Today is National Voter Registration Day. Here’s how to register

Published on September 17, 2020 · Last updated October 6, 2020

The Nov. 3, 2020, general election may be the most important election in your lifetime. Today’s National Voter Registration Day project is the nation’s largest nonpartisan effort to get out the vote.

The quickest way to register to vote is to use the portal created by the National Voter Registration Day project, or the one created by the Cannabis Voter Project. Both work well. They’ll check your registration status in an instant, and guide you through the process if you’re not registered. It’s quick and easy.

Register via the Cannabis Voter Project:

Election 2020: All you need to know about cannabis legalization on the ballot

Voter registration deadlines in your state

Please note: The dates listed below are absolute last-second drop-dead deadlines for online registration. In-person and registration-by-mail deadlines are often weeks earlier than the dates below. Do not wait until the last minute. There could be delays or glitches. Register right now, today, immediately. Get it done.

AlabamaOctober 19
AlaskaOctober 2
ArizonaOctober 2
ArkansasOctober 2
CaliforniaOctober 19
ColoradoOctober 23
ConnecticutOctober 23
DelawareOctober 9
Washington, DCOctober 9
FloridaOctober 5* Deadline extended to Oct. 6 due to state computer crash.
GeorgiaOctober 5
HawaiiOctober 2
IdahoOctober 9
IllinoisOctober 16
IndianaOctober 5
IowaOctober 23
KansasOctober 9
KentuckyOctober 2
LouisianaOctober 2
MaineUp to Election Day November 3 (in-person registration)No online registration
MarylandOctober 9
MassachusettsOctober 9
MichiganOctober 16
MinnesotaOctober 16
MississippiOctober 2 (in-person and mail registration)No online registration
MissouriOctober 7
MontanaOctober 2 for mail registration. In-person registration up to Election Day November 3No online registration
NebraskaOctober 16
NevadaOctober 29
New HampshireMail-in registration should be postmarked by October 6. Other dates vary by town/city/county.No online registration
New JerseyOctober 16 (mail and in-person registration)No online registration
New MexicoOctober 2
New YorkOctober 9
North CarolinaOctober 9
North DakotaNorth Dakota does not have voter registration. Simply bring valid government-issued photo ID that includes proof of residency to the polling place.No online registration
OhioOctober 2
OklahomaOctober 9 (in-person and mail registration)No online registration
OregonOctober 13
PennsylvaniaOctober 16
Rhode IslandOctober 2
South CarolinaOctober 2
South DakotaOctober 16 (in-person and mail registration)No online registration
TennesseeOctober 2
TexasOctober 2 (in-person and mail registration)No online registration
UtahOctober 27
VermontNovember 3
VirginiaOctober 9
WashingtonOctober 26
West VirginiaOctober 13
WisconsinOctober 14
WyomingOctober 20 (in-person and mail registration)No online registration

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