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Oregon Update: Cannabis Audit Coming—and Jeff Sessions, too

September 19, 2017
United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions is scheduled to speak with law enforcement officials in Portland, OR, on Tuesday afternoon, to address the ongoing controversy around so-called sanctuary cities.

While the speech, set for 1 p.m. at the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) field office in Northwest Portland, is likely to be all about immigration matters, the visit will put Sessions—a vocal critic of both medical and adult-use legalization—smack dab in the middle of cannabis country.

While in town, Sessions is scheduled to meet privately with US Attorney Billy Williams and local police officers, including Multnomah County Sheriff Mike Reese, who heads the Portland Police Association.

The attorney general has, in recent months, leveled sharp criticism at Oregon’s legal cannabis industry, alleging, among other claims, that the state is still a major player in the country’s illegal cannabis market.


Oregon Governor and Police Superintendent Slam Sessions’ Memo

Session’s comments, which also included claims that cannabis extraction since legalization has fueled a rise in home explosions, were met with heavy criticism by Oregon Gov. Kate Brown and Oregon State Police Superintendent Travis Hampton.

Much of Sessions’ criticism was based on a preliminary Oregon State Police report, which was still in draft form at the time. In a letter to Sessions, Brown said the document was flawed and shouldn’t be used to draw conclusions about the state’s cannabis system.

“The Oregon State Police determined that the draft report required significant additional work and revision because the data was inaccurate and heavily extrapolated conclusions were incorrect,” Brown wrote, adding that the report does not reflect the “on the ground” reality in Oregon.

While protests are expected around Sessions’ sanctuary-city speech, it’s not yet clear how or whether residents will respond to the attorney general’s threatening stance toward cannabis. We’ll update this story if Sessions’ visit takes a turn toward cannabis.



Oregon Bill Would Adjust State’s Medical, Adult-Use Cannabis Programs

Oregon’s Cannabis Industry to be Audited

In other Oregon news, The Oregonian’s Noelle Crombie reports that the state’s cannabis industry will get its first audit from the secretary of state. The audit will look at how the state has been regulating its cannabis industry.

One focus of the audit will be how the state keeps track of the largely cash-based industry, Crombie writes, as most banks have not yet open their doors to cannabis-industry clients. Auditors will also evaluate whether the Oregon Liquor Control Commission provides timely and appropriate guidance to cannabis businesses.

Earlier this year, an outside audit of the state’s cannabis industry found that regulating cannabis, coupled with legislative changes to the cannabis program, “have created a strain” on the commission, which had been focused on alcohol matters prior to cannabis legalization.


Contaminated Cannabis Still Hitting the Shelves in Oregon, Report Finds

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  • Marumiyu Moriame

    cannabis legalization prevents home explosions by making high quality concentrates available so you do not have to make them at home.

  • Chaddy Liquor Tits

    Dear Jeff Sessions;

    Please take your little bitch ass and skip right past the rest of the modern-thinking parts of the U.S. while you’re on your shitty little shit-tour of massive stupidity & intolerance and hop on the nearest boat to “FUCK-OFFITY LAND” you fucked-up old haggy hillbilly piece of garbage.


  • Rainey

    Both my grandfathers were bootleggers during Prohibition. Although they brewed their own and sold to friends and neighbors, they were delighted when that era ended with a whimper and they could go back to drinking “the good stuff”, rather than the hooch they cooked up. Grandpa John said it was a lot more work than it was worth, and the big distilleries made his product taste like paint thinner. Grandpa Charlie just smoked his pipe and grinned (what’s in that pipe, Charlie?).


    This nation is not grateful that Trump appointed Sessions, an obvious and laughable crackpot. His apparent’ advanced senility should not place him in any position of responsibility especially for his job as AG. Sessions should join with the other turncoats to the American people and go into retirement. They could sit in their rocking chair where they can rant and rave all the day long.If he ACTUALLY was that senile he would not be able to get food into his mouth.ADVANCED OR SUDDEN AMNESIA?…….Doesn’t Sessions telling Congress twenty-six times that he does not remember’ count as lying? This AMNESIA or attempt at playing senile is nothing more than perjury and he should be removed from office at once. He is in contempt of Congress, contempt of the Senate, and contempt of the American people.This nation should not be required or forced to tolerate such disrespect for this high and important office.AG is no position for a crackpot. Perjury of this magnitude should not only remove him from office but place him in Federal prison for contempt of Congress.This greedy corporate puppet and ancient swamp creature has obviously become a danger to public office and the billionaires that placed him there.Contemptible best describes Sessions.Attempting to play senile is a discredit to his office.
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  • MyNameIsTaken

    Sessions is old school in a new world. Nothing but an outdated hardliner who is a real danger to freedom.

  • 360dunk

    Somebody needs to keep an eye on Jeff Sessions while he’s pretending to battle sanctuary cities in Oregon. Obviously he’s planning to don a dreadlock wig, buy a half ounce of Sour Diesel, and sway to Peter Tosh music long into the night. The budtender will thank him for the purchase and announce, “Justice (Dept.) has been served!”

  • RuthCHD

    Sessions is welcome to come hold my mothers hand while she starves to death, and my fathers ( he is in hospice) hand in the middle of the night when he is having an anxiety attack. He can not tolerate Benzos.