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How to Successfully (and Legally) Advertise Your Cannabis Business in Nevada

If you want to make a splash in Nevada's new cannabis scene, keep these tips in mind to remain compliant with the state's advertising regulations.

SEO Service Red Flags That Cannabis Businesses Should Avoid

SEO can be a valuable tool for dispensaries and other cannabis businesses, but there are many shady SEO services to avoid. Look out for these red flags.

6 Strategies for Selling Excess Cannabis Product Inventory

Learn a few sale strategies to maximize your inventory if you need to free up shelf space and burn through your excess cannabis products quickly.

Is Your Business Prepared for Nevada’s Legalization Rush?

With adult-use legalization peeking just over the horizon in Nevada, cannabis businesses should be preparing for a huge influx of new consumers. Is yours ready?

8 Mainstream Marketing Campaigns That Cheekily Reference 4/20

As cannabis becomes more widely accepted, more mainstream brands are getting in on the 4/20 action. Check out eight marketing campaigns with a winking nod to the holiday.

What Is Influencer Marketing and How Can It Help Cannabis Businesses?

We sat down with Dominick Damico, founder of Adspire, to talk about influencer marketing and how cannabis businesses can use it to their advantage.

Mobile Optimization Tips for Cannabusinesses

Find tips for dispensaries and other businesses on how to improve their mobile channels in part 3 of cannabis marketing lessons learned at MozCon 2016.

Personalization Marketing for Cannabusinesses

Learn how to better connect with customers on your website and other channels in Part 2 of cannabis marketing lessons learned from MozCon 2016.

Reputation Marketing for Cannabusinesses

Learn how dispensaries and cannabis businesses can use reputation marketing to their advantage in Part 1 of lessons learned from MozCon 2016.

Is Cannabis the World’s Next Disruptive Innovator?

Learn about disruptive innovation and how legalization is priming the cannabis industry to be the next big disrupter.

How to Prepare Your Dispensary for the Independence Day Crowd

To help you prepare for the 4th of July rush, consider these tips that may help you connect with your cannabis clientele on this special day dedicated to the stars and stripes.

Scammer or Entrepreneur? Washington D.C.’s Kushgod Defends His Brand

Nyck Paul, a.k.a. Kushgod, may be a bold activist or merely a brazen scofflaw, but one thing is clear: He’s already established a valuable brand.

Jane’s Domain: It’s Time to End the Canna Ban, Facebook

Social media has become more than just an app. Spaces like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Snapchat are our modern public forums.

The Shake: Hockey Night with Cannabis

Toronto's mayor warns of coming crackdown, cannabis borrows a play from the wine world, and legalization is more popular than both Clinton and Trump.

4/20 Is Changing: How to Keep Up With Your Clientele

Dispensaries and retail shops risk alienating some of the newest members to the cannabis community when they fall back on tired stoner stereotypes.

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