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Taking the 3D-Printed Bong to the Next Level

For all the hubbub around 3D printing, it’s still rare to encounter an honest-to-goodness 3D-printed object. Cannabis could very quickly change that.

2016 Holiday Gift Guide: Cannabis Accessories

These stash cases, grinders, cleaning tools, and other cannabis accessories make great stocking stuffers or standalone gifts for your canna-friendly pals.

Bongs Have an Image Problem in Europe. Here Are 6 Ways to Fix It.

Europe has a history of blown-glass artistry that stretches back hundreds of years. So why do bongs still get a bad rap?

The Evolution of Online Smoke Shops: From Pipe Dreams to Cannabis Industry Leaders

Learn how brick-and-mortar headshops began to evolve into online smoke shops, offering unrivaled selection, discretion, and pricing to cannabis accessory buyers.

Smoking Accessories: Balancing Authenticity and Design in Trays, Pipes, Bubblers and More

Given that the Marley name is one of the most iconic in cannabis history, the task of creating an equally iconic smoking accessory line was a unique challenge for Marley Natural.

Cannabis Accessories: How to Start Showcasing Your Cannabis Stash

Tips for keeping your cannabis stash looking classy: choose a color scheme, spotlight a statement piece, and choose awesome accessories.

What’s Your Favorite Pokey Tool for Emptying a Bowl?

Recently we polled our beloved fans to find out their go-to device (or "pokey") for emptying a cannabis bowl or piece. The results were diverse, amusing, and enlightening.

5 Traits to Look for in a Quality, Modern-Day Head Shop

If you’re a new or inexperienced cannabis consumer and wanted to visit a head shop, here are five traits to look for so that you can single out the top establishments in your area.

10 Glass Brands Bubbling to the Top of Your “Must Try” List

Here are Smoke Cartel's top 10 glass brand recommendations based on innovation, quality craftsmanship, and plain ol' beauty.