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Presented ByVesselPublished on December 6, 2019 · Last updated July 28, 2020
(Courtesy of Vessel)

This article is brought to you by Vessel, vape pens obsessively engineered with unforgettable design and top-of-the-line performance in mind.

Choosing a partner to create a vape pen product requires an in-depth study of their selected protocols and standards. Not only is there longevity to consider, but also reputation, which is more fleeting than many brands would like to admit. Competition for shelf space and market share mean that even the smallest details become significant differentiators, helping unique vapes stand out in storytelling, appeal, and functionality.

“We think the industry needs to pull together more tightly and collaborate more intently to provide consumers with products of distinction,” says James Choe, CEO and co-founder of Vessel. “We’re still seeing brands failing to extend beyond a logo and packaging. When a product lacks differentiation, consumers don’t value it, they won’t talk about it, and that makes growing your brand a challenge. Brands are left with marketing and overpromoting to compensate for their initial miss of not creating something more distinct and memorable from the beginning.”

(Courtesy of Vessel)

Vessel’s entrance into the B2B space is marked by the release of a new standard in the cannabis industry – the Spectrum Kit – an elevated way for vape and oil brands to discover and define just what their future could look like – sans the plastic baggie of sample cartridges and hardware. With the Spectrum Kit in-hand, brands can come together with Vessel to form an innovative partnership that touches on every aspect of the consumption experience, including solutions to some of the biggest problems plaguing the cannabis industry today.

Partnering with Vessel opens up new possibilities for brands looking for ways to separate themselves from the crowd with sophisticated design, performance, and a shared vision.

1. Premium brand distinction

While many people spend millions on cultivation, processing, and manufacturing, Vessel wants to encourage brands to also focus on the product that ends consumers hold and feel. They offer their partners a host of options that support bold brand expression and help consumers thoroughly engage with a brand experience in a way that’s beyond the standard 510 cartridge. By elevating the form factor, aesthetics, and volume options, Vessel believes that they can help create more memorable experiences.

(Vessel Vapes)

The various cartridge sizes open up new inventory opportunities for brands eager to differentiate, and the customization options in both cartridges and hardware solutions leave a lasting and reputable impression on consumers. It’s not just the chance to select an off-the-shelf solution, but an opportunity to expand on what it means to tell your brand narrative through thoughtful design and superior product – bringing your brand promises to life in more memorable ways.

2. Smart filling and leak prevention

In any filling process, there are plenty of opportunities for error. It can be labor-intensive and time-consuming, depending on the method. Vessel’s approach has been to mitigate the chances for human error and labor before oil meets cartridge. Their cartridges provide value to oil extractors with their intuitive design, which begins with a unique inverted fill that happens in record-timing and ends with the atomizer being press locked to the tank, mitigating the chances for degradation and contamination.

(Courtesy of Vessel)

Along with eliminating concern around time constraints, this design allows gravity to guide oils into a resting position at the bottom of the cart (which is actually the top) to prevent leakage – another huge problem for manufacturers.

By working with Vessel, oil extractors get access to the company’s technology, which can be optimized to suit unique viscosities and keep oil right where it’s supposed to be.

3. Solving for competition on cost

When commodity cartridges rule the landscape, the only thing to compete on is price. Rather than racing to the bottom, Vessel’s partners can use their multiple volume options and customizations to diversify their product offerings and enter the premium space. With a suite of complementary accessories, solutions to costly manufacturing problems, and a philosophy based on telling a brand’s story, partners can explore a whole new world of options that make cost seem like an afterthought.

4. Sourcing trusted partners

Finding partners who have the experience and connections to bring your brand to life through sophisticated hardware solutions is complicated, and any misstep in due diligence can leave a brand vulnerable. Vessel partners get plugged into their network of seasoned product developers, brand builders, and marketing professionals that are waiting in the wings to bring any brand to life.

(Courtesy of Vessel)

With decades of CPG experience and a successful B2C cannabis hardware brand under their belt, Vessel has done the hard work of sourcing the right partners that can be trusted to execute, test, and produce to the highest industry standards. The exclusivity of their work isn’t meant to be “members only,” but rather a beacon of quality and trust.

Choosing a partner with knowledge, reputation, and care

Vessel is committed to treating each customer as a true partner, which means they are willing to play a critical role in the scaling and evolution of each brand.

“We appreciate the gravity of becoming a go-to-market support choice for brands, and we believe it shows in the work we do,” says Choe. “Our team has been successfully bringing brands to life across industries for decades, so we are uniquely positioned to assist in not only identifying where there’s room for hardware improvement but also helping to identify consumer desire, and price and product mix.”

Now and in the future, vape brands will have to do a lot of problem-solving to make sure that their products are safe, functional, and distinct when entering the market, and Vessel is here to help.

Presented ByVessel
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