattage .

  • Joeann Briscoe

    What towns or in the county in Michigan can you grow weed legally??

    • FuriousAF

      I’m pretty sure you can grow anywhere in Michigan. It’s the retail businesses that cities and townships have to decide if they are going to allow. Check with The Bureau of Marijuana Regulation in Michigan to double check

  • Stealthgrows

    What about if your neighbor has a two story house. Can I grow outside even though they can see it from the window?

    • justadbeer

      I think that’s the million dollar question. I found this –

      According to the new law, individuals are not allowed to grow marijuana:

      if the plants are visible from a public place without the use of binoculars, aircraft, or other optical aids;
      or outside of an enclosed area equipped with locks or other functioning security devices that restrict access to the area.

      So my take on this is that your neighbors house is not a “public” place, but rather a private residence. I’m planning a grow behind my garage this spring. I’m putting up a 6′ privacy fence that will enclose the area from view with a locking gate. This should be sufficient to keep you legal. I’m only growing 2-3 plants in order to keep the smell down. I’m also going to plant several rows of corn around the perimeter to help the stealth effect and block nosey neighbors from peaking over the fence.I will also plant them in grow bags which will allow me to move them if needed, keep them the size I want (I don’t want a 10 foot tall plant towering over everything) and better control nutes/watering

  • Mike Quentz

    Can you grow for yourself in Kalamazoo next to a school In your house

  • schwa6970

    My wife and I both have a Medical Marijuana Card in Michigan. Does the 12 plant per house apply or can we each have 12?

  • Nikki Getter Van Havel

    Can a person grow 12 plants medically and 12 plants for personal and/or for another adult in the residence?

  • Access-Power, Inc OTC Stock Sy


  • There needs to be put in place a rule ALLOWING current medical marijuana laboratories to actually test adult / recreational marijuana flower for % of THC and CBD. It would be so very helpful for someone trying to formulate a pill or tincture. We, as growers, need access to labs to test our grow. Right now the lab in Kalamazoo only tests for you, with a fee, if you have a marijuana medical card or are a caregiver. They are not allowed to test any cannabis outside of that criteria.

  • William Dausa

    What city allow you to grow in michigan