The 7 Most Snoopish Things Seen at Snoop Dogg’s Compound

Published on August 21, 2018 · Last updated July 28, 2020

When I picture Snoop Dogg’s house, I assume there would be a lot of memorabilia, or at least things happening that represent everything he embodies. Well, I’ve never been to Snoop’s house, but I did get to hang at Snoop Dogg’s Compound for the Smoke 4 A Cure charity fundraiser.

The Compound is basically like Snoop’s creative playground that houses his recording and production studios, as well as his incredible car collection. Below are the 7 most Snoopish things I saw there.

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A Rubber Basketball Court with 8 Ft Rims

Snoop has a full court basketball court, surrounded by pictures of legendary NBA players, in his compound. But the floor isn’t hardwood, it’s rubber. And the rims aren’t 10 ft high, they’re like 8 ft. So that leads me to believe that Snoop Doggy Dogg aka Snoop Lion is a big player of low goal. In fact, I’ve smoked enough cannabis since the event that I now believe Snoop, Kurupt, and Martha Stewart get together for a game of low goal 21 on Tuesday afternoons.

Warren G Cooking The Best Barbecue Ever

When I entered the event, there was a barbecue tent to the right that I walked right past on a mission for the free cannabis. Then, later on, someone gave me a piece of their brisket from there and WHOA NELLY, IT WAS SOME OF THE BEST BARBECUE I’VE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE. Immediately I had to know who made it, so I walked over to the tent and guess who was on the grill. Warren G. That regulator himself. His BBQ restaurant is called Sniffin’ Griffin’s and if you’re in California, you should definitely stop by. Like right now.

Friday Playing On The Big Screen Outside

Snoop has his own drive-in movie theater at his compound. And while the Smoke 4 A Cure event was going on, he had Friday playing on the big screen outside. It was incredible. It was the type of thing that made me realize this wasn’t some cannabis industry event, this was a party with the homies. Matter of fact, it was a family reunion.

Kobe and Shaq Mural

Everyone knows how Snoop feels about the Lakers. He even has a Lakers lowrider. So it makes a lot of sense that along the wall leading to the entrance of the court, he has a wall/mural/shrine dedicated to the Kobe and Shaq days. He probably uses it as inspiration before he dunks on Martha.

The Wash and Soul Plane Movie Posters

Snoop has a very illustrious movie career, some would say it even rivals those of the Denzel Washingtons and the Tom Cruises of the world. On the wall inside of his Compound are big-ass framed movie posters from Soul Plane, an absolute classic, and The Wash, which he played after Friday ended. He’s obviously very proud of his performances in these, as he should be. And we’re still waiting on that Oscar for Bones.

The GGN Production Studio Full of People Getting Ultra Stoned

As I was wandering through the compound, I accidentally ended up in this huge ass green room where a bunch of people, including his son Cordell, were taking hella dabs and rolling hella joints. One of the dudes in there was like “Hey, you know Snoop’s Youtube show? GGN? This is where he films it.” How fitting that we would be in there going up to Jupiter.

Snoop Never Stopped Smoking

It was incredible. Dude smoked and smoked and smoked and smoked and… you get it. I literally never saw him not smoking, not even to light the next blunt. It’s as if he had one blunt that was capable of burning for an eternity, which, in my opinion, is the most Snoopish thing that could ever exist.Ready To Smoke Like Snoop Dogg?

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