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Presented ByOoze WholesalePublished on July 24, 2019 · Last updated July 28, 2020
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This article is brought to you by Ooze Wholesale, providing business owners with exclusive cannabis accessories and the power to achieve bigger margins. 

As cannabis legalization spreads across the country, retailers are lining up to make sure they don’t miss the latest and greatest. To thrive, it’s important they have more than a few different brands of rolling papers and smoking accessories to offer cannabis consumers.

Ooze Wholesale helps retailers give consumers what they need to get the most out of their flower, vape carts, and more. By building a one-stop shop for cannabis accessories, Ooze aims to make it easy for customers to access quality products at fair prices.

The Growing Market for Cannabis Gear

Ooze was founded on the belief that cannabis accessories should be both fun and reliable, no matter where consumers buy them. Instead of trying to undersell the competition by offering chintzy gear, their team puts time and energy into product research and development that meets their high standards.

“We defined ourselves early on by providing quality products,” says James Sesi, general manager at Ooze. “If people are unhappy with a product, it reflects poorly on both us and the retailers we work with, so from day one, our priority has been to develop products that consumers can rely on.”

Ooze has continued to build its reputation for dependability by offering business owners not just an extensive catalog, but also the guidance and insight they need to become successful cannabis accessory retailers.

In a world where people have more ways to consume cannabis than ever, the Ooze team is working to make it easy for convenience stores, dispensaries, and retail shops to stock a wide variety of products for cannabis consumers. Their dedication to offering a catalog of products that is both diverse and dependable has seen the company grow right along with the cannabis industry.

man using Ooze cannabis vape pen

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The Incredible Expanding Ooze

In the beginning, Ooze focused on a small inventory of products that they swore by, including their flagship line of vape batteries. While legalization has seen both the company and the catalog expand quickly into other cannabis accessories, one thing hasn’t changed.

“Today, we have a full team of product developers who test what’s coming on to the market before we offer it to our customers,” says Sesi. “And just like when we first started the company, we still won’t bring on a new product unless we would personally use it.”

While continuing to develop their own products, Ooze has also acquired exclusive brands to diversify what they have to offer. Brands like King Palm wraps, Truweigh scales, Green Monkey grinders, and Loud Lock help them keep up with growing demand for cannabis accouterments. Each brand has a unique demographic within the market that they feel retailers can capitalize on.

Getting Hands-On With Accessories

Ooze products focus on bringing consumers a vibrant and interactive experience from the moment you see them. Offering more durable versions of classic accessories impacts everyone who buys and sells its products in a tangible way.

“It’s not always about reinventing the wheel,” says Eddie Koury, Ooze’s marketing director. “By making pieces out of silicone, we’re not just removing the glass and preventing accidents. We’re also making it easier to get pieces into the hands of the customer.”

Along with their product offerings, Ooze also creates inviting custom displays that put products within reach of anyone nearby—and customers often take advantage of it.

“Getting rid of the barrier of glass display cases has been a real game-changer for the retailers we work with because it increases access for the customer,” says Koury. “Shop owners are more at ease too, because they aren’t worried about fragility.”

two women using ooze vape pens at a festival

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Funky and Functional Vape Pens and More

Ooze’s diverse product line has allowed them to get more creative. Bringing the durability of silicone to smoking gear is just one way their team innovated their product line and set themselves apart from the competition.

“One of the other things we see consumers looking for is convenience. We like offering accessories that help save time and effort,” says Koury. “Our grinder trays are a good example of that.”

Another trend that they’ve noticed is the popularity of bright, flashy designs, which have influenced Ooze’s eccentric, attention-grabbing style.

“We have our own in-house designers, but we also feature designs from artists whose style we feel aligns with ours,” says Koury. “Some people even collect our rolling trays now because they love the new designs released every year.”

That’s the kind of response from customers that has helped Ooze stay true to its roots, doubling down on an aesthetic inspired by street art and festival lifestyle. It’s a look that puts them in opposition to an industry that lately leans toward discreet, anonymous stylings.

“We see a lot of other players in the industry moving towards products that are sleek, that are dark, that are pretty plain-looking,” says Koury. “And there’s room for that stuff, but that’s never going to be us. We want to bring people things that you can’t help but comment on, products that will start a conversation.”

man in sunglasses vaping cannabis oil

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Oozing Ahead

In the future, Ooze sees a cannabis industry that will need fresh ideas and more marketing savvy content creators. While they aren’t cultivators, they relish in cultivating trusting relationships with shop owners and sharing their knowledge with new entrants in the cannabis retail space.

Whether it’s giving retailers the courage to start selling cannabis accessories with their durable products or creating attractive displays that get people more actively engaged, the one-stop online shop is focused on increasing access and awareness with their innovative products—a mission that oozes out of everything they do.

Ooze Wholesale
Presented ByOoze Wholesale
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