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Weekend Weirdness: That One Time Kazakhstan “Accidentally” Planted Thousands of Cannabis Plants in Its Capital’s Flowerbeds

Oh, Kazakhstan. When they're not constantly reminding the world that their national anthem is not the one boasting about their superior potassium exports, they're having to explain why thousands of cannabis plants are growing in the capital's flower beds.

That's right, somehow a ridiculous amount of marijuana was surreptitiously planted in the heart of Astana City. What's even better is that a number of them have even appeared in front of the city's Tree of Life sculpture. How beautifully symbolic!

The city council is looking into the matter and will reportedly question the gardening service that takes care of Astana's flower beds to see if they know the identity of the mysterious Johnny Appleweed who's responsible for the thriving cannabis grow. In the meantime, here's a bit of advice for Kazakhstan: if you decide to dispose of the cannabis plants (which you should avoid doing — it's not the plants' fault they thrive in your perfect growing climate!), don't follow in Indonesia's footsteps (or do if you want your city to have a really, really good time).