Twenty20 Mendocino Seeds: Upholding the legacy of Northern California genetics

Twenty20 Mendocino
Presented ByTwenty20 MendocinoPublished on September 25, 2019 · Last updated July 28, 2020
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This article is brought to you by Twenty20 Mendocino, breeding cannabis seeds for optimized crop results.

In an industry boasting vast numbers of new businesses, Twenty20 Mendocino breeds cannabis seeds that stand up to the tests of time. Their location in one of the world’s most well-known cannabis cultivation hotspots inspires the company to maintain the spirit of traditional breeding practices while incorporating a thoroughly modern dedication to gene­­­­tic testing and quality cannabis seed production.

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Tested California cannabis genetics

“The Emerald Triangle has been a center of cannabis genetics and culture since the 60s. Knowing these plants and these seeds is part of our heritage,” says Adam, founder of Twenty20. “We’re in a great position to provide quality seeds that grow quality crops because our community is so intimately connected to the plant.”

Generations of insight are the basis of their “for growers, by growers” ethos, and a huge point of pride for the company in a time where newly-founded seed businesses are still shoring up their consumer offerings.

“We bear the torch of these genetics and work hard to make sure that we’re honoring the growers that came before us,” he says.

It’s the work that keeps his team motivated to push the boundaries of cannabis genetics further than before.

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Helping growers avoid the wrong seeds and genetics

So how do you choose the right seeds for your garden?

Cannabis growers often have a checklist of items they are trying to accomplish when choosing seeds. They often want quality bud high in terpenes, high yields, and resistance to pests and disease. Twenty20 Mendocino is familiar with the needs of cannabis growers because they don’t just breed and produce seeds, they also grow cannabis for the California recreational market.

“Producing seeds is simple, but breeding quality genetics takes time and patience,” Adam says. “Because we are commercial cultivators, we are acutely aware of the relationship between genetics and crop success.”

At first glance, the relationship between breeding and growing may not seem profound, but Twenty20 puts a serious emphasis on thorough selective breeding and testing for optimal seed production.­­­

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“Improper breeding practices degrade the genetics and can produce inferior seeds”, he says. “Because of the profound impact social media has on strain trends, many seed producers are selectively breeding just to make the best-looking flower, while completely ignoring other traits such as disease, pest resistance, yield, and vigor. At Twenty20, we constantly strive to provide seeds that bear the best results in both the garden and in the end product.”

Outdoor cultivation is the backbone of the Northern California cannabis culture, and Twenty20 is committed to maintaining that heritage.

“Recent breeding trends have had a noticeably negative effect on outdoor cultivation. Because most modern strains have been bred indoors, the viability of growing those strains under the sun has been all but lost,” Adam says. “There has been a monumental shift over the last few decades as indoor cultivation has asserted dominance over traditional outdoor growing. At Twenty20, we dedicate a large percentage of our efforts towards developing genetics that are worthy of outdoor cultivation.”

By applying their experience and implementing meticulous selective breeding practices, they are laying the foundation for successful cannabis genetics that cater to both professional and amateur growers.

Cataloging cannabis excellence

Selecting the right cannabis seeds can be tough for cultivators that haven’t identified their needs. Twenty20’s seed catalog provides details that make the difference for growers.

“Our catalog features photos and insightful descriptions that can only be learned by studying the plant relentlessly,” says Adam. “We feel like we owe seed buyers a great experience, so we don’t just prioritize pretty buds and big yields. No matter if they are growing commercial cannabis or maintaining a home grow, we want to provide them with the information they need to choose the right seeds for their garden.”

Twenty20 meticulously catalogs their inventory by type, lineage, yield, and flowering time, making it easier to learn about different cannabis seeds and how they fit into different grow operations. Their strain summaries include detailed information from both a breeder’s and a grower’s perspective.

(Courtesy of Twenty20 Mendocino)

Breeding cannabis for a better tomorrow

No matter if a buyer is looking for feminized, regular or auto-flower seeds, Twenty20’s goal is to provide growers with cannabis seeds they can trust. The company’s research is near-constant, and they have no plan to pump the brakes on building their reputation as a distinguished cannabis breeder.

It’s not as much of a business decision as it is a contribution to a culture they love.

“It takes extra generations, extra testing, and extra effort to provide the best seeds. We’re dedicated to keeping the core ethics in cannabis and putting in the time to developing strong, reliable genetics,” says Adam. “This industry is everything to us, and we’re willing to give it everything we’ve got to stay true to our roots.”

Twenty20 Mendocino
Presented ByTwenty20 Mendocino
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