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Weekend Weirdness: Texas Cannabis Bust Nearly Foiled by…Bigfoot Hunters?

September 19, 2015

A group's hunt for the elusive, mystical, and totally-not-fake Sasquatch in Delta County, Texas, affected deputy efforts to bust an illegal cannabis grow. During a hog hunt, a group of hunters came across an illegal grow worth an estimated $6.5 million. When they alerted Delta County deputies and game wardens to recover the 6,500 cannabis plants, a group of "hunters" who were also in the area "tracking" Bigfoot got in the way of law enforcement's efforts to crack down on the growers' camp.

Clearly the most important insight to glean from this story is that if you want to bait Bigfoot, you should try using cannabis — why else would the mythical Squatch be near a gigantic grow? Based on his size, he'd likely need a large yield to fully feel the effects, so 6,500 plants makes sense (kind of how it took Andre the Giant two liters of vodka to "[feel] warm").

Also, it's not too late to debut a new reality TV show for the fall 2015 line up called "Bigfoot Bud Hunters." It sounds like a recipe for success — even if the hunters don't find Bigfoot (I know, perish the thought), at least they can enjoy some lovely cannabis strains in each episode.