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Weekend Weirdness: Driver Insists on Finishing Joint Before Being Pulled Over

Ever find yourself in the middle of something so engrossing, you just have to finish it before acknowledging anything or anyone in your immediate surroundings? That's what happened to a 36-year old man driving down a highway in Macomb County, Michigan, only his "I simply can't tear myself away from this" distraction was a joint that was apparently too delectable to waste. 

Unfortunately for the driver, Stravansky Nycassio Hinds, state troopers had been trying to pull him over for several miles due to improper license plates. Hinds saw the troopers but gave them the "Gimme a minute" hand gesture so he could, according to police, " finish his marijuana joint and call his family before he headed to jail."

Once he was finally successfully pulled over, Hinds was arrested without incident. He acknowledged that he had a warrant out for his arrest in Florida, said he had cannabis in his vehicle, and "knew he was going to jail." Police obliged and arrested him on suspicion of operating under the influence. Hinds, meanwhile, is really pushing the limits on the expression, "Going out in a blaze of glory."

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