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World Series of Poker Boots Cannabis Sponsor Blüm from Casino

Poker pro Michael Mizrachi loves the Las Vegas dispensary, but the Rio Casino doesn't.

US Attorney in Massachusetts Will Let Legal Market Proceed

US Attorney Andrew Lelling said that while he can't immunize the state-legal industry, his office's enforcement priorities lie elsewhere.

As Big Companies Go Public, Cannabis Stock Markets Get Legit

The make-up of the publicly-traded cannabis sector has improved substantially, with some of the best-known operators and brands now embracing the public markets.

The Curious Case of the Cannabis Aphid

The first confirmed sighting of the cannabis aphid in North America was in 2016. Since then, the hungry bug has spread rapidly across the continent.

What’s Holding Up Michigan’s Medical Marijuana Licenses?

Michigan's Medical Marihuana Licensing Board is taking its own sweet time with applications--and rejecting a lot of them.

In Photos: Heylo’s Terpene-Rich Cannabis Extracts

Ever wanted to see how the oil in your vape cartridge is made? Take a peek inside the Heylo's extraction lab and see how they refine their terepene-rich concentrates.

Key Facts From the Canadian Cannabis Act’s 400 Pages of Regulations

From approval of outdoor grow-ops to the creation of a new class of “cannabis pharmaceuticals,” here are the key facts from the Cannabis Act's 400 pages of regulations.

In Los Angeles, the Unlicensed Cannabis Market Still Thrives

With limited resources, LA-area law enforcement can't shut down every non-licensed business.

After Long Delays, Los Angeles Moves to License Growers

LA's cannabis market was once expected to be a model for the rest of the state but has developed more slowly than San Diego, Oakland, and other major cities.

Massachusetts Issues State’s First Retail Cannabis License

A medical marijuana dispensary near Worcester has become the first licensed recreational cannabis retailer east of the Mississippi.

One Year On, It’s Easy to Find Cannabis in Nevada—Maybe Too Easy

Nevada marijuana legalization crosses the one-year mark with a bevy of consumer options both legal and less above board.

Here’s Where to (Eventually) Find Recreational Cannabis in Massachusetts

Want to know where to go to purchase legal adult-use cannabis? We've got all the open stores here, updated daily.

Tiny Delaware Gets a Third Medical Marijuana Dispensary

The nation's second-smallest state saw the opening of a new medical marijuana dispensary Friday, putting a dispensary in each of the state's three counties.

Here’s Where to Find California’s July 1 Blowout Deals

California retailers have until July 1 to purge their inventories of everything not compliant with new state testing and packaging standards. Here's where you can take advantage of the liquidation.

What’s Next For Epidiolex Maker GW Pharmaceuticals

Leafly spoke with VP Stephen Schultz about the significance of FDA approval, when Epidiolex might become available to patients, and what’s coming next from the drugmaker.

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