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Cannabis Shows Promise in Yet Another Type of Cancer: HCC Liver Tumors

November 4, 2015

Over the last couple years, we’ve watched researchers unearth new evidence supporting marijuana’s therapeutic potential in various types of cancer, some of which include bladder cancer, glioma, leukemia, and breast cancer. Now researchers from China’s Guangzhou Medical University suspect that cannabis compounds could offer future treatments for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), the most common type of liver cancer.

Researchers targeted affected cells with a synthetic cannabis-like compound and noticed inhibited growth of cancerous cells. Cannabinoid receptor agonists appeared to disrupt cell cycle regulation, leading scientists to believe that cannabinoid therapy could be the next possible treatment frontier for this deadly cancer.

“Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is the leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide, however, only limited therapeutic treatments are available,” the study’s authors wrote. But questions still remain, such as how would results change with phytocannabinoids sourced from the plant itself? What results would we see in human trials?

Needless to say, this discovery adds to a growing body of research building a compelling case for cannabis as a target for cancer medicine. The U.S. government’s National Cancer Institute quietly acknowledged marijuana’s role in killing cancer cells, and the American Cancer Society has called for rescheduling of cannabis to better facilitate its research. Even the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) admitted that “marijuana can kill certain cancer cells and reduce the size of others.” Yes, NIDA, the federal research organization that has long touted the dangers of cannabis based on studies fixated on abuse.

So keep the studies coming, scientists of the world. We eagerly await your life-changing discoveries.


  • Martin Reyes

    currently my sister was scheduled for a procedure to plug the main vein in a region of her liver where she has a tumor. we have her on a RSO cannabis extract . the tumor was the size of a golf ball. she had a MRI done to see if it spread or grew larger. we were called as we were on our way and they canceled the appointment . they said its about the size of a marble now.. from a golf ball to a marble size!! lets keep her in prayers ! her name is Raquel. thank god for this medicine !

    • Brian Teasdel

      Congratulations on your success! Any recommendations on treating liver cancer, FSO full spectrum oil? and the dosage? I need help and don’t know how this chat deal really works. Can I find cancer chat room?

    • BD

      what strain of cannabis was used to make the oil please??

  • Brian Teasdel

    I’ve had liver cancer for 4) years now but growing so I feel I need to go “oil” route. I just found out my local med. dispensary has FSO, full spectrum oil. Instead of me cooking down some pot, I can just buy it but don’t know dosage. I take some oil in capsule form- 10mg of theca, 10mg of bcd and gets me too high so pour a little out and put on skin. This is something I feel is last “chance” for me. Any recommendations. I need help with a protocol Thank You, Brian