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We Heard These Are the Best Places to Smoke a Joint in Every Legal State

These places in legal states offer the perfect environment to light up your favorite strain. (Just make sure you fully understand local laws first!)

Where to Buy the Best Cannabis Clones in Oregon

Ready to start growing cannabis? We found some of the best places to buy high-quality cannabis clones in Oregon.

Infuse Your Workout With Weed in 5 Legal States

Ready to get your sweat on? We found the best fitness classes and events in legal states where you can consume cannabis & shed the stoner stereotype.

The Curious Case of the Cannabis Aphid

The first confirmed sighting of the cannabis aphid in North America was in 2016. Since then, the hungry bug has spread rapidly across the continent.

The 2018 Leafly Buyer’s Guide to 7/10: Oregon Cannabis Sales

Find some of the best 7/10 deals on cannabis concentrates in Oregon dispensaries with the Leafly Buyer’s Guide to 7/10.

Vacation-Friendly Cannabis Edibles for Your Visit to Oregon

Oregon’s adult-use edibles are affordable, frequently low-dose, and offer the special-occasion highs that great travel stories are made of.

Mango Haze, World Cup, and Independence Day — This Is #MondayMotivation

Look out for World Cup, Marvel's new "Ant-Man" film, July 4 fireworks, and much more in Leafly's Monday radar report.

7 of Oregon’s Best CBD Products & Where to Find Them

Need some relaxation or pain relief? Whether you're looking for yummy gummies or a soothing topical, these CBD products will do the trick!

Meanwhile, the Flowers in Oregon: Cannabis Picks for Summer 2018

Welcome to the first edition of your monthly cannabis digest that keeps you up-to-date on the most excellent cannabis & where to find it!

New to Cannabis? These 4 Oregon Shops Are Perfect for First-Timers

Starting to explore the world of cannabis? These Oregon dispensaries are perfect for first-time cannabis shoppers looking for an educational experience.

President Trump Will ‘Probably’ Back STATES Act to End Federal Prohibition

President Trump came out in support of the STATES Act to end federal marijuana prohibition in states that have legalized cannabis.

FAQ: What the STATES Act Would Do, and Why It’s a Game-Changer

This historic bill could end federal prohibition. Here's everything you need to know.

US Attorney Details Cannabis Enforcement in Light of Oregon’s Oversupply

US Attorney Billy J. Williams is the first federal prosecutor to detail his strategy for enforcing federal drug laws in a state where marijuana is legal.

The Best, Most Wallet-Friendly Cannabis Edibles in Oregon

Oregon has a reputation for creating delicious & innovative edibles that are also affordable. Check out our top picks for edibles under $35 so you can sample them all.

Oregon Cannabis Processor Hit With CBD Oil Violations

A Portland-based company falsified track-and-trace data to divert CBD oil to at least two health and wellness centers, regulators say.

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