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Take a Look Inside the World of Cannabis Matchmaking

February 13, 2019

One of the greatest aspects of cannabis is the community it comes with. After all, with the industry being so new, we’re really all just trying to figure out as we go along. This sense of newness encourages community members to reach out to one another for advice and support, fostering a sense of tight-knit camaraderie unique to this industry.

This sense of camaraderie is so rewarding, in fact, that savvy cannabis entrepreneurs are doing whatever they can to build it up. For Molly Peckler, this meant creating a cannabis-based matchmaking service that provides a space for like-minded cannabis enthusiasts to meet and connect. She came up with Highly Devoted.

Molly’s journey as a matchmaker began back in 2012. Inspired by how she and her husband bonded over their love for cannabis, Molly sought to find a way to help other cannabis-friendly couples connect.

Connection and Love Through Cannabis

(Courtesy of Molly Peckler)

“We’re both smart, motivated and successful; the complete opposite of the outdated stoner stereotype,” begins Molly. “And yet I knew so many people who faced stigma while dating because of their cannabis consumption. I wanted to harness my skill-set and help members of my community find love without having to face judgment.”

“Cannabis affects your perspective, values, and lifestyle, and the more you have in common with your partner, the better your chances for long-term love and happiness.”

Since then, Highly Devoted has been steadily building out its database, amassing several thousand cannabis consumers over the past few years. The bespoke service offers a variety of matchmaking services ranging from making introductions to events and social mixers.

“Cannabis is just one of the many parameters we focus on but it’s an important one. Cannabis affects your perspective, values, and lifestyle, and the more you have in common with your partner, the better your chances for long-term love and happiness.” says Molly.

Step one entails a detailed initial interview with clients. This is where Molly and her team spend some time getting to know their potential matches. It’s also where the client gets to talk to the team about their hopes and expectations moving forward.

“We act as coaches and cheerleaders for our clients so they can confidently connect with their matches and take best advantage of each introduction,” Molly continues. “We also offer plenty of guidance to our clients regarding best practices for connecting over cannabis in a romantic context.”

Every potential match is carefully screened before Molly and her team make introductions and start planning out dates. They then collect post-date feedback from participants in order to effectively match them with better dates moving forward. Other add-on services are available, including coaching on how best to utilize mainstream dating sites to connect with cannabis consumers as well as guidelines for incorporating cannabis into sex and intimacy.

The hope is to continue to match people who want to be open about their cannabis use rather than hide in the canna-closet.

“We work with a lot of people who have been forced to hide their cannabis consumption from past partners because they’ve faced judgment,” says Molly. “When you and your partner can be open, honest, and accepting of one another, you have the ability to create your ideal relationship.”

Despite only having launched last year, Molly’s already seen some very positive results.

“I sat in my car and cried grateful prayerful tears to the universe for you, for this experience, this journey with you—every step of this journey so far has brought me closer to the feeling of love within myself. And I am falling in love with myself. I can hardly hold the love bursting from me right now,” writes her client Rana.

Curious? Anyone can join Highly Devoted’s matchmaking network for free here.

“Never settle for anyone who makes you feel guilty or ashamed of consuming a plant that enhances your life,” finishes Molly. I couldn’t agree more.

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Janelle Lassalle

Janelle is a writer, artist and cannabis/cannabidiol (CBD) expert. Her works have appeared in a variety of top-tier publications including Forbes, Rolling Stone, BBC, and VICE. She’s also the co-founder of The Full Spectrum Revolution, a cannabis publication dedicated to educational and lifestyle cannabis content. Follow her on Instagram @jenkhari.

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