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Florida Governor Wants to End Ban on Smokable Cannabis

Gov. Ron DeSantis wants a new law by mid-March to end a ban on smokable medical marijuana and loosen limits on treatment center licenses.

Ohio’s First Medical Marijuana Sales Finally Kick Off

The launch, initially slated for last September, has been a long time coming for Ohio patients and caretakers. Here’s what you need to know.

Can Texas Build a Working Medical Cannabis Program in 2019?

In 2019 Texans will find out whether lawmakers are ready to build a viable medical cannabis program or whether old-fashioned politics will limit access to effective medicine.

South Carolina Lawmakers Try Again on Medical Marijuana

If it succeeds, South Carolina's measure would be among the most restrictive in the country.

Arkansas Moves Toward Launch of Medical Cannabis Program

Arkansas voters in 2016 approved a constitutional amendment legalizing medical marijuana, but the rollout has faced legal and bureaucratic delays.

Kentucky Lawmakers Push Bipartisan Medical Marijuana Bill

A Republican state senator was given a bottle of OxyContin seven years ago when he was diagnosed with cancer. He threw the bottle away and smoked marijuana.

Rival Democrats Hold Up Cannabis Progress in New Jersey

The New Jersey Legislature meets again on January 15, when they’ll have another opportunity to fix what ails the state’s MMJ program or kick the can down the road. Again.

Thailand Becomes First Southeast Asian Country to Legalize Medical Marijuana

Thailand became the first Southeast Asian country to legalize medical marijuana. Read more on how it will affect the region.

Maryland’s First Medical Cannabis Grower Fined for Banned Pesticides

The first company to be licensed as a medical marijuana grower in Maryland has been fined for using banned crop-protection pesticides.

Landlord Lets Evicted Medical Marijuana Patient Return Home

But John Flickner, 78, got dumped by his health care coordinator due to the dustup.

New Zealand Law to Make Medical Marijuana Widely Available

New Zealand passed a law Tuesday that will make medical cannabis available for thousands of patients over time—and immediately remove penalties for the terminally ill.

UK Cannabis Patient #1: Accessing the Most Expensive Medical Marijuana in the World

Carly Barton, 32, is officially the United Kingdom’s first medical marijuana patient. But access comes at a steep cost—and remains entirely theoretical.

Medical Marijuana Patient, 78, Evicted in Freezing Cold for Taking Medicine

LHP Capital evicted John Flickner—now living in a homeless shelter—because he chose cannabis over opioids for chronic pain.

Utah Groups Sue to Block Medical Marijuana Compromise

Advocacy groups in Utah are suing to block a compromise legalizing medical cannabis, accusing the Mormon church of unconstitutional domination and interference.

Utah Medical Marijuana Sales Not Expected Until 2020

Patients with doctor recommendations can now use cannabis legally, but legal sales are still more than a year away.

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