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Fore Twenty Tournament

June 29th Fore Twenty Tournament The largest cannabis golf tournament in the Northwest! Help us raise awareness and highlight the great […]

Oregon Marijuana Business Conference

Oregon Marijuana Business Conference April 28th The Oregon Marijuana Business Conference (OMBC) will provide the latest information on Oregon’s medical […]

Leafly Series: The Budtender Sesh

March 28th Leafly Series: The Budtender Sesh Designed for newbies and veterans alike, Leafly’s Budtender Sesh aims to bring Portland’s […]

Under Trump, Legal Cannabis Is a Deportable Offense 

More and more, those who admit to having ever used cannabis are being refused entry into the United States—or deported if they’re already here.

Oregon Issues First Cannabis Recall Over Pesticides

State regulators have said that people who bought the affected Blue Magoo should return it to the retailer or throw it out.

Oregon Senate Approves Plan to Shield Cannabis Consumer Info From Feds

A proposal to shield names, birthdates, driver's license numbers and other identifying information cleared its first major hurdle amid fears of a federal crackdown.

Leafly List: The Best Cannabis Dispensaries in Oregon, Spring 2017

The Spring 2017 Leafly List for Oregon is a data-based, community-sourced ranking that consumers use to find the best cannabis dispensaries in their area.

How Much Tax Revenue Do Legal Cannabis Sales Generate?

Learn how much tax revenue legal cannabis sales generated in 2016 to gain a better understanding of the way the industry works and the benefits it can produce.

State of the Leaf: Nevada Might Let You Light Up

From Arkansas to Ireland, we've got the latest cannabis legislation updates and how the changes may affect you.

Oregon Lawmakers Push to Protect Consumer Info From the Feds

A bipartisan group of lawmakers is rushing to protect the personal information of cannabis customers in case federal agents try to seize it.

Cannabis Is Producing Jobs, Revenue in States Where It’s Legal

The states that have legalized recreational marijuana — a multibillion-dollar business — don't want to hear the federal government talk about a crackdown.

State of the Leaf: House Republican Wants to Deschedule Cannabis

A House GOP wants to deschedule cannabis, California is trying to protect the industry, and Denmark residents overwhelmingly support medical marijuana.

Industry, Lawmakers React Swiftly to Spicer’s Cannabis Comments

Some are skeptical. Others say the industry isn't going down without a fight.

Calif. Bill Would Make Underage Sale Violations Sting

One state lawmaker is proposing a stiff penalty for a business caught selling cannabis to underage buyers: the loss of its state license.

Cannabis Now Has Its Own Congressional Caucus

Reps. Earl Blumenauer, Dana Rohrabacher, and Don Young form a bipartisan group dedicated to pushing progress on the issue.

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