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Utah Medical Marijuana Advocates Push Back in Court

Medical marijuana legalization proponents want all of Utah's citizens, not just a single judge, to decide the issue.

How to Buy Cannabis in a Legal Medical State

Do you live in a state where medical cannabis is legalized? Read about how you can get cannabis for your medical conditions, which may help to improve your quality of life.

Kauai’s First Medical Cannabis Dispensary Approved to Begin Sales

Have a Heart, opening in partnership with a popular chain from Washington state, will open for business Monday.

Utah Prohibitionists File Hail-Mary Motion to Stop Medical Marijuana Vote

Their campaign to rescind petition signatures didn't work, so opponents took their case to court.

Louisiana Looks to Add PTSD, Pain to Medical Marijuana Conditions

If Gov. John Bel Edwards signs a bill now making its way through the legislature, Louisiana could become an actual MMJ state.

Strange Tactics Emerge in Utah’s Medical Marijuana Legalization Fight

Prohibitionists are already resorting to distortion and confusion—and it's only May.

Arkansas Supreme Court Will Hear Medical Marijuana Case

The Arkansas Supreme Court says it'll hear oral arguments over a judge's decision to prevent the state from licensing companies to grow medical marijuana.

Michigan Considers 10 New Qualifying Conditions for Medical Marijuana

Only post-traumatic stress disorder has been added since voters approved the law in 2008.

Interstate Smuggling? How the Vireo Incident Is Testing State Cannabis Laws

One company, two states, felony charges: How a simple inventory problem blew up when cannabis oil—allegedly—crossed state lines.

Missouri MMJ Measures Take Another Step Toward November Ballot

Supporters of legalizing medical cannabis in Missouri have turned in signatures for two ballot initiatives that would let voters decide the issue.

What Are the Benefits of a Medical Cannabis Card in Legal States?

If you’re in a state where recreational cannabis is legal, you may be wondering if it’s still worth it to have an MMJ card. It is! Learn more here.

In Iowa, Medical Marijuana’s Future Remains Hazy

"We've provided some false hope," said state Sen. Joe Bolkcom, who has backed efforts to expand medical marijuana access. "There are thousands of Iowans counting on us to deliver."

Investing in Australia’s Cannabis Industry: 5 Companies to Watch

Australia’s emerging cannabis industry offers investors options to participate. Financial analyst Alan Brochstein weighs in.

Zimbabwe Legalizes Cannabis for Medical, Scientific Uses

The decision is a marked shift from the traditionally tough stance on marijuana in the largely conservative country where legalization advocates often were openly mocked.

Missouri House Moves to Legalize Medical Marijuana

The bill would allow anyone over 18 dying of a terminal disease to access smokeless medical cannabis, along with people with cancer, Alzheimer's, PTSD, and a variety of other conditions.

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