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From Stalemate to Stampede: Inside the UK’s About-Face on Medical Marijuana

Patients may still have to wait awhile for access, but it appears medical cannabis is finally coming to the UK.

Is Legal Cannabis Coming to the Midwest?

Legalization could break through a geographic barrier in November, finding a first foothold in the Midwest after a string of election victories in the Northeast and West.

Survivors for Cannabis: Healing the Wounds of PTSD With Community & Cannabis

While federal research is underway, one community provides a safe space for people to share their stories and heal using cannabis.

Big Deal in Utah: Prop. 2 Abandoned in Favor of Compromise Bill

Everybody promises to pass a legalization bill in 2019. But will it really be better than Prop. 2?

Phoenix City Council Kills Mayor’s Proposed Cannabis Tax

The proposed tax rate so steep that dispensary operators warned it could put licensed shops out of business.

How to Get Recreational & Medical Cannabis in Washington DC

Accessing cannabis in DC can be confusing. In this guide, we explain how to legally obtain both recreational and medical cannabis.

FAQ: What to Know About the DEA’s CBD Rescheduling Order

For one, it doesn't actually reschedule CBD.

US Reschedules CBD Drug—but Not CBD Itself

CBD moves from Schedule I to Schedule V, but only for FDA-approved drugs. Everything else is still treated like heroin.

Missouri Has Three Legalization Measures. Two Are Very Odd

Voters face three medical marijuana measures, but only one is what you'd call normal.

The Best Medical Cannabis Products in Massachusetts

A year ago, drug policy reform in the United Kingdom was a fringe issue at best. For Britons, access to legal marijuana existed in a…

The Best Cannabis Strains for PCOS, According to Leafly Reviews

Need some natural relief for PCOS? Here are some cannabis strains that Leafly users have found helpful in treating and relieving their PCOS symptoms.

Is Cannabis a Natural PCOS Treatment? We Asked an Expert

We discussed polycystic ovarian syndrome with Dr. Iris Crawford, a naturopathic physician who uses cannabis to treat symptom associated with PCOS.

FAQ: Utah Proposition 2 Would Legalize Medical Marijuana

Utah voters could legalize for patients in one of America's most conservative states. Here's what the law would do.

Here’s How Texas Could Finally Legalize Cannabis

Though some lawmakers have been showing signs that they’re ready to move forward on the issue, the state faces unique challenges that could continue to hold it back.

11 Deep Thoughts From Elon Musk’s Talk With Joe Rogan

The embattled founder of Tesla and SpaceX leans in and hits the blunt.

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