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What Is Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome?

August 10, 2016

I used cannabis for nausea without realizing it might actually have been the cause of it. Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome (also known as cannabis hyperemesis syndrome, or CHS) is a recently discovered, poorly understood condition theoretically caused by heavy, long-term cannabis use. Its acute “hyperemetic” phase is characterized by vomiting, nausea, severe gastrointestinal discomfort, and compulsive bathing, although it may be preceded by a period of milder symptoms like morning nausea, consistent urges to vomit, and abdominal pain.

When I read about this condition in a 2011 study from Temple University, I nearly fell out of my chair. I’ve been using cannabis medicinally for the last five years to treat morning sickness, nausea, and intestinal pain. A conversation with an ex came to mind. He used to antagonistically pose theories that cannabis might be what’s causing the problems, to which I would respond with a heated and defensive, “Cannabis is the only thing that helps, why would it be causing it?”


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Fast-forward one year to a discussion with my budtender who recently experienced the acute phase of the condition. As per her doctor’s recommendation, she set cannabis aside and within a few weeks, she made a full recovery. My friend’s symptoms were so much more severe than mine, it never occurred to me that I might be experiencing early stages of the same condition.

In fact, it took a long, hard look at the research for me to admit that the condition might even exist at all.

Research on Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome

The earliest focused study on the cannabinoid hyperemesis phenomenon appears to be in 2004, when Australian researchers noticed a commonality among patients experiencing cyclical vomiting symptoms: chronic cannabis use. Seven out of ten subjects who abstained from cannabis resolved their cyclical vomiting symptoms; the other three participants refused to abstain and their symptoms continued.

Small case studies surfaced in the years following, demonstrating similar patterns:

  • In 2009, a 22-year old cannabis consumer exhibited CHS symptoms in a U.K. case study. His symptoms resolved following cannabis cessation.
  • Two more cases in 2009 that matched CHS criteria were recorded. Severe symptoms improved following 24 to 48 hours after cannabis cessation.
  • A 42-year old chronic cannabis user was CHS symptom-free 3 months after his diagnosis, according to a 2014 U.K. case study.


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The appearance of cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome in medical literature is rare for two reasons: (a) the condition has only recently been acknowledged and named, and (b) CHS – as a result – is likely to have been misdiagnosed as cyclical vomiting syndrome (CVS). Though rarely seen in study papers, personal stories are beginning to bubble up in media reports and by word-of-mouth.

I asked a number of doctors to share any cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome patient information they had on hand, but it seemed that cannabis doctors were the only ones even privy to the condition at all. With 33 million Americans consuming cannabis, we can only hope that researchers and medical professionals will start to explore the many questions tied to this condition.

What Are Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome Signs and Symptoms?

Among patients diagnosed with cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome, most tend to be “young adults with a long history of cannabis use,” according to the 2011 Temple study.

“In nearly all cases there is a delay of several years in the onset of symptoms preceded by chronic marijuana abuse. Daily marijuana use is characteristic and often reported as exceeding three to five times per day.”

As previously mentioned, researchers have proposed CHS be characterized by three phases.

1. Prodromal Phase

Typically months or years before exhibiting severe cyclical vomiting symptoms, the patient experiences:

  • Morning sickness
  • Abdominal pain and discomfort
  • Nausea and fear of vomiting

Appetite is typically unaffected during this phase, but researchers note that consumers tend to administer more cannabis as a nausea remedy.


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2. Hyperemetic Phase

The acute phase of the illness is characterized by an intensification of effects and unique behaviors:

  • Persistent nausea and vomiting that can last for hours at a time
  • Frequent retching, up to five times an hour
  • Abdominal pain
  • Weight loss
  • Dehydration
  • Habitual bathing and/or showering

Why the compulsive bathing and showering? Hot temperatures are known to relieve the nausea and vomiting associated with CHS. The reasons why are not well developed, but researchers propose that “hot bathing may act by correcting the cannabis-induced equilibrium of the thermoregulatory system of the hypothalamus.”


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A 2014 review offers further explanation:

“The brain may react to changes in core body temperature due to the dose-dependent hypothermic effects of [THC]. Alternatively, the bathing behaviour may be a result of direct CB1 receptor activation in the hypothalamus by [THC] or another active compound and may not necessarily be a response to changes in core body temperature.”

3. Recovery Phase

After halting cannabis use (the only cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome “treatment” option), patients typically recover in a matter of days, weeks, or months. Nausea ceases, appetite resumes, body weight is regained, and bathing/showering regimen returns to normal.

Why Would Cannabis Cause the Symptoms that Characterize CHS?

Though it will take a lot more research to evolve theory to fact, scientists at Temple University have a few leads on why cannabis might cause nausea and vomiting, upsetting what we’ve come to expect from our favorite anti-nausea remedy.

Cannabis may help us feel less nauseous by activating specific parts of the central nervous system, but what else might be happening in the gut itself? According to study authors from Temple University, activation of CB1 receptors (primarily by THC) may result in the following gastrointestinal actions:

  • Inhibition of gastric acid secretion
  • Lower esophageal sphincter relaxation
  • Altered intestinal motility
  • Visceral pain
  • Inflammation
  • Reduces gastric motility
  • Delays gastric emptying

These mechanisms are all ingredients in a theory that is yet to be baked, but it presents an interesting paradox—that THC, when consumed heavily and over a long period of time, may exert anti-emetic properties on the brain, but cause nausea via its effect on the gut.


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The study also mentions a tangle of interactions between two secondary cannabinoids found in cannabis, CBD and CBG. They write:

“In animals the effect of CBD on toxin-induced vomiting displays a biphasic response with low doses producing an anti-emetic effect whereas higher doses enhance vomiting. Cannabigerol (CBG) is a non-psychotropic cannabinoid that behaves as an antagonist at both the CB1 and 5-HT1A receptors. This antagonism reverses the anti-emetic actions of low-dose CBD, which likely occurs at the 5-HT1A receptor. The pro-emetic properties of CBD (at higher doses) and CBG may play a role in the severe nausea and vomiting observed in patients with Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome.”

To reiterate, these are theories, not proven or substantiated results. These ideas pull from a patchwork of cannabis research – some from animal models and others from human trials. For this reason, it’s important to take this report and related case studies with a grain of salt.

Medical Professionals Are Still Skeptical on Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome

The proposals and theories put forth by researchers are compelling, but some medical professionals remain skeptical.

Authors of a 2006 review out of Australia criticize the original 2004 research that defined cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome for poor study design and for misattributing increases in cannabis use to liberalized laws.

“Cannabis has been consumed for many centuries and is currently used by millions of people in many countries,” the authors wrote. “It is hard to believe that a distinctive syndrome caused by cannabis has never been noted before by users or clinicians.”


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I spoke to a doctor from Green Leaf Health Care here in Seattle, wondering what his take on the research was. He, too, showed a degree of skepticism and offered another possible explanation.

“I have an additional theory which is that cannabis grown with chemicals is affecting people in various ways, [and] this may be one of them,” he said. “I’ve traveled through India and Asia extensively and know heavy long-term users without ever having issues regarding hyperemesis. Perhaps long term use and concentrated levels could produce these issues in certain susceptible individuals; however, I feel like it’s more of a chemical issue.”

The fact of the matter is, we don’t have enough research to show if or why cannabis is the cause of these symptoms. What we do know is that there are people out there who benefit from cutting back on their intake or ceasing altogether. It may be purely coincidence that my cutting back coincided with a gastrointestinal recovery. We can’t know why halting cannabis use helped my friend, or why she gets sick when she tries to resume. All we know is there’s a possibility of connection, and that successfully bridging such a connection holds important implications for those who use cannabis every day.


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    Like to see reports that indicate wich kind of cannabis were used by the people who experience Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome. How about toxic effects that are found in 90℅ of recreational cannabis due to pesticides…
    In Holland there has been a lot of research on he way people use it (smoking, vaping) and in wich time frame that was done. My best guess now would be that 1 joint a day keeps the nausea away. On the other side my believe is that people who consume more cannabis than any other recreational/medical drug will experience more negative side effects. From my experience i know that the inflammatory effect will only last 7 days when smoking cannabis after that there is a phase where the amount or even breaks between using cannabis wont help with medicating the way it does in the first 7-8 day phase.
    When people decide to start using more powerfull cannabis the effect is still not as powerfull as before. So when people start using the medical cannabis even more, the effect will be lost for the time cycle that exceeds 8 days.
    After a week even more symptoms will rise, more cannabis is used and sadly most people do less exercise and stay in bed with a box of paracetamol/ibuprofen.

    • AS1124

      my daughter, who almost died o ver 4 years from 300 hospitalizations for this used THC sativa hybrid strains for her Rheumatoid arthritis. I don’t think its just if its got chemicals ( although that could be a HUGE role here) but I think after reading about it, it may trigger the Vagus Nerve and Hyperthalmus which creates the unlivable pain and vomiting. Horrible.

      • Ja

        I am very sorry for your daughter horrible events. I wanted to say that I recently (ur ago) was prescribed MMJ for chronic pain, RSD. RSD or CRPS is noted to be the most painful pain condition known. Heathcare professionals use the McGill pain scale as a guide to rate pain and guide them to proper pain treatment or schedule. RSD ranks #1 over childbirth and cancer. ( this is not a judgment, I am just explaining facts). The CDC is making regulations so difficult for drs to treat their patient who have been on long term medications due to the amount of loop holes and audits done on pain meds. Even dr at pain clinics in very repubtale hospitals like Mass General, and surrounding pain clinics associated with top hospitals. (Not drive thru type) because of this people are give MMJ but drs have little to NO experience with this and my own nurse practitioner took me off of my regime that was working, I was thriving- able to work, and live a close to similar life. Now I’m no longer able to work and in pain constantly. Obviously I could explain the domino effect this has on my social life, sex life, family life and my own psyche. Millions of people are being taken of their working regime and the sucide rate for chronic pain people has been rising. Over the last 6 month I too have been waking up gagging and or vomiting. I have lost 50 pounds in the last year (I don’t weigh myself every day but a bulk of it has been in the last 6 month) I had it to lose but my activity level is 80-90 % LESS then before. I started a food log and other ways of trying to figure out what changed besides everything and it was easy to dismiss or write off due to the changes over the last six month. Even learning how to make my own edibles-
        But I always felt it was the MMJ I ATE at night to help with sleep. I may cape on occasion during the day but maybe one or two doses ( indica- high in CBD) and I’m Often taken a nibble in the middle of the MMJ in the middle of night to be able to return to sleep.
        I actually spoke to my hubby about this exact thing and I would take breaks from MMJ at night and my throwing up and gagging would be gone or minor stomach nausea. I never feel the need to shower but waking up early and drink juice and try to eat a few bites of banana- but as another post noted I gag or throw up and go back to sleep feeling better. Boston celtics
        I was never and do not consider my self a heavy user. I am gluten and dairy sensitive. I believe that I am getting sick or this new DX of hyperemesis related to cannibus is related to several thing (again an opinion) I do highly believe that the combination of pesticides and or the food to grow plants is toxic- also this breeding for high CBD maybe another factor? Lastly GMO and addicitces to edibles. Corn, soy, wheat and and a one or two other (slip my mind) are the main GMO targets and these edibles have high fructose corn syrup and other additives (butter, cereal, chocolate). This does not help the situation coupled with barely eating all day and having edibles on a minimal first. You can not overdose on MMJ- but perhaps for me MMJ on an empty stomach with gmo ingredients coupled with unsure i don’t know the exact mgninate due to taking bites. At one point eating the entire piece of candy.
        The pharmaceutical companies are defiantly are feeling the loss of profits and I feel as if they will each patten their own mix of MMJ and these companies will dispense MMJ. This problem will increase in my opinion. I hope that these articles catch the attention of PCP to avoid months of testing and finding out the issue. When the problem, I believe is the MMJ- which is done in a lab with strict testing. I totally believe that this article is correct for multiple reasons and patients and doctors alike need to know about this issue. Thank you for this article. Helped confirm my “diagnosis or condition” right always.
        Thank you for reading this long post.

        • Ben W

          Yeah, complain that your pain meds were taken away (where you were managing). But since you turned to the devil weed (to substitute for your glorious opiates), you have been having stomach problems.. CHS does not exist but, pharmaceutical cheerleaders do.

          • Michael Davidson

            Really, it doesnt exist? And what medical degree have u received that mekes you feel confident enough on the issue to make that statement. Im a college graduate but not in any medical field and feel im not qualified to say it does or doesnt exsist. But i am qualified enough to say, that for numerous years everytime ive tried to take a break or slow down or stop cannabis use, i OBSESSIVELY took BATH after bath or a shower compulsively, without any understanding or any indication that cannabis had anything to do with the constant bathing. I always did realize i didnt have an appetite till i did use cannabis but realized cannabis helped nausea and by constant use, that is what caused it. The reason our county is in the shape it is, is because people with no qualification or experience, make statements like something they absolutely nothing about. This condition is very real to me at least no matter what any person says. Its like saying to a person whos had pinkeye numerous times and currently having it, that their crazy, pinkeye doesnt exsist. When that person clearly knows it exsist and they have it because its real, an affected them there whole life. I respectfully, have zero respect for your comment it doesnt exsist, until Ben W, you can actually put the 2 LETTERS OF MD, in front of your Ben W respectfully. Hopefully then ur comments will hold water or be taken with any kinda weight.

          • Brad Ames

            You realize there is no proven causal link right? This is a theoretical not a proven link. So he is correct at this point.

          • AS1124

            Stop replying to people who are suffering. We are not shills or trolls. But you are being an asshole.

          • Jeff Rittenour

            dude you are a loser troll – f off n die.

        • AS1124

          Go to my pain page : chronic pain CO on FB. . I’m trying to organize us all to fight back against CDC/DEA/PROP/Pm clinics abusing patients. For support go to pain patients united for truth. Btw: I’m from Boston. Raised my kids in reignite and hull . Know mass general VERY well.


        Please, if you feel like doing it, tell me where en what cannabis she had access to. I started a quest for finding a nice (and tasty) strain so we all can start doing research on WHY everybody is breeding strains that are DNA modified. I am dutch but i’m hoping you hang on on this post: the strains everybody is using are modified to bloom with high THC concentrations. In my opinion that on itself is useless. But the side effect is that the levels of other cannabonoids (better called terpenes) are dissapearing. So that means most of people have access to cannabis that is lacking CBD levels.

        Long story short: only smoke thai/powerhaze for 3 days en feel the difference. Comments are welcome and please tell what strains/weed you are familiar with.

        Keep cool high and take time to fly. (quote by Kees Hendriks)

        • Brendan Clark

          I’m very curious what buds as well. I really think that its either pesticides or improper flushing/using nasty chemical fertilizers that can’t come back out of the plant regardless of flush style.
          I feel like I had this before I started growing my own weed. The symptoms sound too familiar. I lived in Missouri so my bud was garunteed tainted pretty much.
          But now I really don’t smoke anything i don’t grow. I have one dispo in all colorado I consider safe to go to in a pinch.
          I personally don’t use anything other than citric acid mixed with advanced nutrients piranha for a pesticide/fungicide. Beats all products on market and I never spray bud sites.
          And while now I grow organically. Even before that when I ran really clean hydro my symptoms stopped and they do resume if I smoke someone else’s poorly grown bud. The worst that got me a month ago. Someone grew their bud with the water from security/widefield colorado which had chems dumped in and is considered undrinkable. Guy still watered with it. I got sick as shit sharing A bowl. Didn’t know til after, I had assumed he was smarter than that and didn’t wanna be rude and thumb my nose at his buds.

          Are seeds for this thai/powerhaze available? If so what breeder

          • Julia Davis

            Brendan, I’m trying to help an 82 yr old member of my church w Parkinson’s. Can U private message me?

        • crozbomb

          kosher kush,blue cheese, anything and everything

        • AS1124

          Very interesting. So you think
          It’s the engineered high THC strains causing the problems. I just don’t understand why , if people are just modifying plants it would get them sick.


        i thought you were german. sorry about that hahahahah

      • Ben W

        You are full of it! This is simple common sense-no one has ever heard of this until a conservative administration gains power, coincidence? I think not. Who is paying you to spread these lies? this is as believable as Anslinger’s claims that marijuana turns hispanics into rapists and murders-don’t drink the kool-aid! If this condition existed it would have come to light before 2004.

        • crozbomb

          mate, I’m 50/50 on this. i have cvs, I’m a smoker for years. though i did quit for 6 months once to see what would happen and i ended up in hospital 3 times.

        • Ame

          Seriously? Do research. This is not a conservative or political agenda. CHS has been researched since 2008-2009, and I myself have experienced it and have been researching this for the last 3+ years! It wasn’t until one doctor at an urgent care suggested cannabis might by the cause of my non-stop vomitting and dehydration. Every symptom and issue listed here is exactly what happens. If you don’t care to believe it, because it hasn’t affected you, that’s on you. But don’t you dare try to suggest this is an agenda when people are commenting to have actually experienced this. Come on, now.

          • Ben W

            I have done the research and it comes from a 2004 study out of Australia, that has been heavily criticized by the medical community, and is purely correlative and not causual-meaning it’s a far fetched theory with lots of holes no proof.

          • Michael Davidson

            Whats ur idea of research? Im a strong advocate for cannabis for numerous conditions, but i do feel chronic obsessive use has caused this in my own case. Im not qualified to give my opinion about anyone elses conditons and dont feel like googling something for 30 mins is the research i need to be a to give a responsible opinion.

          • Jeff Rittenour

            Yet the ONLY thing you mention is this INITIAL study… got anything else. Didn’t think so.

          • Ben W

            I have done the research, and the study that started all this was in 2004 out of Australia. It has been heavily criticized by many experts and is considered junk science by most. The results were purely correlative, with no causative proof at all. Wild theories based on very little, I dare you to show me causative proof of any sort that cannabis is “causing” these symptoms.

          • Ame

            Oooh boy. Can’t wait until this happens to you, buddy! Good luck, honey. xoxo

          • Michael Davidson

            Amen, Ame

          • AS1124

            It’s called inductive research : I have a philosophy degree and in science and philosophy they discussed inductive research. Instead of blathering away at people maybe you might want to shut up and LEARN

          • SYLVA DAVIS

            we had a friend of my sons staying here with these symproms. he throws up in the morning and then sits in our shower for an hour, one to 2 tmes in the morning. he goes to tthe e.r. a lot. he is only 20 years old. on the other hand i am 61 and my husband is 58 [yes i robbed the cradel ! ] we have smoked since we were in our very young teens. me since i was 15 to be exact. neither one of us have ever experianced these synptoms or problems. we would be skeptical of this being true, but the only reason i even knew about this new disease [or whatever it is] is because my son was told by another person that this is what this kid has and he [this kid] did not want us to know. looking AT THESE SYMTOMS , I AM IN SHOCK THAT THEY ARE EXACTLYU WHAT HIS IS! [sorry for the caps!] no i don’t think they are lying, but i also know that for some reason we have smoked longer then this kid is old and have never experianced this stuff. and yes we are what would be considered chronic smokers.[every dy, several times a day!] but i also have amyloidosis [it is rare, they call it a type of cancer[] and in experiments [on mice] it is known to cure. my doctors know that i smoke! they do not come out and encourage it, but…. they do tell me to keep up whatever it is that i am doing! one doctor actually told me that i should have been dead years ago! and no! i am not kidding! he thought that i had been misdiagnosed because it is a rare condition and he said he never heard of anyone lasting this long , [ he had to later tell me [3 weeks later, after pouring through all of the labs] that he was wrong, that i was not misdiagnosed and one nurse was shocked that i have NEVER once had any transplants, so…. [though i am pretty confident that i am one of those people that pot helps ~ the ax swings both ways i suppose!] [with amyloidosis people usually die within the first 3 years! i was diagnosed over 14 years ago i believe! and i am gonna add, since finding out about my amyloid, my doctors would have me on numerous meds for my nerves if i did not smoke! it has made it so that when i have , on occasion, felt very distraught and fearful of being terminal , made me be able to relax and say to myself, ‘hey! here i am! doctors aren’t always right!]

          • Omar

            I posted my story in another thread above but for you I will repeat some of it. I am male, 70 years old and a college graduate. I am a child of the sixties, a hippie! I have been smoking pot for 50+ years and I can tell you that CHS is real. In 2012 I read the Australian study from 2004 because my GP read my hospital test results and caught the unusual commonality of hot showers.. I have tried smoking less but eventually the ailment strikes. The only time it doesn’t strike is when I stop completely. Once I start again so does CHS. I have recently acquired my marijuana card and for the last three months I have only used medical marijuana that is high in CBD and low in THC. This hasn’t worked either. In those 3 months I was in the ER twice and admitted once for observation to no avail. I have had many more doctors and specialists recommend marijuana for treatment of pain, depression, anxiety and nausea but very few speak negatively of maryjane. Why is it happening to me now? Did I reach the breaking point? I wish that CHS be taken seriously so that a reason may be found for the symptoms and I can enjoy the benefits of pot once again.

          • Jeff Rittenour

            Mine just happened for the first time yesterday. The day before I smoked ALL day and it was some stupid shitty NAMED weed. This named shit is junk – just buy weed. If it has a name – fuck it.

          • Jeff Rittenour

            Good to know you know more than the doctor at the ER.You don’t provide any other reasons – just dump on everything. How to do expect anyone to take your dumb ass seriously. I don’t trust anyone without a pic on their account.

          • Tina Williams

            I’m on my mother in laws account rn writing this. I’m a 29 year old female and I have been smoking weed for pretty close to 15 yrs or so. But not until maybe like 7 years ago was I ever told that these recurring symptoms maybe have been cause by me smoking pot. All through high school we smoked and I mean a lot daily for years daily until I got pregnant. Once I turned 19 and had my daughter that’s when I was finding myself completely useless when it came to basic home keeping’ cooking, making it to school withher because when these spells hit me they are THE WORST because there’s no real timetable on when you’ll be better again. So weird though cause like I said apparently I’ve had this for 9-10 yrs. and my 22 sister started experiencing all of my previous symptoms last year and for long time I didn’t believe in this CHS but together me and my sis would go into the hospital with everything symptom between us being identical. So my sister finally quit just to see if there’d be any improvements and proud to say she has not once relapsed or been sick… I tried cutting down a lot but not quitting fully. So as I type this I’m going through another spell of CHS I’m may really just quit. I feel like death and am in the hospital at least every 3-5 months. Did a lot of research tho and I do believe that this is an actual medical issue and not doctors trying to scare younger ppl off of smoking weed. Yet it’s gonna be legal here in Canada by next year

          • Lisa

            My son (22 yrs) has recently been experiencing this as well. Question… it just the THC or is it the CBD as well? I have him using oils now but if its CDB as well then I don’t want him to take it (he has crohns so we are trying something new).

          • J M

            More likely it is something the grower is applying to their crop.

          • Brad Ames

            there is no proven causal link. sorry. It is theoretical at this point.

        • AS1124

          You’re really an idiot. Clearly YOU are a victim of manufactured consent. I STARTED the Bernie movement in CO and admin’ the state page which I created in Jan 2015. But you make this about politics. Do everyone a favor and screw off so the adults here can have a real convo

  • cristala

    these are the same toxicology doctors that claim peyote is toxic and that’s why it makes you throw up..but that is not the case at all and we call
    it “getting well”. what it is doing is purging out the illness, yes no fun to vomit but I have also witnessed people vomiting out tumors. Most
    sacred medicines have a purging ability so does ayahuasca. This woman is taking the oil to heal her health issues and the cannabis is working
    perfectly to purge it out she does not like the discomfort.. this is another case of western medicine ignorance not understanding plants.

    • AS1124

      sorry, my daughter didn’t “purge” she almost died . TWICE. 300 hospitalizations. HEAVY pot smoker. Please stop giving out unhelpful advice if you haven’t seen or been directly involved with someone this ill like my daughter and others on this page. Im PRO non allopathic medicine but this is a different issue.

      • ReneeTru

        I am so glad I read this. I appreciate your medical expertise and I am so sorry you almost lost your child. I know she is an adult but she is forever your child. I hope this article and these posts on here with intellect will help others learn that what might seem like a good thing can often have side effects that can make a person miserable and in some cases cause death.

        • AS1124

          HI Renee. Its been severely traumatizing AND she is also a chronic pain patient so now she cannot even smoke THC pot for pain which is why she was smoking so long.. ( age 14 onward due to severe RA) and to make things worse, due to inappropriate CDC connected medical doctors who are connected to Phoenix House substance centers, they have managed to get the CDC to crack down on primaries and have issued unsupported edicts to cut down on opiod prescriptions which is literally killing pain patients who cant get care and normal people who are now being refused pain meds: 100 million US americans have some sort of diagnosed pain disorder. For those interested in the new witch hunt:,

          • JWebb

            spot on. throwing baby out with the bath water.

          • MarcA

            Sorry to hear about your daughter and her pains. I also have JRA (since the age of 2) and have been smoking daily for about 10 years. I barely found out about this and am so confused on what to do. What does your daughter do now for her pain issues? I have this problem and thinking about cutting marijuana for a while to see maybe i can come back to it at later time. Any help or insight would greatly be appreciated.

          • Ben W

            Let me guess you are thinking now your daughter (if she exists) should have gone with a tried and true tested biologic for her RA (which by the way consists of human cloned proteins) yeah that sounds like a great idea, lets use a product (biologic) that is mainly paid for through insurance co. because it costs upwards of $4000 every two weeks to administer; and don’t forget to pump em full of opiates, while you’re at it. Got anymore pharma plugs?

          • Ben W

            Oh my lord, are you serious-your link goes to an article that is complaining about Opioid regulation, holy crap if you aren’t a blatant pharmaceutical lackey, then I’ll eat my hat.

        • Ben W

          If you believe marijuana can kill you, then I would like to sell you some beach front property in Kansas!

    • AS1124

      I happen to have a medical license which just expired 4 years ago. Instead of insulting me maybe you might want to stop practicing medicine without a license.

      • Ben W


      • Ben W

        what does western medicine do but take natural medicine (from plants etc.) and synthesize them-in turn monopolizing them by making the natural source illegal to cultivate, except by so called experts in the western medical field, to make synthetic forms that are only available through a lab; talk about consolidating access.

  • Amy Olsen

    My fiance’ went to the ER a few weeks ago due to extreme abdominal pain and vomiting. One of the nurses there stated that she has seen a couple of cases, but they were cause by Sativa strains.

    • AS1124

      no. ITs the THC. Also look up Vegus nerve issues and THC hyper emesis.

      • Ben W

        bought and paid for!

    • Ben W


  • J.K

    Wow this is so crazy. Exactly what I have been feeling. Ive been smokig (daily) for a year and 2 months now. Mostly to help with a bludging disk problem for a car accident (which helps tremendously, I am relived so much from smoking).
    Anyways, these symptoms have been going on every morning for the past 7-9 months (theres probably 3-5 days out of the whole month where I don’t feel sick). Every time its throwing up and really bad nasuea. And I must agree with this post, at night, I do have a fear of feeling sick in the morning. I sometimes cry to my boyfriend about how I dont wanna feel bad. Im normally a pretty heavy sleeper, but man does it wake me up in the middle of the night! Its like clock work too. Normally around 5am-6am. After Im in the bathroom (anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour) dying of pain, I go back to bed. Normally I throw up or just gagging makes my stomach feel better. Enough to where I can go back to bed.
    In the morning–still a little nauseous, but it goes away as I slowly start to wake up. The rest of the day I am perfectly normal. Im pretty sure I’ve lost about 10-15 lbs because of this! But, Im still at a healthy weight. I try to stay hydrated as much as I can because of the additional fluid loss.
    I’ve been to doctors about this problem and they could not find anyhing wrong with me. Except suggest I keep a food diary and figure out what foods have been botherig my stomach. (Food has never been an issue for me, Im not allergic to anything). Hense, I wasnt convinced.
    This post says that the only treatment is to completely stop. I really would like not to–mostly for my back. However, I’m going to cut down. Maybe not smoke before I go to bed. Take my last hit with dinner. See if I see any improvements in the mornings. If not, I will probably have to stop 🙁
    Sorry for the long post, but they said this syndrome is rare. I just want to let people know what I go through, so they could maybe find some answers.

    • jewbacca

      Sounds like the exact same thing happening to me. I fear waking up sick in the morning. I guess I’ll have to stop smoking and see what happens.

      • Ben W

        Spit out that kool-aid! before it rots your brain.

    • AS1124

      stop smoking. my daughter almost died 2x becuase of the same issue. It MAY be from pot that is not organic but evidently THC triggers the hyperthalmus and causes these severe symptoms. Better safe than sorry and almost dead.

      • Ben W


        • AS1124

          anyone who calls a parent of a child who is severely disabled and almost died from this rare disorder is a POS> You are really sick.

          • Ben W

            That would be true if you were a real person, but you are not. How do
            I know? well the statements that you make are impossible! so why else would you push your rhetoric? to say that people are dying from this made up condition is laughable. You are going off of junk science at best, you have already admitted that you are in the medical field, you have also shown support for the pharmaceutical co. by promoting deregulation of opioids. Am I the only one who recognizes this? where the hell is NORML.

          • Ben W

            The statements that you make are impossible! so why else would you push your rhetoric? to say that people are dying from this made up condition is laughable. You are going off of junk science at best, you have already admitted that you are in the medical field, you have also shown support for the pharmaceutical co. by promoting deregulation of opioids. Am I the only one who recognizes this? where the hell is NORML.

          • Ben W

            No, just calling you out as misinformed at best and a liar at worst. Junk Science does not support your claims, which I personally don’t believe are real. Not going to comment on how your daughter is all of a sudden disabled as well…and is what? a child who smokes weed? what kind of parent are you to let a child smoke weed. Sorry, too late for that lie you have already portrayed your daughter as an adult-so which is it? remember you just said “my daughter, who almost died over 4 years from 300 hospitalizations for this used THC sativa hybrid strains for her Rheumatoid arthritis”. You also said “she smoked at LEAST 3x a day . Probably more like 3-5x daily. for 10 years”. Are you hoping people will only read the first few comments and misunderstand what you are saying, thinking you are talking about a young disabled child? which of course is going to get an unconscious sympathetic reaction, when further down the thread it is made known you speak of an adult grown offspring.

    • searchlight

      thats not what i have

    • Ben W

      Liar, or idiot?

    • AS1124
    • AS1124

      Stop smoking. When you go back to pot make SURE it’s just non hybridized strains so it has normal levels of cvs and THC. Speak with that Dutch guy on the thread

  • Kate

    Oh my gosh! I wish there was more research on this, but this is exactly what I have. I smoke daily when I’m at home for half of the year and I throw up every single morning. The other half of the year I’m away at school and I only smoke on weekends and I’m perfectly fine. This sucks. We need to find a way that cannabis lovers that have this syndrome can still smoke!!!


      A average person needs 600mg vitamineC, that is just a minimum. When being actively moving, learning and smoking there should be a intake dosis of 1200mg.
      Every person needs bloodsugar and vitamineC to eat, sleep and do sports.
      Can new posters also add their daily intake of vitamineC, as in how many fruits, pills or other vitamineC containing vegetables?

      • Thatguy88

        I’ll help out with your theory. I’ve been smoking weed for 7 years. 4 of those years have been daily usage. For the last 2 years I’ve been having more orange juice, cranberry juice, apples, pears ect. Before that I had a lot of Hawaiian punch and a few grapes and strawberries. In the last 5 years I’ve puked once and it was at 9pm. I rarely have any stomach problems. I just smoke whatever I get off the streets.

    • Ben W


      • AS1124

        oh I see: You are literally mentally ill. Second person you have called a liar. You are a POS. You filthy excuse for a human being.

        • Ben W

          LOL, yeah come on then-you have already lost your cool; so by proxy you have already lost the crowd, you are too easy! and I’ve called everyone on here a liar, who has perpetuated these scare tactics; not just you.

          • Ben W


          • AS1124

            reported again to admin. Harassment.

          • Ben W

            Go ahead! I will continue as long as you do.

  • holyghost

    I am a nutritionist and have an extensive medical background. The Solution = Organic Apple Cider Vinegar every morning upon waking and same before bed. Repeat process daily. Keep Digestive Enzymes on hand for big saliva episodes. I consume them with my meals. Drink ALKALINE WATER. Eat proper macronutrients and according to your health levels and lifestyle. 80% of your overall health originates in your digestive system. TCM is centralized on this theory since before christ.

    • Kate

      So you’re saying if I drink a cup of organic apple cider vinegar at 5am when I wake up and at 10 when I go to bed I can still smoke and not be sick every morning? What do you mean big saliva episodes? Why alkaline water? Thanks!

    • AS1124

      you are confusing issues. My daughter has almost died of this and was hospitalized over 300 x for this issue. She was a heavy user . We do ALL types of holistic medicine and organic diets with juicing. People are literally dying from this becuase the pain and vomiting is intolerable. Please read up on the actual issue before you give out nutritional info that , while being good, does NOT address this life threatening illness

      • larushka1

        What do you mean by heavy user? I’m not doubting how sick your daughter was, but in every case examined there was also something else involved that possibly caused an interaction.

        • AS1124

          she smoked at LEAST 3x a day . Probably more like 3-5x daily. for 10 years.

      • Ben W

        Please stop spreading conservative propaganda!

        • AS1124

          you are a MORON> This is REAL. People like my daughter have almost died or died. And it could be related to something ON the pot . STFU and let us figure this out. You are the idiot here and you just make yourself look foolish you moron. My father worked as George McGoverns SENIOR aide for 7 years. Go look him up. My family has been a die hard liberal Peacenik family for generations. Now STFU and leave us all alone.

          • Ben W

            Who cares!! and your daughter did not almost die from anything marijuana related; period.

          • AS1124

            heres the deal: I worked as a CNA in hospice and chronic care medical asst. I hope you or your family member ends up having a rare disease or disorder and they or you end up in the ER in agony that they will not treat at least 300 x. You deserve it. And I also do hypnotherapy so I normally would be kind. Not this time. I hope when this happens to you or your family you remember my wish for you. And never forget how you behaved. Karma’s a BITCH you asshole.

      • Ben W

        this person has also been hitting up multiple articles spreading this dribble-marijuana has never killed anyone, just stop the lies and manipulation. bought and paid for.


    Vitamine C as a solution for morning illness in food.

    Amount mg vitamine C per 100 grams
    • Bell papper 190 mg
    • Parsley 130 mg
    • Kiwi 90 mg
    • Sprouts 80 mg (boiled)
    • Broccoli 75 mg (boiled)
    • Strawberry 60 mg
    • Orange 50 mg

    Vitamine C is broken down at a temperature above 70 degrees Celcius.
    Store the fruits and vegetables for a maximum of 5 days and keep temperature below 5 degrees Celcius. Keep them away from sunlight, heat and moisture. And always drink some apple cider instead of beers (actually, beer hop had similarities to cannabis).

  • Michelle

    My dad is a HEAVY pot smoker 40 plus years. I have never heard of this syndrome until today. He has been experiencing this exact thing for 10 plus years. Been to urgent care and hospitalized numerous times. We have not been able to figure out what it is numerous tests but it happens 2 to 5 times a year. He is nauseous in and out of the bath tub all day long and it lasts 3 to 8 days everytime and looses a lot of weight. I’m so happy to have found this…he is currently experiencing this since Sunday morning and still today…I don’t know ow if he will like this news but I hope this is what it is so at least we know what’s wrong.

    • Bwana21
      • Michelle

        Thank you!!! I will send this to my dad!!

      • AS1124

        404 link not found….. I think its the pesticides sprayed on weed. I just found out:

        • Barbara Filippone

          I also believe it is either the pesticide or the fertilizers ,many growers have told me they only use organic fish fertilizers, only lady bugs for the pesticide. No where on the packaging does the fish fertilizer does it say certified organic ,what was the fish fed ? how was it processed? Just because it is a fish does not mean it is organic and at that in some realms the word organic is synonymous with poison. VOC testing for example: VOC Volatile Organic Compound terminology to identify any chemical agents. I wish somebody would do research to determine if this is the cause. My bet is it is what man is doing rather than letting nature do it course.

          • Ron Weaver

            actually, there is no organic regulation in the weed industry as that is controlled by the federal government. Legally, no supplier can say their marijuana is organic, all they can legally say is that its all natural with no pesticides or additives, but I can bet you will never see that on a weed label. Most use additives and pesticides at the grow farms. Until, its federally unscheduled we will never really know what is in our weed.

          • AlohaTOK

            Btw, “organic” means from an organism… last time I checked, a fish was considered in the category “Earth’s organisms”… maybe you should look for another term to use that better describes what you are lookking for, mind you ddt is organic, so is neem oil, so is hemlock, and even tetrodotoxin…. just food for thought.

          • J M

            TBF fish fertilizer can contain high levels of heavy metals. However, your friend’s claim that they only use ladybugs to control insect pests is dubious at best, as ladybugs do not feed on many cannabis pests, especially mites which are by far the most problematic of cannabis pests. I wonder if your friend would also insist that ladybugs also combat fungal pathogens too?

            Washington State has a comprehensive list of heavy metals in organic and synthetic fertilizers, you might find the fertilizer there:

    • Ben W


      • Bookah Whiley

        I’ve got 3 hospital bills right now from this bullshit, you mind if I send them to you?

    • adrienne coombes gonzales

      Same with my husband. He was actually diagnosed with gastroparesis and even had a gastric stimulator placed. This all describes him to a tee! Especially the hot bath/shower.

    • natatattat

      I feel like its not the weed- its the pesticides. People are ingesting highly potent dabs now instead of just leaf, all day long and not having this problem.

      • Not sure about that. I developed these symptoms after only using organic products. I suspect that concentrates might be a factor though, just because of their higher potency combined with the lack of long-term use compared to flower. A normal healthy person might not be affected but perhaps certain individuals have a body chemistry that makes developing this syndrome more likely.

        • scotchandwater

          Neem oil is a pesticide approved for organic grows. Acute neem oil toxicity produces symptoms that are strikingly similar to CHS.

          • J M

            Neem oil is commonly used on many organic food products, so it would seem like it would affect more than just Cannabis users….

          • scotchandwater

            True, but not many organic crops are smoked. A hypothesis is that when the azadirachtin in the neem oil is heated/combusted, it is vaporized (and possibly converted into other compounds) that are drawn into the lungs and into the bloodstream (no visit to the liver for detoxification). CHS occurs after extended exposure to smoked Cannabis and only in heavy users. To add to this, the symptoms of acute neem oil toxicity and CHS are pretty much the same.

          • Kiahuna

            Of all the other organic products neem is used on it is likely not heated as a result and ingested into the lungs. This would seem to be an area for study if it hasn’t been already.

          • guliegirl

            Most people rinse their veggies before they eat it. Marijuana is most likely not rinsed.

          • Troy Hayman

            But Azadirachtin is never combusted or heated during this process. Azadirachtin combusted and inhaled into the lungs can cause symptoms similar to CHS. Azadirachtin Poisoning.
            GET RID OF NEEM OIL!

          • J M

            What about organic tobacco or other smoking herbs? Surely they’re using neem too? It seems it would be happening to American Spirit smokers as well, but I haven’t seen any such thing….

          • HatersGonnaHate

            But how many organic food products are you lighting on fire and inhaling into your lungs?

          • ROBINTHEUSA

            Thank you.

        • J M

          “Organic products”? No cannabis products are certified organic as this is a federal program. What do you mean by that, exactly?

          • scotchandwater

            Probably OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute). Since USDA can’t deal with Cannabis, the industry is using other standards, like OMRI.

          • J M

            No, there is no third party certification of OMRI-certified products for rec or medical cannabis. The primary standard everyone is using is the list of allowed products on Cannabis put together by Washington State.

          • JT Bedard

            Or Clean Green

            We know each other, don’t we?

          • scotchandwater

            We have crossed paths.

          • JT Bedard

            May the road rise to meet you…

          • The products were described as lab-verified pesticide free, but you are right that they were not certified organic.

        • Danilo Alonso

          It’s the weed, people. Follow the science, not your “maybe” justifications because you like to get high. I know people who are in debt because of this. They refuse to acknowledge it’s the weed.

          • trisha f

            Not everyone uses weed to get high. I am a medical cannabis patient and it has enabled me to come off antidepressants, antianxiety meds, sleeping pills, Methadone for chronic pain, Vicodin for breakthrough pain, and migraine medication. Not everyone gets CHS….it only happens to a small group of people. Stop vilifying what helps some of us live better lives instead of taking drugs that turn us into numb zombies.

      • Ryan Densley

        Sorry to say i switches to dabs and have gaines this problem i live in a un friendly state. So the doctor told me under the table. 100% what my symton are. I have been to many doctors.

      • Riley

        It’s not pesticides it’s the high cannabinoid content in the concentrate that makes it worse it’s believed those who have smoked Cannabis long term in high amounts usually 4-6 time a day for years may develop this and since the flower these days is so potent their are just as meany people with this problem from it alone including myself. Btw im not sure what kind of weed you’ve seen but we smoke the flower not the leaf & im not sure what (dabs) are but dab is a verb as in To dab or, Im about to dab this wax, budder,shatter ect.

        • John O’Connor

          Very clearly not what dabs means here. Dabs would be what they call wax or shatter. Seems like you’re saying it’s incorrect to call it that. If that’s the case, you’re just dead wrong.

        • TheDank

          It can be used in a few ways… New generation of kids have to make their own lingo up and sht

        • Drjeff

          Of course concentrates, but weed today has been shown to have 7-10 times more THC by design than years ago.
          If you experience this syndrome…it’s REAL. STOP

      • Tyler Barlow

        This is not true actually i have been experiencing these symptoms for 5 years now and i can tell you first hand. Today is the first day ive stopped smoking after reading this article. I thought that by taking all that out it would help but i have been smoking only shatter or other concentrates for the pas 2.5 years and the problems are as bad if not worse than theyve ever been. Today i feel much different i dont even know how to explain it but i pray this is what it is. I was the type of person saying theres no way its harming me its the only thing that helps but little did i know it could be the whole issue

        • TheDank

          In the same boat… switched from flowers to shatter/bho about 3 years ago…. have been to the ER 4 times in the past 3 years with non stop vomiting , total dehydration, and crazy wavy abdominal pains. Plan on going cold turkey today to see if it helps. How about you? Any updates?

          • Tyler Barlow

            I havent been sick once since i stopped smoking. Literally got my life back and im so happy but also pissed off that i was doing it to myself and not knowing. It sucks for the first couple days but trust me stick it out and see how you feel after a couple weeks. Life changing. Went fron being sick almost everu day to not at all and being able to eat and do what i want again without worry of being sick

          • TheDank

            Thanks for the update man, I am hoping and praying someone says this is all a bad joke or dream but it seems more and more like i just need to quit and move forward…

            kind of odd question – did it affect your ability to eat dairy? I’ve been LacIntolerant for a few years and it may be related.

          • Pistolvania

            It’s the bud I have been dealing with this the past 10 years

          • Kevin Behlmaier

            I am currently gluten free and dairy free for specifically this problem. I was dealing with this issue for years like a lot of you, but I am 100% positive this is not pesticide related. I think pesticides can absolutely have adverse effects but as a person that produces his own medicine I do not use a single pesticide. I quit last year for a few months and I saw fantastic results with my stomach. This was the very first cure in about 9 years after going to the hospital and trying many different doctors. Unfortunately, like most of us, I have such a love for what this plant does for my anxiety that I have resumed and I am very sick again. I noticed the pain immediately when I started using again, but I could tolerate it for a couple months or so til needing to stop again. I’m hoping to find a balance so I can keep using without being in pain. But who knows. Just trying new things daily. I wish all of you the best of luck on your own journeys.

          • Josh Bare

            I had anxiety and depression most of my life. I stopped eating refined carbs and sugars, and it’s all gone. Couldn’t figure out exactly why, but stumbled upon a fungus called Candida and a bacteria called H.pylori that can overrun our systems when we eat too many simple carbs (like bread), sugars, and alcohol.

            Turns out nearly all of our neurotransmitters are created in the gut. If your gut microorganisms are out of balance, then you do not have the right balance of neurotransmitters being produced. Fix the balance, and you’ll never feel better in your life, both mentally and physically.

            Think about what we’re all eating when we get the munchies.

            Oh, magnesium, too. Plays a huge role and can calm you down better than a couple of beers.

          • wiqiwow

            lol I am an amateur scientist and have been telling people for years that this was the cause of my symptoms – nobody listened, including my family Doctor. Once I stopped (3 weeks ago) everything finally went back to normal. I’ve been suffering for years.

          • Heather Ashton Cole

            How is it working. I only smoke shatter/crumble now for the last 3 years and I’ve been having this problem for about two years now. Had my gallbladder removed about two years ago. Did quitting solve it for you

          • TheDank

            I quit for a little over a week and felt pretty dang good… Stomach felt great, wasnt getting heartburn when eating certain foods, bloating and nausea went away… But I’m a weak creature and started back up… albeit with a bit more caution… I have SIGNIFICANTLY reduced intake – limited to post work and pre bed . I cant be dabbing like im 20 anymore lol…

            Im no scientist or anything, but my theory is that there some kind of toxin build up in the blood stream and you never know when the “tipping point” is… I wasnt giving my body any chance to rid these toxins before introducing more. Remember the lungs are direct inject into the blood stream , the liver is not able to filter the bad stuff…

            Anyways , ill post an update every so often . hope others do as well and good luck!

          • Josh Bare

            What kinda chemicals are involved in making dabs? How much of the butane we smoke from the lighters ends up in our lungs?

          • TheDank

            depends how the dabs was extracted – you’re likely referring to BHO – butane hash oil extraction. And yes… unfortunately there are many unscrupulous characters in this game that will sell improperly purged material – basically poison.

            However, with the advent of Recreational , there is FAR more quality control standards in place than there was 5 – 10 years ago and this is only going to improve as people seek the cleanest substances.

          • cheesse

            I am curious how it has been going with the reduced intake. I have recently had my first episode of CHS. I have stopped smoking but have been planning to try what you have been trying.

          • Annette Brookshier-Zerbe

            I just spent 3 hours in the ER. 6th time in 4 years. Same symptoms as every one else. I too had my gallbladder removed 32 years ago. I’ve often wondered if there was a connection…

          • The Rabbit Hole

            I feel like a mixture of pesticides, mites, ill efforts to properly purge the bho until no residual of butane gets left behind or to test the theory completly would need to be a test trial on someon who consumes pesticide free concentrates. Good luck these days people just wanna have bag appeal of weed and potency so they immediately jump to pesticides forgetting weed isnt washed its just dried trimmed bagged or processed. Also states fail to comply with proper testing . Its just like everything else though money talks bullshit walks. We’re gonna keep being left in.the dark being fed garbage its the government when have they fed us right?

        • Danilo Alonso

          For anyone reading this now, yes, it’s the bud. Had a friend go through the same thing and I now realize that I was experiencing the pre-symptoms of this syndrome now that I have become aware of it’s existence. I have stopped for 1.5 years now and have never felt healthier or mentally sharper. Seriously consider sobering up and healing yourself through nutrition instead of drugs. May God bless you all.

      • Heather Ashton Cole

        I do only dabs and having this issue. I’ve had my gallbladder removed because it just shut down completely idk if it’s from the but I’m scared and I want to get better but it seems to help it.

        • Day Isa

          Same issues! I had my colon removed, GB removed and quit 60 days ago. The vomiting has quit however the nausea has not. Mainly using edibles that I make myself and had to quit. Sucks to have to throw away good trim and edibles

    • Jamie Birarelli Fintonis

      I hope you cured your Dad!

    • Peter Madden

      I came across this by chance when someone posted it on face book. I had been smoking it since the early 80s. After about 3 years of doing so i had my first bad turn. I didn’t know what to do with myself, it was awful. I was being sick constantly with a craving therst drinking up to 8 pint of water a hour but never keeping it down. This would happen all through the day and night without any sleep fot up to 14 days at its worse. Hard to say but sometimes i wanted to die…im and out the bath 5..6 times a hour also for days on end.. over all them years i would say ive had it at least a hundred time.. never once did i put it down to cannabis. I would smoke it throughout my illness though it wouldn’t give me a buss what so ever…but after a few days it would and i would be highlated wuth the hight of it till i though it made me better. I carried on till the next illness whitch could be 3, 6, etc months later. Ive not smoken it in a year though it was the hardest thing i ever had to do. I gave up not because of getting ill as i only read about this a few weeks back but because of the cost of it going up from 20quit a eighth to 10quid a gram. Ive never felt better all simtems gone and never had an attack since.. i have in between the time i gave up had craving and nearly bought more..but never will touch it again.. i defrontly had C.H.S

    • guliegirl

      I know you said he uses organics. But organic growers can spray whatever is approved omri. I don’t trust omri, I would say find a small grower who has more control over environmental factors and can control fungus and bugs without spraying. I grow on a small scale and always get compliments on my clean tasting buds. I use both organic and inorganic fertilizers but NEVER spray my plants. I don’t know about anyone else, but why would you want to smoke anything sprayed on a plant, sounds disgusting. Omri or not… It’s some strange substance you are burning and putting in your lungs… worse, imagine it being concentrated..

  • searchlight

    Acidosis ?

  • Corey Wiley

    I have read many people suggesting that it is actually Azadirachtin that is the culprit in CHS. Any thoughts on this theory?
    here is a link also…/cannabis-hyperemesis-syndrome-chs…

    • Testicles

      I am of that frame of mind.

      Look up Neem oil. Makes bugs vomit and want to die.

      Do we see this in Canada? Can’t use Neem in Canada on food.

    • Pollyanna Infante

      I am so happy to see this post about Neem.
      I am looking this up because I am exhibiting these symptoms and was wondering why. My son is a 20 year user and has this CHS. for about ten years. About five years ago, I had inquired about a homeopathic remedy for these symptoms. She asked me if my son smoked pot. Her son had the same thing and she said it was from pot. My son didn’t buy it at first. but after many trips yo the ER he is now a believer. I am 73 and started using for pain from a torn maniscus about 4 years ago. My grand-daughter at 25 is a user ans she has this symptoms. My son does grow and sell to the dispensaries, and he does use NEEM as the laws are so strict on pesticides. I’m sure all MMJ has this due to the laws. I can’t wait to show him this. All the people that are saying it’s a lie, should have to experience this. The hospitals are now recognizing this as it’s been in the news, but they aren’t very nice when they treat you. It would be so glorious if that was the culprit, as this is such a helpful drug otherwise.

    • J M

      Neem is commonly used on “organic” foods, especially leafy greens and fruits and this syndrome has not been found from food consumption. A study on strawberries found that, 5 days after application, detectable levels of azadirachtin A and B were only found using application rates five times the recommended rate. Even then residues amounted to only 1-3 ppm. However, residue half-life studies like this are always conducted in outdoor or greenhouse conditions exposed to UV radiation from sunlight. Indoor Cannabis grown under lights is not exposed to this quantity of UV radiation and undoubtedly degrade much more slowly than when exposed to sunlight. I wonder if indoor grown Cannabis may be the ultimate culprit.

  • JWebb

    Synthetic THC(K2, Spice) can also lead to this condition, but symptom onset can occur relatively soon(6m – 1yr) after constant product abuse.

    • Tehshlendo

      This is what I believe happened to me, I was pretty dependent on drugs and when I started to stop I ended up smoking a lot of synthetic. At a certain point I ended up getting extremely nauseous and the bouts came for almost two years after I had stopped. Even now my stomach is terribly sensitive compared to how I used to be and nausea is something I generally just accept in my life now if I don’t be careful with what I eat and when I eat.

  • I agree with the medical professionals from Australia on this one. Cannabis has been used in society for many millennia, I find it hard to believe when we understand the medical conditions associated with other drugs as well as we do. For example the negative effects of opioids, cocaine etc, it’s hard to believe pro-war on drugs advocates would have missed CHS if it seems to appear most in young adult and twenty-something regular pot smokers. It seems to be one of those things that could have been created from BIG pharma since I heard their prescription painkiller sales are plummeting.

    • Nicholas Ravelo

      While that point is true, extracts like hash oil are a recent phenomenon. The recent popularity of these potent concentrates could be why we are only seeing more cases of CHS now.

      • Ben W

        Learn your history, hash oil has been around since 1970.

        • Nicholas Ravelo

          Learn words. Key word was “popularity”

          • Ben W

            Learn common sense?

          • Nicholas Ravelo

            Wow, I must have really got under your skin? you are still seriously responding after 8 months.

          • Ben W

            That is almost verbatim what I wrote to AS1124, either you are just pointing out my hypocrisy (which I guess, I’m guilty of) after going to my profile possibly, and looking at my comments or you are one in the same? I wonder. Oh and you weren’t worth the time to comment back too before, but since everyone else has moved on with there lives (even AS1124 was to busy to comment back). But, you and me are a special type of loser!!

      • AS1124

        ignore this loser. He’s been reported

        • Ben W

          Ignore this propagandist shill!!

    • AS1124

      I’m wondering if its from pesticides possibly on the Pot and not the pot itself. My daughter could literally have almost been poisoned to death. I am researching this now.

  • Dee

    While I really have strong reservations about the existence of CHS as currently defined, I feel this is one of the better articles summing up most of the basis for hypothesis sofar, which by most standards, is severely lacking in any meaningful followup. I have read, and have been keeping track of the reports since the initial Australian report.

    I, have CVS. I have had CVS since the age of 4. I didn’t start smoking pot daily, until age 17. I have since, smoked daily for 30 years. My CVS, has waxed and waned my entire life, regardless of cannabis consumption, and in cases of remission of illness, I have been at heavy usage levels, such as now. I have been told now, for close to a decade, I am doing this to myself because of CHS gaining notoriety. When the only resolution I have found in 40 years, for CVS, is a strict paleo diet to rebuild the intestinal flora, and daily cannabis use. I have put my CVS into remission now countless times via this method and have long past ruled out direct correlation. I got sick, in the same way, for a decade prior to ever using cannabis. It was assumed I would get the flu once or twice a year.

    So for those of us with legit CVS, that also turn to the worlds greatest anti emetic for relief, the CHS theory has been very painful when placed in say and ER and being dismissed as a pot smoker bringing it on themselves. I can tell you, there is little short of a dab, or morphene that will offer immediate relief for a CVS attack. they give you valium for it.

    I use to date a gal, who got terrible menses. Her only relief, was taking HOT BATHS. this is not abhorrent behavior for those suffering from intense abdominal cramps, or nausea, because you can gain control over your vagus signals using water shocking, either hot or cold. there is a VALID reason to do it. The thermoregulation theory makes little sense to me. so that hallmark of the description is bothersome for me. I know of other people, with CVS, that are not cannabis users, who’s showers are their lifelines during flares, as the ONLY tool to relieve the pain and nausea.

    There does seem to be an overlap in the cannabis population, but there is more too it than simply the outlined description of CHS, which in todays ER, = ANY use of cannabis. There is something else going on besides long term use of cannabis. But, there does appear to be a “marijuana morning sickness” that has been reported for years. The simplest way to rule it out for an individual is abstinence.

    • Tavin Schonberg

      Big thumbs up to you! I agree the line is transparent at best and they are two entirely different illnesses with the exact same symptoms. I don’t have CVS. Never had a major stomach issue until I contracted gastroenteritis a few years ago, which took me out for almost 3 weeks. My suspicion is that my gastrointestinal system has been compromised for awhile due to this, and because I’m in my 30s and very athletic, my immune system has been working overtime to keep up and is starting to lose the war. I quit recently and relief was immediate.

  • 16Padz

    I call bullshit, this entire story is a complete fabrication designed to sway public opinion so when the Trump administration is completely sworn in, the DEA can conduct it’s raids and rob all the pot businesses in states where cannabis is legalized. Trump’s Attorney General pick Sen. Jeff B. Sessions has gone on the record quite a few times with his ignorant hate for cannabis. And Trump himself said in a few interviews he’s against cannabis. We must contact our Senate and demand that Jeff Sessions is not confirmed for AG….

  • adam petersen

    How long would I have to stop until I can safely use it to sleep again?

    • Tavin Schonberg

      Depends on you. It’s still in early studies, but if it’s a systemic pesticide illness and builds to the point where it’s causing intestinal distress due to an imbalance of beneficial organisms in the gut, it could be a month or more of fermented foods and yogurt (they help restore the balance) and trying to maintain a blood ph of 7.4 or higher will help too, as acidosis is a reported symptom(contrary to the studies linking chs to low stomach acid production. A pinch of sodium bicarbonate aka baking soda in water can help your body with that. Avoid the ones with aluminum as an anti caking agent. Now if it’s actually an effect of the cannibinoid receptors overstimulating the hypothalamus, you’re looking at a longer turnaround. It’s easier and faster to purge a toxin than rehabilitate a major part of your subconscious brain. The hypothalamus is the largest controller of how the body handles hunger, thirst, body temp, the pituitary gland, as well as having a major effect on emotional stability and sleep patterns.

  • Proud_Atheist

    I am so frustrated and enraged right now. My 27 yo son was admitted to
    the hospital Friday evening due to extreme nausea, vomiting and cramping. He
    has a history of severe debilitating Crohn’s disease, which has actually
    recently spread to a new site, and he had to go into the hospital twice this
    month already to treat the resulting abscesses in the new site (doctor
    scheduled, not ER visits). He has been living with this disease for 11 years.
    When he has a flare in his original Crohn’s site, these symptoms are how he
    presents. He is a regular marijuana user as It helps with his constant
    discomfort, and the depression from his disability. Also, sometimes he smokes
    simply to get high (Just like I sometimes drink to get a buzz.) Apparently, the
    GI doc consult has decided that it is NOT a Crohn’s flare, but is CHS. I
    have no idea whether this episode may actually be CHS, and we are not
    dismissing it out of hand, but the condescending and cavalier attitude of this
    doctor is unbelievable to me. Due to the circumstances that brought my son to
    this point, I don’t understand how a Crohn’s flare could be so easily
    dismissed. His regular GI doc took him off his Humira for 4 & half weeks
    due to the abscesses, plus he was put on antibiotics which can cause a flare as
    well. He just got back on Humira last Monday. But this doc claims that the
    review of my son’s CT scans shows no dilation of the small bowel, so there is
    no way that this is a Crohn’s flare, hence he firmly believes that all his
    nausea, vomiting and discomfort are due to CHS. He ordered an endoscopy for
    some non-discernible reason as this test doesn’t begin to reach either of my
    son’s Crohn’s sites. But he never ordered a colonoscopy, which is the
    diagnostic tool his GI docs have used in the past when a flare has landed him
    in the hospital. When I pushed him on this, the man said he didn’t need to, because
    he knows it’s not the Crohn’s. He said that he has seen many, many cases of CHS
    and then actually claimed that there is now an epidemic. (We are in Colorado
    Springs, CO). I shut down the conversation at that point, and it did not end
    amicably. How can medical professionals behave this way on so little evidence?
    I feel overwhelmed and powerless. He told my son to just stop smoking weed for
    a couple of months and the symptoms will abate. Seriously? What the hell kind
    of medical advice is that to give a severe Crohn’s sufferer?!

  • Tavin Schonberg

    Ummmm Ben W… You can fight this as much as you want, but I’m a pro cannabis individual with CHS. I’ve consumed daily cannabis for over 20 years and I’m just developing it. The quality of product I get is very high and purely organic. I believe it is the highly concentrated strains overloading the natural cannibinoid receptors. I’m not saying anything anti weed. I LOVE WEED. I’m just slowing down because just like anything, too much is not good.

    • Ben W

      My god you people will not stop, some of you I’m sure are being tricked into believing that your CVS is a made up disease with no causative proof to show it exists called CHS.. CHS does not exist, stop being made the fool. Needless to say, a lot of these CHS warriors are very suspect to me.

      • Tavin Schonberg

        I’m not going to say it’s not caused by Azadirachtin in the cannibis. Since it is technically listed as organic, I’m finding out if that’s a possibility. Either way, you can blame the pot. Considering the mass majority of commercially grown Marijuana uses some form of azadirachtin as a pesticide, you can still say the illness is from cannibis consumption. So unless you’re growing it yourself, it’s a good idea to consider what could be causing the issues. The symptoms I’m having aren’t worth keeping up with my level of consumption for. Which is about 2-3 grams of flower a day. Plus dabs. And FYI, I don’t have CVS. I haven’t puked once. I’m in the permanent morning sickness with occasional headaches and lack of appetite.

      • Tavin Schonberg

        I’m not disagreeing that organic pesticides are the cause. I’m no CHS warrior, but if quitting makes the pain go away, the cause is pretty obvious. I don’t have CVS. This doesn’t make me vomit yet, I just have chronic stomach pain and a few other symptoms. Nobody without a lab and trials can really say whether it’s the thc and cannibinoid overactivity in the hypothalamus causing it or the azadirachtin destroying my healthy biotic agents and causing issues that way. Ben W, what are your factual basis on your side of the argument? Weed potency and extraction have changed factors in how hard the body has to work to process the chemicals. You can get sick from vitamin c if you take too much. To not believe the same could be done with THC without real long term controlled studies is just plain ignorant. Saying you and your buddies smoked pot for 40 years without issues doesn’t prove anything. I could tell you all about how my family and friends grow some of the best legal medical product you can find in CO WA and AZ, and that I know more about the psychoactive and medical effects of cannibis, after a bong hit and a 16 hour work day than you know at 9am with a fresh cup of coffee, but that doesn’t prove anything does it? I’m sure the High Times article about it is anti-pot propaganda too? They’re super anti-pot over there.

        • Ben W

          High Times sold out in the article you reference, for giving this theory the benefit of the doubt-in fact I almost drank the kool-aid because of the High Times article, until I actually looked into the studies.. how they were conducted and the basis of their theories; and I also question leafly for not making it more clear that this theory has very little to stand on, factually; all the brain anatomy and its processes that you want to muddy the waters with as to causes, means nothing-to note, they also quote a number of well known experts who denounce CHS altogether as junk science, in the High Times article. Again my question to you is to provide one shred of causal evidence that anything related to cannabis causes these symptoms? and it should go without saying that the burden of proof is on you, not me.

  • Michelle Grenier

    Well, I am happy that there are some user experiences being investigated. I can assure you the 20 years olds, three people I can name personally are getting the information they need. After many visits to gastrointestinal specialists, medications to “stabilize” stomach acids etc. All while still using to offset.. I can understand that there would be hesitation to admit they are doing this to themselves unknowingly. Between fear of losing what they think is supposed to help and that fear also attributing to the addiction; no one will scream this information out but it needs to, I posted this article on my FB today..

  • Lois Payne

    All the nay sayers sound like a bunch of heroin addicts who have enjoyed legal heroin, and suddenly they want to point out the danger, and you call everyone a liar. My Dad is a HEAVY pot smoker 30 plus years. 81 years old, and has these horrible stomach episodes every 6 weeks, with emergency room and morphine being the only thing that stops the pain. He’s had every test they can think of. This has been happening with more and more frequency over the past 5 years. When did the symptoms start? I figure it was when Michigan legalized medical marijuana, and the strains became a LOT more potent that the stuff he got from his neighborhood. So, this is very real, and it will happen to you too, if you smoke 6-10 times a day like he does for years. He is in the hospital right now, and you can bet when he gets home, he’ll want to go get some more medical weed. But he’s not going to. Because he’s a pot junkie who will kill himself with this syndrome if left to his own devices. Thank God someone had the courage to report this. Thank you, you are saving lives, in spite of the negative remarks of people who have not been there yet.

  • Shirazi

    This is soo me..
    i have smoked for about 9 years straight
    since last october (about 6 months ago) i smoked 3-4 times a day..1 Gram joints and all kinds of weed between 2 people
    I started dry heaving once a week and getting nausea. I didnt know why but kinda left it alone cause it would occur for about 3-4 hours and im fine
    after about 5 months of once a week nausea i all of a sudden got hit with severe nausea. I never threw up ever but i felt like i was going to vomit
    there were some ways to stop the feeling one was taking a hot shower, another was turning off the lights and lying down only in a fetal position watching tv till i pass out
    my apetite grew smaller, and my friends started relizing my weight loss
    I went to the E.R nothing showed up
    blood test, endoscopy, colonoscopy, CT Scan showed nothing
    HOWEVER: i was diagnosed with h.pylori. I was given 3 different types of medication for 14 days.
    I also cut my smoking from 3 times a day 7 days a week to 1 time a day and missing a day or two a week.
    after the meds for 14 days i went on Probiotics Extra Strength and now i am feeling better, the feeling is not completely gone however the symptoms are weakened.
    i thought maybe not all of the h.pylori was killed, and that is why i am still showing symptoms, however now it could be CHS. The Predormal Phase that is described in this article explains me exactly. Im going to stop and see how i feel in 2 weeks.

    Its hard for people to accept it, especialy frequent pot users like myself think that they know everything and believe the opposite that weed cures naseua. But after reading this and so many other articles, I am starting to believe it myself.

    • Any updates? Did stopping ease your symptoms?

    • J L

      I had a very similar experience. It started with H Pylori, took the meds and then had severe GERD when I tried to get off Omeprazole. Now after nearly 3 years I finally got off the antiacids, I feel like it uncovered the sickness I was going through all along. I would get nausea but I wouldn’t throw up. Now that there’s no anti acids, there’s no masking the symptoms for me. Please update us if you see this!

  • Robert Richardson

    I was just diagnosed CHS today. I have been living in the tub for the last 5 months. I’m a heavy smoker and have been smoking for over 30 yrs. With all the reading I have done today I have to quit my pot smoking. I have 3 children and I need to have a life with them.

    • AS1124

      When did your symptoms start? I’m really wondering if it all started for people when A : they hybridized pot and / or B: when the sprayed pesticides on commercially sold mj. Really want to figure this puzzle out

      • Ben W

        Still talking to yourself I see?

  • Julisa Gonzalez

    This makes me so sad because I love marijuana so much and I still smoke it sporadically. I used to smoke all day, all night since my early 20s and I’m now in my mid 40s. It started in or around 2002, slowly but surely, my stomach attacks became more frequent. First, a couple times a year, then a few times a year, to the point where it was a daily occurrence. No one new what was wrong with me. I had operations, and pumped with narcotics trying to control my pain, nausea and vomiting. I came within seconds of killing myself because I had enough and no one wanted to help me. The doctors were all telling me there’s nothing wrong or its in my head. The only thing other than narcotics that would take away my stomach pain and nausea was taking long hot baths/showers, sometimes up to 8 hours a day in a hot bath. It was exhausting to say the least and the worst time of my life. It wasn’t until about 2006 when a doctor at Cedars was like, “Do you smoke a lot of pot and take hot showers a lot?” I was floored with his question because he new exactly what I was going through. He said, I think I know what’s wrong with you. There’s this new study out of Australia, bla bla bla. Literally, the clouds parted for me because I thought i was seriously going to die because the attacks just kept getting stronger and more frequent and the entire time, I’m puffing up more because I’m thinking, “Well, pot is good for nausea and pain, so, duh!” Well, I was the clueless one. At first, I was like, “Really, seriously? It can’t be this simple. Pot?” As soon as I left the doctor’s office, I threw away my pot and didn’t smoke again for several years. Well, within weeks after I stopped smoking, for the first time in years, I was no longer in pain, nauseous or taking hot showers until there was no more hot water left in the house. I was finally free and for the first time in years, I actually had hope for a future. In the meantime, my life was destroyed. My friends and family deserted me because they just couldn’t stand seeing me whale in pain ALL THE TIME. My life for years was either whaling in pain or I was asleep from the narcotis. I lost my career and almost became homeless. The pain was out so of control to the point where I thought of killing myself. So, its been years now and I no longer get sick, but I still do smoke weed sporadically and it seems to be okay. I really really love pot. I don’t drink or do anything else. But, when I notice that I’m starting to get somewhat nauseous again, I’ll stop for several weeks or a couple months and then resume smoking again. That’s how I’ve been controlling it. Its so offensive and hurtful to me when people accuse me of lying or saying that I’m delusional. They are so clueless and they are the delusional ones. Until you have lived in my shoes, you guys are talking out of your ass. It feels like going through the incompetent medical systems all over again, with the doctors calling me a liar when I was sick or I was crazy. Now, that i’m not sick, its my cannibus people calling me a liar or misinformed. I say to you, walk in my shoes. The proof is in the pudding. Every time I start to smoke a lot, I get sick and when I stop smoking, it goes away. Before this, I tried absolutely everything to try and find a cure for my illness. How is it then that as soon as I stop smoking pot, that my symptoms go away each and every time? I say you’re the delusional one. Don’t take it so personally people. Open your minds and see what’s right in front of you. It is possible for pot to be amazing for so many reasons and help so many people; yes, I agree; however, I also agree and know that pot can be very bad for some few. The more people know, the better they’ll be off and prepared to deal with this illness. THIS IS 1000% REAL, I’M ONE OF THE FIRST PEOPLE TO HAVE BEEN DIAGNOSED WITH THIS AND I’M LIVING PROOF THAT THIS IS REAL!!!

  • Crissie Liz

    For twelve years my husband has been in and out of the hospital with a mystery illness. Typical visit to emergency department was about six hours depending on how busy they were. They would through iv give fluids, morphine and zofran. He would come home sleep it off and be good to go. On a few occasions he was admitted due to them being unable to control abdominal pain and vomiting. In 2011 it was suggested he may have CHS. He was 30 at the time and started smoking at 15 with increased usage throughout the years. Honestly we blew it off… That was until about 125 days ago after he spent three days in the hospital. Feed up he decided to quit smoking and see what happens…. 125 days and he hasn’t had one episode, a freaking miracle!!!! It may be hard to digest it couldn’t​ be true especially being something that treats many of these symptoms…. Proof is in the pudding. PS he’s a good sport, I’m still smoking 😉

  • L.K. Ennis Sr.

    I owe my life to this article I think. For years I have suffered these symptoms and other stomach issues. I started using cannabis with great success to control diarrhea. The issue became so bad with the morning “attacks” that I was sent to the emergency 12 time and hospitalized in two different countries. Finally after a Hiatal hernia repair and gall bladder removed I thought I was well.
    I live in a State where it is illegal but recently I managed to get medical Sativas with THC contents much higher than I am accustomed. The symptoms had completely subsided until I started using it. Then they hit me again this weekend and I spent time again at the emergency room and hospital. After checking everything else they kinda threw their hands up. I honestly wept on the floor of the emergency room in despair. Then my surgeon found this article. I have been totally honest about my usage and under Doctor supervision . I quit using two days ago,,,this morning ( fingers crossed) it appears I will not have an “attack” after 7 straight mornings of a pain I would wish on no one. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  • Eliot Ramirez

    hey I’ve got a question, how do the people who have this condition deal with the pain and nausea when it comes?

    • Eliot Ramirez

      I’m going through some stomach problems and i just got a surgery a few months ago for a hiatal hernia and some ulcers. One of my doctors is now diagnosing me with this and I’m looking for opinions

    • AS1124

      Taking baths, zofran dissolvable , stop smoking. Try to sip Gatorade

  • Aaron Sawaya

    This is real i suffered 7 years every month 3-14’days of
    Non stop vomiting hot baths. I recently started back up after 3 years no weed in that time I had no sickness. I
    Smoked for 54 days it came back same thing lasted a entire week. During the vomiting I don’t sleep I was up for nearly 6 days straight lost 18 pounds. Hah people think it’s fake and all this
    Shit. I’d love to slap the taste of your month you don’t know shit. I’m all for weed it like anything else on this world some people are allgeric or it doesn’t agree with there body

  • Benj Hall

    Pure bullshit!

  • Jhonny Boy

    I am a middle-aged guy, long time pot smoker. One of the reasons I use it is that it relaxes me, including those anxieties that are felt viscerally. For most of this time, I would describe my use as regular but intermittant. A couple of years ago, I moved to a legalized state and my usage increased meaningfully (probably qualified as heavy and chronic). Not long after I began to experience the CHS symptoms described in the article. I also mistakenly thought even more pot would help. Severe attacks every six to eight weeks that sent me to the emergency room several times, including a couple of overnight stays. Stunningly expensive, no effective treatment, usual ER indignities. Was ultimately diagnosed with CHS by a GI doctor/prof at a major CO medical school. Symptoms resolved almost immediately once I stopped. I still use, much more moderate, and stop completely for a few weeks at first twitch of belly issues.

    I have no agenda other than to share my own experience, perhaps to counter the misinformation of uninformed trolls like Ben. I have no idea what causes this per se, but from a layman’s point of view it seems very reasonable to speculate that the well-known, positive GI impacts of pot can turn on you if you overdo it. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. My punch line is that CHS is real, at least for some people. Quitting or cutting back is hard, retching in the shower for hours at a time is orders of magnitude more so. Party on, take care of yourself…

    • Ben W

      PROOFFFFFF? where is your proof except for you anecdotal examples. Tell me how I’m a troll, when I’m simply asking you to provide causative proof. There is nothing wrong or trolling about my question. What I’m doing is obviously working, because unless you saw my questions as counterproductive to your message, then you wouldn’t be bringing me up four months after the fact. Now who is the real troll?

  • JDawg

    SO I guess the lesson here is DONT BE A CHRONIC USER of CANNABIS!!! ANYTHING you take in excess is going to have adverse effects on your body even if it is a “healthy” thing. nuff said

  • Matt

    I was a moderate smoker when I was a young guy and ingested for about ten years and then quit due to spousal pressure. I remained dry for the next thirty years. Now I find myself an older man, about 62. Once my state’s laws changed a few years back, I decided to try smoking once more and, by this age, my spouse no longer cares. I grow my own free from any chemicals and use only high quality organic soil and nutrients. I began smoking every day after work, maybe three small bowls or vapes and I loved getting high again. But then I began experiencing symptoms of getting the dry heaves (really uncomfortable) on almost a daily basis. They only happened in the morning after I got out of bed. They would also happen while I was taking a hot shower preparing to go to work. Then my work forced me to quit and I’ve been dry for about a year once more and once I stopped smoking, the symptoms stopped. I never heard of this condition until this morning after reading about it in my daily newspaper in an article about the opening of local cannabis shops. My doctor thought it was related to gastro-reflux and had me a take a medication for that (prilosec?) for a month but it didn’t do anything. As I plan to start smoking again eventually, I’ll try cutting back my intake and see if that effects anything. I will say, I love ingesting my homegrown but did hate the dry heaves. It’s terrible to unproductively retch, and painful on the rib cage muscles.

    • dujohn77

      Matt, let us know if the symptoms came back after starting up again. I am switching to a weekend warrior regimen to see if it helps my symptoms. I am experiencing morning nausea, bloating, cramping and suppressed appetite. I will report back with the results. I use cannabis for Anxiety, (GAD, PTSD or whatever they call this nonsense these days). I would like to get to the bottom of this because cannabis has helped my anxiety and really helped me get good rest a night when my anxiety is in full force. I eat a whole food diet, no alcohol and exercise 6 days a week, I would consider myself a healthy 40 year old dad of 4 kids. I like to micro dose, I take 2 small hits twice in the evening spread apart by two or three hours just enough to feel the effects. It takes me about two to three months just to smoke an ounce. If i smoke to much then the cannabis exacerbates my anxiety symptoms. Nothing else works though, strange. I will report back if the symptoms go away with the weekend regimen. Has anyone tried supplementing with CBD strains to combat this nausea non sense caused by the cannabis?

      • Omar

        I am a child of the sixties. I am male, 70 years old and have been smoking pot for 50 years I smoke multiple times per day and I have been showing classic symptoms of CHS for close to 5 years. I have tried moderating my intake but the symptoms still occur. Over a 2 year period I visited the ER 50+ times and was admitted 4 times for observation. After a year I was diagnosed with Cyclic Vomiting. Each visit I would get doses of Ondansetron for nausea and Lorazepam for anxiety. I am given the Lorazepam because the characteristics of nausea, vomiting and hot showers also bring on extreme anxiety. Some doctors thought it was the anxiety that might be causing the other symptoms but the anxiety is always the last symptom to realize. The irony is that as a result of the 100’s of tests I was fortunate enough to discover 2 types of cancer (Colon and Prostate) in time to avert disaster. But the medications to avert CHS were ineffective until Dilaudid was added. Dilaudid is not preventative but it alone is enough to arrest all my symptoms. The most effective dosage for me is a 2 ml. injection. The cancers and Spinal Stenosis had me in a lot of pain for 5 years. Numerous doctors and specialists recommended marijuana for treatment of the pain and the nausea. I recently acquired my marijuana card and now have access to medicinal marijuana. For the last 3 months I have only smoked strains high in CBD and particularly low in THC such as OTTO, Harleguin and HH. In that 3 months I was in the ER twice and admitted once for observation. So far the only effective treatment I have found is complete abstinence.
        Why have I only had symptoms for the last 5 out of 50 years? Did I reach the breaking point? Or are there other factors such as pesticides? As has been stated pot has been around for a long time. Why now?

        • Pistolvania

          Everyone I see that suffers said it happened in the last 10 years. That’s when the medical grade bud became mainstream

          • Richard Nowicki

            Ironically I have not had the problem since I started the Medical Marijuana Program. And I had it bad! I always suspected that it had something to due with the method of harvesting. Particularly any chemicals being used. Why start only in the last five years for me and then stop completely?

  • natatattat


  • Testicles

    Please look into a pesticide called Neem. It is “organic” and works by making the bugs so nauseous they throw up and would rather die than eat again

    Sound familiar…

    I suffer, and have come to beileve Neem oil is the missing piece here

  • Princess

    So does this mean i need to quit smoking weed completely or just not smoke as much?? @Princess

  • Sergei

    I was recently admitted out of the ER due to a few days of constant SEVERE nausea and vomitting as if my stomach was never at rest. Doctors told me it may be tied with anxiety and other unhealthy habits such as lack of sleep eating habits and etc they said it almost might be cyclical vomitting. When I contacted my doctor he told me that it was strictly from marijuana smoking and was known as cannabanoid hypermesis syndrome. Looking up the side effects I noticed that I don’t have many. Smoked for a year maxiumum rarely until recent two weeks were I upped smoking to daily heavy amounts of a strong strain. I had no abdomen pain and I also never craved hot showers… patients with this syndrome experience nausea and vomitting after YEARS of exposure and have intense symptoms.. I need some clarification just to calm my mind. Thank you

  • Edith

    I have been a regular pot smoker for years and am having these EXACT symptoms. I am convinced that smoking has caused them and will now give it up. Just to let you all know, pesticides may not be to blame here. I live in the tropics and I have grown and harvested all my weed in my backyard without the use of any pesticides/fertilizers and still very much have this condition. Thanks for this informative article!

  • KB12

    I began experiencing symptoms about 6 months ago. I had several ER visits before coming up with Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome, of which one trigger listed is marijuana. Just today I learned of Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome, and I think that nails it. I stopped vaping at least 2 months ago, given that CVS listed the MJ as a trigger. I had two more Vomiting episodes (12hours each) very soon after stopping MJ use and none since. I feel that CHS is a more accurate diagnoses for me, even though I don’t like it. I enjoyed marijuana and have been thrilled with the progressing legality, however, even one of those nausea episodes is too high a price to pay to be stoned. I seriously would rather experience childbirth than go through hours of that hell. (I have had children and know what that is like, without an epidural.) I have done the curled up on the floor of the shower thing, I have thought I must have gastroparesis, all of those things. It is not some nefarious plot to undermine pot use, it is something all too real to those of us who have it, and it is awful. I would like to be able to use pot again, but more than that, i do not want to be in the ER again, nor do I want to go through that hell again. I hope research can get to an understanding that allows those of us who have this to enjoy pot again just occasionally, maybe a pill to offset symptoms for an evening…Until then stopping use seems to be the only solution, and that has worked for me.

  • TheOverturned

    OMG So I am not a long time user but I have experienced these exact symptoms since I started using high dose edibles to treat anxiety. I have only had my 215 card for a year now but I have been taking roughly 600mlg a day for this past year, and the last 5 months have been life changing.

    To pre-face, I suffer from I.B.S. and have had a weak stomach in the past.

    I dropped from 200lbs to 156lbs in two months because I couldn’t eat or I would vomit up most foods shortly afterward. The only thing my stomach would tolerate was bell peppers, carrots, and Vanilla Ensure. The Ensure literally saved my life. I had diarrhea everyday for a month and a half straight. The abdominal pain was so intense it literally put the fear of god in me. I spent hours everyday in the shower, praying to god that either the pain would end, or my life.
    Trying to get rid of the pain I would eat more of my edibles. Looking back now I see that was a mistake of epic proportion.
    Finally, and only because I couldn’t stomach the coconut oil with my cannabis in it, I stopped eating my edibles and within a month I have come to a mostly full recovery. I am 175lbs now, and have been feasting happily on tacos everyday. I have been vaping continuously throughout this whole time but vaping doesn’t seem to seriously affect me much.

    Having read this article I am now going to tell my doctor about this, and see if he has ever heard of this.

  • disqus_WHryYwSgt8

    Yeah it’s real ive had the morning votiming and general lack of appetite over the past 4 years which got had in college had a bunch of tests run including cart scans dietary studies etc. Just stopped smoking weed for 1.5 weeks and its gone. I was super skeptical it was real cuz the hot shower thing just sounded like some dumb stoner shit like my roommate who suggested Crystal therapy lol. But it’s legit unfortunately.

  • Rita Tutt Yancey

    After quitting how long do it take for the symptoms to go away

  • Kian Lally

    Hi guys,

    I’ve recently just come a 5/6 days illness and I’ve had ALL the symptoms above. I have been a smoker since 17 1/2 ( 20 now) and I guess you could say my use was daily. I only smoked bud form of cannabis & on occasion shatter (dabs) if I could get it. I’d say my consumption for joins was around 3 sometimes 3+ a day. I would take frequent weekly breaks for general health & to help with coughing etc. I’d say I am in that sense a heavy ish smoker.

    This week of illness has been f****** awful. I wake up in the morning nauseaous as hell & either I’m gagging/retching 1-2 times. This really effected my day as the thought of retching in public was scary. I’d feel a slight lump on my throat gradually getting more intense before a retch would come. I would also have a stomach cramps as well and a reduced appetite. During this time I made sure to keep my energy up by eating when I could & having lots of water as I had been reading articles regarding CHS and dehydration. I would take maybe 2 baths a day and a shower to help with the feeling in my stomach and the overall nausea. On day three I figured I’d smoke a joint to try and alleviate the symptoms, during the smoke I was fine and not gagging at all, it actually helped for the time being. However, on waking up I was greeted with a fit of retching, nausea and stomach discomfort.

    In the interest of finding out for myself if I really did have CHS I have halted smoking cannabis for the time being. I am currently 4 days sober and can say my symptoms have improved, not gone but significantly less. I will be testing this further by taking a 3 week long break and then smoking a joint to see if the symptoms return.

    I am especially concerned as I am a huge fan of MJ & have just booked a Amsterdam trip at the end of August! Hopefully a good break & some excersise to help detox myself of any chemicals ( such as this NEEM OIl?) should bring me back to normal but if not I don’t know if I will continue. I enjoy weed a lot believe me but I don’t figure my health is worth the high.

    I will try and remember to update you all and in any event if I don’t feel free to hit reply and let me know.

    Really hope I don’t have this and can get back to enjoying MJ

    All the best to anyone currently suffering the absolute horrible symptoms 🙁 Hot baths do wonders I swear by it.

  • Sean Sheehan


  • Brandon Little

    I love weed. I FUCKING LOVE IT! But goddamnit…its just not worth it anymore with this type of shit happening after months of steady puffin. The people that are skeptical can go to hell. This isnt propaganda. Ive had this shit happen pretty much once or twice a year for the better part of the last 8 or 9 years. Its the same thing every single time. Intense bloating leads to severe abdominal pain, followed by nausea and vomiting yellow bile. I was in the ER on monday night and here we are on thursday, still feeling bad, not eating solid foods, popping zofran and promethazine for nausea. It doesnt compare to any flu ive had.The abdominal pain has to be experienced to understand how much worse this is than just being sick

    • Pistolvania

      The biggest trend I see with people who says it happens to them is all within the last 10 years. Mine started also about 10 years ago.

      Right around that time is when this medical grade were took off, before that everyone smoked straight Reggie.

      The pain is out of this world

  • Frank Dela

    Vguys pleas edony knock this idea. Im considering it big ti.e. im literally laying jn the hospital right now with what i gather as gastritis. But after reading this, i literally share every symptom associated with this. The showers!!! Thats the most tru. Waking up every morning at 430 to get ready for work my stomach would be killing me so i would lay in the shower and let the water just fall on me. Keep in.mind this is a newish study. Not 100 % proven yet.

  • Bryce Anderson

    Has anyone experienced head aches along side these issues?

  • Thomas Cruz-Wiggins

    Help. Problem solved! Hmmmm My tongue is green. Kush supreme. Oil? Better? Med Card in mail now Florida says. Thoughts people…

  • Mark Presley

    Bullshit. The body vomits either because of equilibrium issues or to expell a poison. Yes cannabis can cause equilibrium issues and I have eaten enough to vomit. Dizziness is not a reported symptom of CHS. But even if it was you just did too much over and over. Cannibinoids are natural to the body. They are not poison. However we spray lots of different poisions on cannabis and very few wash their weed at harvest. Until a controlled study is done to prove the real cause then this is just bullshit and it irresponsible to present this as fact when we know this is something that cannabis remediates not something it promotes. Yes if you have CVS you should probably stop smoking or ensure you have medical grade cannabis free from toxins.

  • Branden Pollock

    Ive been on a eight day break and symptoms are still there im doing a month of weed so hopfully my stomach feels normal again soon and when i start back up im gonna be a casual smoker cause i used to smoke it like all day everyday about 2g’s a day wich is prob to much to begin with like if i spent 20$ a day on beers id be a alcholic right ? So 20 $ a day on pot is prob just as bad lol

  • wiqiwow

    There are some theories out there suggesting that dabs are what cause CHS (or that this even exists at all) – let me be the first to tell you this is not the case. I have been using Cannabis and Cannabis byproducts since 2009 but in the last 3-4 years my use has become much more chronic. I use more than most people I know and for the last 1 – 1.5 years I have been experiencing the majority of the symptoms above. The stomach pain was so bad in fact that there have been days where I have thrown up over 10 times. The point is that a) CHS exists and is for whatever reason only effecting a small number of users and b) I don’t believe dab use would cause it because dabs are more seasonal for me – I use them for a month and then get off them for a few months. I do feel like the only time I have actually gone a few days without throwing up are the times I am so busy that I don’t have a chance to smoke a longer-than-usual period of time.

  • Jimijam

    Wow! This hit the nose. The symptoms leading up to, the acute pain, non stop retching and vomiting.
    Which can be a lot of things… What drove it home was the compulsive hot bath and showers. (It’s the only reprieve, only way I can sleep.) It’s literally the only relief, besides morphine via iv.
    Doctors diagnosis was CVS.

    I’m super pumped a correlation has been made and the illness can be identified, but more research is needed on underlying issues. It is not consistent or widespread enough for it to me the primary factor.

    My severe symptoms never occurred prior to smoking. I’ve gone as low as years with no symptoms to as much as 4-5 episodes in a year, Each requiring hospitalization.

    The patterns I’ve noticed leading up to illness:
    -Prolonged high stress and anxiety
    -due to above, poor eating and hydrating habits
    -complete lack of exercise, even mild physical activity
    -pain tends to start on my lower right abdominal quadrant.

    Only medical treatment to prevent it that worked was anti anxiety medicine. It worked and since I didn’t realize the connection, I did not stop smoking.
    I’ve been more careful with my body and try to practice mindfulness when I notice anxiety building and I’ve yet to have an occurrence, but it’s only been about 18 months or so.

    I don’t smoke when I’m really sick because I literally can’t, but if precursor symptoms start, im going to leverage this info and stop smoking to see if it helps.

    Wider scope research please!

  • Nikki

    This is crazy they have told me pancreatitis n that my lipids are showing a false neg, but the vilolant puking the pain down to the baths I live in the hottest water I can stand during my attacks right now there almost 7 weeks n 4 days apart n I have been a heavy smoker for the last 10 years my attacks is what I call them, is there away to be tested for the chs I was told though in 2013 that it was chs my dr n myself both laughed in the er drs face now since the I coulda have saved myself a million times all the overnight pokes prys n it’s my pot ??

  • T.J.

    I’ve had this a couple times a year for the last 3-4 years. Usually lasts about 12 hours for me so far. The abdominal pain sucks for sure!
    Seems like it hits me whenever I have a large elevation change. I live at about 3,500ft but it has kicked when I go up to about 5,000ft. At first I thought it was just a coincidence but I’ve been testing it and so far I’m 3/3 when there is large elevation change.
    Obviously I don’t think that is the main trigger for this but I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced the same?

  • 1Archangel

    I am betting that it’s something else.
    Maybe some people have an allergic reaction. But for me it does not make me sick or I’ll or nauseous or anything else.
    Vicodin does that to me.
    For me it does all of the opposite.

  • genetinelli

    I am an addiction psychiatrist and I have not seen CHS yet. I am skeptical but it is not unusual for compounds to have one effect at low doses and a different effect at higher doses. This has been seen with a few antidepressants and is technically different than a normal side effect.

    If CHS is caused by high-dose, long-term use of CBD and/or THC, a reduction in anti-emetic 5HT1A receptors in the gut could be responsible. With the central nervous system, I have occasionally seen mild paranoia with long-term low and high dose use and the users simply stop use without problems so symptoms after long-term use in some people is possible.

    However, my skepticism comes from the need for long-term use. If it was due to a receptor change, CHS should be seen in 2-6 months at any dosage. If it was due to a change in gut the composition of gut bacteria, again, the changes should be seen short-term.

    The article also mentions societies (e.g., India) where long-term use is more common and CHS has not been reported. Could it be that some chemical used to grow marijuana be the culprit? Possibly, but the long-term, high-dose use still doesn’t make sense to me. If CHS is real, maybe it is an idiosyncratic response in certain people. Yet, the long-term, high dose use again doesn’t make sense to me.

    My thought, not mentioned in the article, is that the breeding of more potent marijuana strains higher in THC (thanx to the drug war) could possibly have changed the ratio of the 60+ active compounds in these strains, active compounds that, like all herbal treatments, balance the overall effects and usually makes them safer and more effective than single chemical compounds (e.g., pure THC/Marinol or pure CBD).

    We need better research however the drug war has prevented this and has made us all possibly subject to higher risk.

  • Brad Ames


  • Shaza Rabahieh

    My best friend is currently in the hospital, again, due to this. They diagnosed her with this syndrome and whenever she smokes for a period of time, she gets sick. She’s lost 30 pounds in less than a month. It’s a real thing and I hope they find out what exactly causes it. The bit about the chemicals is incredibly intriguing.

  • Etidorhpa

    Stop selling hardcore drugs (wax, oils, hash) and the problem might go away.

  • $parkle Puss

    This…sounds like either a problem of too much THC exposure (potency) or possible contaminants in the pot. I’ve never heard of this happening to CBD-only users or high-quality hemp consumers.

    Today’s weed is much different from the weed of yesteryear or the outdoor stuff grown in India, Africa, etc. Who’s to say that all this modification in grow methods hasn’t triggered some “allergic”-like response in some people? “Organic” is a label that really means nothing. There are no legal standards for “organic pot” or anything else for that matter. Even organic/natural products can cause nasty reactions in some people. All these chemical fertilizers & pesticides used in indoor grows… I’d bet that has something to do with it.

    Either that, or the THC content is simply too high for some people. Cannabis can be enjoyable without sending you into a coma or making you brain dead for 3 hours. Today’s weed is bred for potency with no real regard for the other things that make it great. The high-quality weed of the ’70s might’ve been less potent but I can guarantee it was more enjoyable. Now it’s all about the stone. 27-30% THC is insane. You can’t even smoke a joint anymore without losing your dang mind (unless you’re a high-dose daily user).

    TL;DR – Maybe we’re just not evolving as fast as our pot.

  • jbaby007 .

    I too have experienced unpleasant symptoms due to chronic cannabis use. I was probably a stage before the incessant vomiting. There came a point when I would smoke and about 30 seconds later I would feel extreme nausea and felt very hot all of a sudden. I also was unable to produce regular bowel movements which caused severe cramping in my abdomen and my appetite had been reduced significantly. I didn’t realize that others took extremely hot showers to get rid of the effects. I would take showers much hotter than any normal person would in order to sober up and it does work. I’ve smoked for about 8 years but this last year I’ve smoke much more due to stress. After a hospital visit, the nurse, not the doctor, informed me about CHS because she had experienced it herself. I quit smoking for a couple of months but within that first week of quitting, all of these symptoms disappeared. I was able to continue smoking normally after this break but now I can tell when I’m smoking too much for my body type. Note that I only smoke flower and I’m a one hitter quitter, probably taking 1 puff off a joint 4-6 times a day which is a lot for my body type. Many people believe cannabis can do no harm but remember, consume in moderation. Yes cannabis can be addictive like anything else and it can have adverse side effects. Everyone’s body is different and living in a state where cannabis is legal, it’s easy to over indulge. I hope we find more information on this because it is very important to maintain safety amongst its users.

  • Elle Abbott

    I have been a moderate user of marijuana for the past two years and had a history of occasional use for the past 20 years, but not a heavy user. Last week I started getting stomach pain and awful nausea, nothing that would put me in the ER but definitely uncomfortable. Turns out my boyfriend was getting the same symptoms. We both smoke the same weed, so I’m thinking it could be from all the cross breeding of plants. It’s true that if I don’t smoke it goes away…glad it’s not an ER visit tho

  • DaveMan50

    “cannabis grown with chemicals”? What isn’t chemicals? It will be found that unscrupulousness people use all sorts of things not cleared for smoking as pesticides! Not nutrients. Some where a chemical will be identified that is a fungus preventer or pesticide or “marketed growth enhancer” as the cause.

  • RM

    A while back I commented on an article (don’t remember if it was this one) regarding my spouse being diagnosed with this. For a long time it made sense and I was so angry at him for causing me and our family an incredible amount of stress. But recently I realized that he no longer fits the diagnostic criteria for this. He was recently in the hospital (again for vomiting) and because one doctor over three years ago mentioned cannaboid hyperemesis syndrome (CHS) as a possibility and because my husband has been known to smoke they seemed to just accept that as a concrete diagnosis and refuse any other possibilities. They refused to admit that there could be a neurological cause despite me having found medical journal articles reviewing cases where small brain lesions had caused intractable vomiting as the only symptom and there were no other neurological symptoms and neurological exam was normal. They also didn’t seem to care that my husband has a family history of cancerous and noncancerous tumors (his sis and grandma’s were in brain). I had one gastroenterologist actually say “People with this syndrome can have the vomiting triggered by smelling the aroma if they’re in close vicinity to someone smoking.” One ER nurse stated “People with this can still have vomiting a long, long time, even if they stopped smoking a long time ago.” I have been researching CHS for over 3 years and have read numerous journal articles and so I feel confident in saying that those two statement were complete lies. Medical staff are latching into this easy label when there is no scientific proof. Some articles I’ve read about CHS (non medical) have reviewed similarities between cyclical vomiting syndrome (CVS) and CHS and usually state that one big difference is the warm bath/shower component, stating that people with CVS do not do this. But I’ve looked at message boards for people with CVS and some DO do this. So there goes that theory. My advice is if someone is dealing with chronic vomiting do not let the medical community tell you it’s CHS unless you’ve had neurological tests (including an MRI) and every other possible explanation can be dismissed. There’s also something called diaphragm myoclonos which can cause constant diaphragm contractions. There can be issues with the phrenic nerve and vagus nerve which can cause vomiting issues. Also, esophageal spams. None of these are common and hospital staff seem to pretend these things don’t exist if they haven’t heard of them.

  • Jeff Rittenour

    Just went through this yesterday. NEVER again. I had the worst of it, puking up bile for hours until the ambulance got me. AWFUL. It hurt SO much, non stop puking – I wanted to die. NEVER had this before, and I’m leaning with the doctor at the end of the article. It’s not just weed – it’s SHITTY weed. Just buy WEED, don’t buy this name and that name, etc etc…FUCK THOSE SILLY NAMES. If it has a name, don’t buy it – cuz someone’s fucked with it. When we legalize it, this will go away, Fuckin assholes spraying your weed with windex is the cause.

    • Alyssa Hart

      Yes!! That is my gut feeling as well, pun intended. Weed doesn’t even smell like weed anymore to me! I have once or twice wondered if I smelled ammonia/acetone. Windex has ammonia in it I think, god damn it

  • Lesley Friedman-Stuifbergen

    I started using cannabis about 5 years ago for sleep. I had tried so many meds and just couldn’t tolerate the side effects. We had medical marijuana in Seattle and for the first time in at least 30 years I was sleeping!!! Oh Joy and about 1 1/2 years ago I started to feel very nausea and needing to vomit in the am. I was throwing up saliva and not food and feeling sick for hours. I just couldn’t understand what was happening. I did start to think about the cannabis and whether it was pesticide related. I was using the RSO oil high in THC and it was the Indica strain to relax. One major problem was that it took about 2 hours to work and in that time I couldn’t stop myself from eating!!! i hated that. Eventually I went to see a doc and they did an endoscopy and found nothing wrong with my stomach. So I figured it was the cannabis but really didn’t want to know since it helped me to sleep after not sleeping well for about 30 years. I went to different dispensaries and found one that pointed me to this article. I stopped for about a week and felt so much better but wasn’t sleeping!!! Started again with the RSO oil and know I will have to stop all the time to avoid the major problems with nausea and vomiting. I believe it may be an overload of cannabis and a toxicity or it is some kind of pesticide issue. i am super sensitive to ALL drugs and have many side effects…

  • TheDank

    For anyone else that has experience this (or think they may have) – did anyone else get that “wavy” feeling of pain in your upper gut? This was non stop for me … i think it was a spasming diaphragm … I could deal with the nausea and vomiting , but that consistent wavy dull pain that lasts hours finally got me to the ER.

    • Pistolvania

      Yup that’s always what does me in, and it always hurt so fuxking bad

  • Atilla Bayizitlioglu

    Please stop this propaganda about weed!!!! Not on leafly everybody reads this!! CHS is nothing else than Neem oil poisoning! I have it right now! 9 months I’ve been having this shit. Now I’m growing my own weed and I know what’s inside it. Neem oil is poison and sold as a normal pesticide. How can anybody ever think that this is weed? CHS is 20 years old, gues how old this stupid pesticide is. Cannabis has a history that starts 39.000 b.C.
    The chemical AZADIRACHTIN inside NEEM OIL is making all of us sick! Some are more sensible some are not at all! But we are all poisoned. Thank you Prohibition.
    Now start smoking again but check for pesticides! To the falls of Babylon!

  • Eon

    Has anyone heard of a case of CHS that didn’t involve vomiting? I have the other symptoms (abdominal pain, can’t eat, needing hot showers to resolve pain, etc) but don’t actually feel nauseous or vomit. I’m thinking perhaps my chemical balance is screwed up by the constant presence of cannabinoids, but somehow my body adapted to dodge the bullet with the vomiting.

    • Pistolvania

      If you drink a lot of water that’s can be the reason

  • Dea Mari Little

    My roommate came across this condition when searching the web, wondering if my vaping has anything to do with my coughing to the point I gag and eventually vomit. I’m a medical cardholder and have a rare form of muscular dystrophy which causes my muscles to contract but not relax, muscle spasms and excruciating pain. My MDA doctor said cannabis is the best thing for my pain and since starting it I’ve gotten off all opiates. I can stop the vaping, but does using edibles give the same symptoms? I don’t want to go back on meds.

  • SBH

    What’s odd, I’ve smoked pot three times in my life and all three times this has happened and I didn’t understand. What’s weird, I only used it the three times.

  • Basset3

    Twice in the past couple months, I exhibited CHS symptoms from what I thought was the noro Virus. Ended up in the emergency department in the hospital . No high temperature , tested negative for the flu. I was vomiting about every 5-10 minutes with severe abdominal pain and severe hiccups. This lasted for 3 days until I called the ambulance. I hadn’t smoked for at least a month and half when I tried smoking again. By late that night I had the same symptoms as before, severe nausea , severe abdominal pain and severe hiccups . Fortunately , the hospital gave me a prescription for Zofran, an anti-nausea drug, it worked but not before I completely quit smoking.
    Since the cessation of smoking pot, I’ve had no nausea. In fact, I often had early morning nausea that would quickly come and go. I feel much better, no nausea and no “come and go” nausea.
    I have friends who smoke every morning/afternnon/evening with no ill effects. Go figure …although CHS may strike them at any time.

  • disqus_ehexcNtTyQ

    I am a 19 year old female. I have been smoking heavily every single day, not one day off, for ONLY one year. I smoked about a quarter of flower a day then some wax also and let me tell you, THIS IS REAL. This condition describes my symptoms down to a tee. This condition isn’t fake or anything, it just really comes down to your body chemistry. My boyfriend has been smoking the same amount as me but for 5 years straight and has never even experienced this at all. Anyway, I decided to quit cold turkey. The abdominal pain I experienced was so horrific I was admitted into the ER. There was a 5 day period that I ate NOTHING and if I tried, I immediately vomited. My doctor administered me an anxiety test (never had anxiety before smoking weed) and she said people with severe anxiety score around a 35…my score was over 100.. I lost SO much weight in a week. Went from a healthy, muscular 130 pounds and at my lowest became 103 pounds because of my abdominal pains. However, after quitting I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. My nausea went from unbearable and excruciating, to slowly back to normal. I had headaches, sweating then getting the shakes all day, and having my heart beat 100 times a minute for more than 5 days (feels like a constant panic attack). I am really tired of people that say this is fake. It is real if you abuse the drug and need it to survive. Please, if you are reading this, just know it gets better but you have to stick to it and not go back to weed because that is only just a temporary fix.

  • Gary Vincent

    I have been suffering from chs for 2 years now.
    It began once i started using higher concentrates of thc, usually wax, eventually “the clear” (99% thc)
    I spent days throwing up over and over and smoking thinking it was relief. Thats the worst thing u can do …
    Hot showers helped temporarily but once the hot water runs out ur screwed.
    I was diagnosed w cyclical vomiting syndrome, thats wrong lol.
    They eventually tested me positive for gastroperesis. That translates to paralyzed stomach…
    Marijuana causes certain involuntary muscles to slow down, like the nerves in your eyes for glaucoma patients, but also your stomach is the same involuntary muscle concept. When thc is present your stomach wont empty properly, and the more u use the less proper your stomach empties.
    When the mass passes your stomach sphincter thepain is a 10. Id rather die i think its unbearable. Your bodies first reaction is to throw up the mass instead of pass it. This is where it begins. After the first few vomits my stomach is empty but i dry heave until i almost faint.
    The only way i believed marijuana caused this is first hand experimenting … after 3 weeks sober i can start eating again n have somewhat of an appetite. 2nd month sober i gained 20 lbs back (i lost 30) and then i decided to start smoking again. I was good for 5 or 6 months before i realized symptoms were back … id stop smoking and it would be liquid diet for two weeks… then i can start eating steel cut oatmeal (this saves my life fyi, its itty bitty pieces flow through your stomach without creating a mass, stay away from bread!!!
    Zofran sucks, doesnt help me at all, and the meds they gave me for stomach emptying made me feel like i had parkinsons and it even lists that as a side effect and says it can be permanent if you dont stop using itm it was reglan to be specific.
    Chs is so real i hate it. I love marijuana absolutely love it. Idunno if ill ever be able to quit even after its almost ruined my life. Im now looking into all cbd strains to smoke maybe as its thc related i believe.
    Good luck to anyone suffering, drs couldnt figure it out i had to on my own …

    • Pistolvania

      You sound just like me. 800 mg of ibuprofen acetaminophen when the stomach starts to flare. I’ve noticed the biggest enemy is dehydration, you can combat chs almost completely by being fully hydrated always. Second biggest enemy is lack of sleep. Do not smoke before bed, go to sleep sober. Do not smoke on an empty stomach

  • Troy Hayman

    It has to do with Neem Oil / Azadirachtin
    Almost every single plant is dosed in it because of mites and other pests. Although it was listed safe / natural, Azadirachtin was never tested with heat. When you light up you are heating up Azadirachtin and it is TOXIC!
    It is dangerous when neem oil / Azadirachtin is combusted and inhaled. Neem oil is what is killing you! We need laws for further study.

  • Greg Habersat

    Hi. I’ve been having these symptoms since this past Tuesday. Missed a week of work already. Now Sunday night and I’m still sitting here nausea as hell. Is it possible I’m having withdrawal symptoms instead? The two are very similar. Please help.

    • Pistolvania

      If taking a hot shower makes you feel better than it’s the weed. Take 800mg of ibuprofen with acetaminophen it will take away the inflammation

  • Br R.

    Wow this was my problem all these years. Who knew. Quick tip everybody. Ibguard which is basically just peppermint used for irritable bowel syndrome (ibs) literally fixed me up quick. Try it everybody, saved my life for real.

    35 year old male from Los Angeles. I stopped smoking about 3 months ago thinking my stomach problems were my stomachs fault. Really it was the weed the whole time. Smoked everyday, for the last 15 years. The last 10 years, my appetite became pathetic, my stomach always hurt, and it was hard to keep the weight on. Stopped smoking and all those problems cleared up in about a month or 2. I miss weed so much. But once you know the problem is the weed . It’s rather hard to keep smoking knowing this was my problem. Good luck to everyone here!

  • Frederick Friaday

    I’m sure that these doofuses will find something else to get high with. Try crack cocaine or heroin. I hear there aren’t any complications with those drugs. lol

  • Stephen Sutherland

    I just left the emergency room . Been throwing up violently every morning. He says it’s chs I have ptsd and am terrified of quiting. Any suggestions

  • Elizabeth Raver

    Been in and out of the hospital for the last 20 days, and they finally asked if I smoked, and I knew it showed on my drug test, so whatever, I told her yes. This is the first time I’ve heard of this syndrome, but this has been going on for 2 years, and docs can’t find anything wrong. So, I’m giving up the bud today after 40+ years, and we’ll see what happens. Really the only thing that helps my fibromyalgia pain and arthritis. Hoping I feel better soon, I lost 15 lbs. in 3 weeks. Never been so sick in my life. All my tests came back negative, too. Good luck to you all.

    • ThatSonyGuy

      How do you feel today? Are you able to consume cannabis again? Did your symptoms go away? Have you tried organic grown cannabis that doesn’t involve pesticides?

    • Danilo Alonso

      Had a friend who experienced the same thing. Doctors couldn’t find what it was and removed his gall bladder. He refuses to believe it’s the bud, but the only thing he hasn’t tried to change is smoking.

    • LeeAnn Dorney Cerretani

      So sorry to hear your going through this. I recommend that you read the Medical Medium to help address the Fibromyalgia and Arthritis. This book helped me so much!

  • Daejau Rose

    Wow I’ve been in the hospital for five days back and forth and they don’t know what’s wrong with me. I only smoke shatter and have experienced the exact same thing and its scary as hell, wish they did more studies to know what helps with this quickly so i can finally get some sleep and be at ease😖🤢

  • London Hollow

    I have this. It’s absolutely horrible and its ruining my life. I can assure anyone that it exists

  • Alyssa Hart

    Been a heavy smoker off and on for about 15 years. Recently (past 6 months) I have started to experience many issues with my stomach including nausea, heartburn/reflux, sharp squeezing-like pain in the stomach. Also, my skin gets all fucked up and clammy/feels like I’m alternating from freezing to burning up. Does that happen to anyone? The skin/temperature regulation thing is worse than the stomach pain imo.

  • Bob Smoker Sacheli

    This is bullshit they make up a name that blames cannabis for people with Neem oil toxicity .
    Spread the word Neem oil is toxic and not safe for use on cannabis.

  • Christian Nielsen-Palacios

    Very interesting.

  • Cait Brooke

    Although an informative article shedding light on a newer topic in the cannabis world I can’t help but feel this is not totally accurate. That seems to be the double edged sword with cannabis research though- reporting on things that we truly do not have sufficient sound data for. I will mark this article down as one perspective – but can’t help but feel that perhaps we just aren’t talking about ANXIETY enough. All of those symptoms can also be directly due to anxiety and we have been in discussion about how cannabis (specific strains, terpenes, environment, etc) influence our level of anxiety. This is ultimately up to US as an individual consumer and we can in no way point to cannabis and say that a condition is being developed from reoccurring use. I feel this is ultimately a scare tactic for those interested in cannabis now that the progressive wave is sweeping through the nation! I can only hope that everyone does their individual research of many studies as well as personal research with product to see how cannabis can enhance your life and not succumb to fear-driven insufficient research! Cheers!

  • Caden

    What’s up guys! I have been smoking daily for about six years now. My symptoms started about four years back. I would have CHS episodes about every 4-6 months. To start out the episodes weren’t too bad but got pregressively worse. My last episode had me hospitalized for two days and had my kidneys shutting down because I was so dehydrated. I now believe 100% that this is the disease I suffer from, even after being diagnosed alomost two years ago! I never wanted to believe my sweet Mary Jane could be making me so sick. Mary has gotten me through many hard times and has helped me immensely with my anxiety. With that being said I have not smoked in six days now and I am feeling so much better. I am down to 130 pounds due to my many episodes over the years and my last episode had me down to 123 pounds in the hospital. I look forward to putting on weight and continuing not smoking. With all that being said I am not 100% sure it is the cannabis doing the damage. There are many countries where marijuana is smoked daily and heavily injested by indigenous groups of people that don’t have any record of this illness. I plan on to sub stain from pot unless it’s a really “special” occasion. In that case, i’ll take a puff or two if I know it’s been grown in good conditions without being sprayed with pesticides. I have a friend that grows buds and has worked in grow ops in Colorado etc. He has mentioned the difference in the organic practices from places that spray with chemicals or pesticides. In my opinion the symptoms are coming from something we are spraying or using in the growing process. Not only that but it never can be a good thing to be smoking 3-6 times a day. Hell I use to smoke morning, noon, and night and anytime in between! If I woke up at 4 AM bong rips then back to sleep. Wake up between 7-8 more bong rips. Hit work for 4-5 hours take a break around noon for… guessed it more bong rips. Before dinner time? Bong rips! Before bed? Bong rips! Then rinse and repeat….

    Damn looking above I was for sure smoking WAY tooo much. But when you think it’s a “good thing” it’s hard for your mind to question or believe it is what could be making you sick. I hope anyone reading this finds some hope in the situation. I have been battling this illness for years now. It has cost me a lot of hard aches and been a bitch to deal with. But if I can get through it anyone can! I never said going “cold turkey” was my solution. I plan to refrain from smoking as long as I can (hoping a month or two) from there I plan to enjoy it when it presents itself. But I will ensure that I am only smoking a quality product that has been grown in a state of operation where they do not use pesticides and chemicals. Cheers everyone.

  • Michael Dey

    I’ve been experiencing these symptoms for several years now. Loved ones told me that I was advised of CHS from emergency room doctors in the past, but really don’t remember this or shrugged it off immediately ignoring whatever was said. It never occurred to me that I’ve been possibly hurting myself this whole time. I’ve literally been smoking daily since 1997 and am going to sober up for a while to see what happens. However, I’m sure I will test this theory and limit my intake to 1 or 2 times each week assuming symptoms go away from initial abstinence – attempting to find that happy medium. Crossing my fingers that this is the problem!

  • Michael Dey

    I’ve been experiencing these symptoms for several years now. Loved ones told me that I was advised of CHS from emergency room doctors in the past, but really don’t remember this or shrugged it off immediately ignoring whatever was said. It never occurred to me that I’ve been possibly hurting myself this whole time. I’ve literally been smoking daily since 1997 and am going to sober up for a while to see what happens. However, I’m sure I will test this theory and limit my intake to 1 or 2 times each week assuming symptoms go away from initial abstinence – attempting to find that happy medium. Crossing my fingers that this is the problem!

  • Michael Dey

    I’ve been experiencing these symptoms for several years now. Loved ones told me that I was advised of CHS from emergency room doctors in the past, but really don’t remember this or shrugged it off immediately ignoring whatever was said. It never occurred to me that I’ve been possibly hurting myself this whole time. I’ve literally been smoking daily since 1997 and am going to sober up for a while to see what happens. However, I’m sure I will test this theory and limit my intake to 1 or 2 times each week assuming symptoms go away from initial abstinence – attempting to find that happy medium. Crossing my fingers that this is the problem!

  • Longfellowe

    2019 medical update on CHS with lots of technical details and latest thinking on treatment. Long, but worth it if you’re a sufferer.

  • scotchandwater

    Immediately post-application, yes. Yet it is used on produce that goes to market but does not smell of azadirachtin. Small amounts of chemical residue are difficult to detect by smell, especially when mixed with terpenoids and flavinoids.

  • Amari Asali

    I had the “morning sickness” for months, unfortunately after seeing a nephrologist due to kidney failure (b/c of autoimmune) I was also diagnosed with CHS. Being the seceptial pothead I am, I took a 6 month “tolerance” break. With in about 6-8 weeks of smoking my old friend and beautiful bud, I started vomiting bile in the mornings again. Showering is an ordeal so I usually sponge bath, but if I really had CHS would showering help? I’m too lazy so instead I draped a towel over my head, over the sink and “steamed” my face (brain). It worked, for a whole week I didn’t vomit! Stopping the steaming I’ve begun vomiting again. I’m so sad I have to take another “T break”, I’m hoping to eventually find an alternative/balance, ie eddiables, vaping, isolate THC (is that avaiable or just CBD?)? I don’t know but im willing to learn more and see what works for me. I just dont want to throw up anymore!

  • Longfellowe

    Hi Jade,

    Not on antidepressants but have gone through the early (prodromal) phase several times in the last two years. I moved to a legal state three years ago and was eager to renew my acquaintance with MJ. Probably overdid it at first and as my tolerance increased I went to more potent options, finally ending in 80%+ concentrates. Didn’t understand what was going on at first but then started doing research and was floored when I stumbled on CHS. I’d never heard anything even remotely like it before in relation to MJ, but my symptoms lined-up with CHS exactly and I had to accept it. It was a real bummer.

    After two episodes 6 months apart I took a month long tolerance break and then restarted with flower instead of concentrates. The THC reduction didn’t seem to help that much and I was forced to abstain again.

    I am now coming of a two month break and am trying strains with very low THC (~5%). Problem is, these low THC strains usually have high CBD levels and the current research seems to indicate that CBD can also trigger CHS. We’ll just have to wait and see.

    I’m perfectly willing to give up getting “totally wasted” if I can just figure out a way to enjoy the pleasures of moderate MJ use on a daily basis without getting sick. The effort continues.

    • Jade Wills

      Same here! I went 2 days off and felt better. Tried smoking just very little to get some sleep and the next day my tummy was uneasy. Sigh I guess we are just very unlucky humans.

  • David Wills

    Long time daily flower smoker and edibles (all organic and soil grown) (no pest sprays). Started as bloating, burps and cramps for a few months off and on, led to hot showers, massive gastro upset, throwing up, pale, sweating and cold at the same time. Took 3 days for the worst to stop after quiting THC/CBD products then 2 more weeks before I got my full apatite back. Had a relapse after 6 weeks when I missed a few meals and was dehydrated and must have released some accumulated thc from my fat back into my blood system. It sucks to go though it again and I did not even get to enjoy a smoke. Mind you I’ve had 25 years of good smoke time so taking a couple years off should not be a problem. Hopefully my system will reset by then.

  • Ian Hill

    I took antidepressants for about 7-8 years… I haven’t taken them for a few years, though. I’ve been dealing with these symptoms for a LONG time. Stomach pain, nausea, and I have been to the ER many times. They just told me in the ER this past week that it was probably from long-term, heavy cannabis use. I had never been to an ER in Washington DC before (I am from Tennessee, where a doctor would never talk about something like this unless they were especially awesome), but the nurse said she had seen multiple people with the exact same symptoms / history of cannabis use.

    My unscientific opinion: it’s 100% a cannabis issue. Every day I go without smoking makes my stomach feel much better… also, the times I tried to smoke (ironically since my stomach feels like garbage, of course) made my nausea come back. I am hoping quitting is the answer to my problem here, because going to the ER in need of fluids multiple times a year is not something that should happen unless you have a chronic illness.

  • CalK

    I don’t know the word count limit, so this may take several posts. But I wanted to share my experience of symptom relief with others in case it helps them. I have a form of arthritis called ankylosing spondylitis. I’ve been smoking for 3 years and it has dramatically improved my life. I smoke small amounts in order to help sleep. Depending on how things are going this can be several times a night. But it has allowed me to sleep, allowing me to get back in shape, and over time being in better shape I believe has allowed me to have a mostly pain-free existence during the day.
    I’ve had three episodes of stomach problems, each after my smoking was more than usual, and during times where I had no break from smoking. I travel for a couple weeks at a time occasionally for work and had used these trips to “take a break” which I think is the reason I have not had more episodes.
    With the second episode, I did not know about know about this syndrome, but because I was smoking more I was suspicious of marijuana contributing so I took a long break. It took me several weeks to lose the symptoms – general nausea particularly in the mornings – it was miserable.
    Recently I had a third episode which was the worst yet, and was facing a lengthy business trip to Europe. The thought of going through this while jet lagged was terrifying, so I started researching, found out about the syndrome, but did not find any remedy.
    Thinking back on my history, I realized what might have been the first episode ended when I had a colonoscopy for other reasons. Part of the process is they have you take horrible stuff to completely clear your digestive track for 24 hours before the procedure. I commented to the doctor at the time that after the process I felt better than I had in ages.
    So with the third occurrence, I reached back to the stomach doctor to see if I could try flushing my system with the horrible stuff. He wouldn’t prescribe that, but suggested an over the counter alternative that was basically sports drinks plus laxatives. I did two passes over 12 hours. While my stomach was empty during the flush, I was at least as miserable as usual. The morning sickness symptom I believe just means you feel at your worst on an empty stomach. However the next day after I started eating again the symptoms were dramatically reduced – to the point of minor annoyance, and in a couple days were completely gone.
    This may all be coincidence, a fluke, or the placebo effect. But I thought I would share this with others who are struggling – this may give them an opportunity to work with their doctors to see is flushing the digestive track helps speed whatever has been accumulating.

  • Romero 24

    Doctors are misdiagnosing this and have been for years. It’s simply butane poisoning, its only came up the past few years, more commonly in smokers under the age of 40 who are all more likely to try wax or other new concentrates. I was hospitalized twice for these symptoms and the doctors told me is was this syndrome. I was instantly skeptical and began doing my own research into it. I quit smoking butane/Co2 made wax and switched to Rosin only and havent been sick from it in almost 2 years now. STOP SMOKING THAT BUTANE BLASTED WAX

  • Kmusic

    it sounds like you who have recovered from quitting smoking felt sick daily? I’ve been told I have cyclic vomiting episodes for years and have recently been told it’s actually CHS, I’m curious to others experience, I have had 1-5 episodes a year but never feel sick between episodes, I have no stomach pains or constant nausea, my episodes come out of no where and not directly after smoking, my last episode I had smoked a tiny bit 48 hours before symptoms started, this is unusually light for me as I have smoked heavily daily for 20 years, I don’t get sick every time I smoke and the episodes come from no where. They started when I was 23 and my 1st cousin also began having same symptoms at the same age, she is also a heavy smoker. She quit and still had two episodes in the three months after so she started again but quit nicotine and has been symptom free for a year. I also went two years symptom free after having my first child, I was very sick through pregnancy but once I could smoke again I did and stayed symptom free until my second pregnancy. I know it’s silly of me to not just quit smoking but it is such a huge part of my life, I’ve quit sense my last episode and am 3 weeks sober and never felt worse my anxiety is through the roof my body temp constantly changes and I’m more irritable then I’ve ever been, also more nauseous. I just wonder from those of you who know for a fact you have recovered after quitting smoking if your experience is anything like mine between episodes. I’m sure I’m in denial and the science is right but has anyone stayed symptom free from simply cutting back or switching to edibles?

  • BeerBurrBaggins

    So I have been dabbing myself to sleep a lot lately. Last week I pretty much woke up every morning at roughly 5:30am with a sour stomach. I vomited like 3x the entire week and after sleeping a few hours after I went to work and was more or less perfectly fine the entire time. I do physical labor and it was no problem. Anyway after finding out about this I’m pretty much scared shitless. Weed has been my beacon of light in a storm of depression for ages. But, I don’t want to end up in a hospital because of it. I’m currently taking a hiatus and got rid of any concentrates I had. At least a couple times I just forced myself to vommit because I knew I would feel better. Yes I took a couple hot showers but, the shower is next to the toilet and vomiting is a dirty act. Could it be residual chemicals in my dab pen etc? Am I just waking up an anxious mess because I used weed to calm me before sleep? This really scares me. I’m taking a break now anyway because I probably need one but, don’t want to stop.

  • Ellen

    Well this has solved a medical mystery that has plagued me for almost two years and was apparently misdiagnosed as diverticulitis. I had a mild version, would wake up nauseous, feel weak and fatigued, and this would go on for 4 days at a time. I lost 20 pounds over six months. I never tried the hot bath/shower idea but sure will if it happens again. And my leaf was home-grown, never sprayed with anything, so no possibility of chemical contamination. Only ate it in my own home-baked cookies, never smoked. Never had the abdominal pain, just nausea and fatigue.