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The Ultimate Dollar Store Deal: How Accurate Is a $1 Marijuana At-Home Drug Test?

October 22, 2013

Last week I attended a women’s networking event co-hosted by Leafly. Amid the autum-themed food spread and the decorative gourds were two marijuana drug test boxes that had been purchased at a dollar store near the University of Washington campus and were being displayed quite cheekily considering we were all attending a cannabis industry mixer. I wanted to perform a little experiment to see how accurate (if at all) these dollar store gems were, so Leafly kindly let me take both tests home so I could try them out.

I was curious to see if this “Made in Mexico” test would be accurate and easy to use. As a medicinal cannabis patient, I knew I should test positive for THC. However, I needed a “control” group so I wanted take one test myself and use the other test on somebody who I knew would not have THC in his or her system (which would negate the possibility of the test defaulting to “positive” as a gag regardless of whether or not the subject is a cannabis consumer).

At home drug test for marijauna
The typo on the back of the box did not exactly inspire confidence.

Believe it or not, it turns out few people will volunteer to pee in a cup, even for “science.” I had to hunt a little but eventually I found the perfect candidate. My test subject was a new mom who has not consumed cannabis in years and was guaranteed to have no THC in her system.

I opened the box to find it only contained one simple little stick. You have to supply your own container to collect the urine like some sort of savage. A dollar won’t even get you a plastic container? Lame. The directions are printed on the inside of the box and while the pictures look different than the stick that was supplied, it was easy enough to figure out how to use it as directed.

Contents of an at home drug test for marijuana
The entire test in all its dollar store glory.

As expected, my test was positive, an outcome I hoped for (the irony of taking a drug test and hoping it would be positive was not lost on me). My friend’s test was invalid, making it a negative result.

This little test seems to detect THC in your urine but may read invalid or inconclusive when there is no THC in the urine. Overall, I think the At Home Drug Test Marijuana (the title really rolls off the tongue) is a total bargain if you happen to need to know this kind of information in 5 minutes, or if you’re bored on a Friday night and aren’t above urinating in a glass for entertainment’s sake.

Thank you to Leafly for facilitating this totally scientific experiment!

  • Sam Rothschild has the most reliable 2 day drug detox program i’ve used. i’ve had to rely on it twice and both time passed my pre-employment test without any issues.

  • Deadlynightshade

    It actually says if it comes up “invalid” you need to take ANOTHER test. It doesn’t automatically make it a negative.

    • Sierra Lee


  • No_Shame

    What is the problem with sites like this not answering a question in its simplest form? The question was, “How accurate is a $1 marijuana drug test”? Why tell us what you did over the weekend or how many people you had to ask to pee for you? All you had to do was answer the question in one…maybe two sentences, but noooooooooooooo, you think we want to waste 5-minutes reading about your goddamn weekend instead. Fuck!

    • Jms Fabrication

      I thought it was kind of humorous.

    • Christina White

      What makes you think your bitching is any better??

    • Londres

      Get a fucking life….maybe your stoner ass needs to calm down, smoke, and discover some patience. Geez!

    • Ryan Jovski

      Preach!!!!! All these articles go in to way too much (Unnecessary) details. I think these people just like writing.

    • I hate liars

      Well aren’t you a pisser ???


    That’s not very scientific. If the tests are only $1, why not increase your sample size, so we have some sense of the accuracy and repeatability. Even finding test subjects that have THC recently (daily) and less often (weekly) or monthly (which is about how long they say the byproducts of THC remain in the blood). But thanks for trying.

  • Jorge C

    Speaking of scientific tests, a friend of mine and I did a little sensitivity test on this guy. We got some of his urine (THC present but concentration unknown) and serially diluted it. It picked up THC all the way down to a 1:1000 dilution, and worked in triplicate for each dilution. Not too shabby for a buck.

  • Freeway

    I stumbled upon these at Dollar Tree and thought it was random they sold it. I bought a couple out of curiosity. I will try after 2 weeks of not smoking.

    • Freeway

      Tested positive after 21 days of not smoking.

      • Thomas Mack

        thats cuz these one’s pick up as little as 2 ng/mL. Which is insane because most pre-employment tests are 50ng/mL and even drug court tests are like 20ng/mL.. An jesus christ 21 days???? do you smoke like a chimney??? Because even a “chronic” smoker (as in like a joint a day, everyday) will pass a 20ng/mL test by the 10 day mark. Legit like 15-18 days max…. The entire 30 days to get clean crap, is just that, crap.. We have scientific studies that prove this. So you must either smoke CONSTANTLY, or at least smoked quite a bit while having an awful metabolism

        • Freeway

          I was surprised by the test result as well. Annoyed really. After 3 weeks I was expecting to test positive. No doubt some THC was stored in some fat cells. I don’t smoke excessively. I take 1-2 strong bong hits a day a few days a week up until that point. I’m back to rolling joints as I enjoy the high from joints over bongs.

        • Brando Williams

          inside the package it says 50ng/ml

          • Criss_ Vision

            Your hella right! Just checked myself

        • Lizzy Lotlizzard

          That is bullshit. I have personally failed drug tests for thc after over 30 days. It metabolizes in fat cells and can release very slowly (especially people with more fat) and can actually take more than 30 days to be out of your system.That is a proven fact. Look it up

          • Leah Saludares

            If you use edibles, strangely enough, it takes at least 3 months before it’s out of your system. SMH *directly advised to me by an RN*

          • Kay💚7😊👅

            Hello i have a question i smoke on occasions mayeb like on a weekend chilling with friends i take a few pulls last time I smoked was February 10th i have a drug test April 3rd should I be worried im 119 5″7 I was thinking about buying a home test first..

          • Leah Saludares

            personally I would take a few tests over the course of the next few weeks. to be sure you’re clean. the Drs test could be more sophisticated . cleanse your kidneys and liver straight away. avoid fatty foods as thc stores in fat cells. drink lots of water, but it’s never a guarantee…best of luck. 🙂

          • jholgate

            I am 6’3″ and an obese 330 lbs. I don’t smoke heavily, about 2-3 bowls a day, but I can pretty much guarantee that if I stop smoking for 30 days or so, even if I’ve been smoking daily for several months, I will pass an actual lab urine test. Having said that, I also drink about 2-3 L of water a day, so that might make a difference.I can’t speak to the accuracy of the product written about in this review, but that’s been my experience…

        • Wilfred Perez

          If your over weight as a doctor would say it stays in your system longer. When weighing 220lbs for 6 months straight I tested positive. Now at 170lbs quitting 20 days I’m coming off as clean. The height weight index plays a big part from what I’ve read.

        • emily mullen

          when i was 120 pounds i would smoke about 2-5 blunts a day depending on the size, as well as a few bowls …. if a joint a day is chronic then idk what that would be considered

          • Domenick Chelton

            Called being a crackhead because you spending crackhead money if you smoke that much😂

        • Lisa B

          I was clean 90 days and the test was dirty. Positive for thc. wtf

  • stillinblue

    when the thc strip was brown they ere semi accurate. i would lay off for a month and after still diluting i could get a neg result. the new ones with the green strips are total b/s. the neg line you can barely see. i was 89 days drug free and did a control with synthetic urine. drank 40 oz of fluid never did get a really clearly visible line but felt confident i was negative after 80 something days. went and bought a 12.99 first check from wal mart and could clealry see the line after 5 min as directed. gonna go do my send off tomorrow, after i drink my 40 oz of fluid and dilute or wash my bladder out. i cant dilute too much or they will call it negative dilute. once i am employed i totally lay off till the job is up, usually 2 or 3 months. not worth it if i get randomed at work or get hurt.

  • Charlie

    My wife and I had to take a very important test and I decided to buy 12 of these same test all hers where negative my first three were positive then I decided to take a detox drink in the last three all came out negative at different times after using the detox the next day I did the same thing except I only used 6 her three again or negative my first one was positive I did the detox again and the last two were negative taken hours apart. I only did it like this because I was a little skeptical

    • Brindavani Joy

      Why not name the detox test????

      • Brindavani Joy

        I mean drink.

  • BW
    • Rita Kearns

      Mine came out the same?????

      • DS

        No matter how faint or dark of a line just as long as there is a line in control and test area means negative “clean” just to clarify to all wondering the faint line deal

      • Criss_ Vision

        Mine comes out the same as well! Im hella sure thats just the way they appear when negative

    • Centric Locus

      I took one and it looked like yours, then took a 50 ng/mL $12 Kroger test and got solid lines. Definitely clean. I’d say yours, since it looks like mine, is a pass.

      I take THC tests to make sure CBD and hemp supplements are not building up THC in me because I am DOT drug tested, for what it’s worth.

    • Roxiefox


  • Grass Chief

    Informative post. Like the views shared here. Very educative. It is able to meet the quest of learning about many topics related to marijuana. A good writing.

  • Novi & Shyla

    Is somebody here to answer a question about this test I took

  • Michael Ok so I need some advice. I am a cancer patient and was prescribed marinol to maintain appetite and help with pain. My insurance, however, refused to pay for it. So my former physician recommended that I go to a dispensary and get these SAP or Canna Caps, which were the same concept of marinol but were much stronger for a fraction of the price. Anyways, so I will fully admit that I was taking a 200 mg SAP cap every day for about four months straight. I had to change doctors due to the new laws regarding the “opiate epidemic.” One of the first things my new physician did was discontinue my marinol. So in order to continue receiving my other medications (which is a laundry list of narcotics), I had to stop taking the SAP caps. He drug tested me at the 30 day mark and I still tested positive. Fast forward to the 90 day mark and I am still testing positive, even with a lab confirmation. I bought about twenty of these dollar store kits and I haven’t used any THC product in a minimum of five months and these dollar store tests are still showing me as positive! I am freaking out because I swear I haven’t touched anything in at least five months and I have to go back to the doctor in ten days. This doctor has been fanatical regarding my medications — he’s trying to slowly taper my normal meds, took me right off the marinol, actually gave me a prescription for narcan, drug tests me every time I go in and has made it clear that he is going to stop treating me if I continue to test positive for THC. So what is wrong?! It’s been five months and while I admit I was using very high dosages of THC capsules but how am I still testing positive this far ouf? I have the faintest line on these drug tests and I am terrified I will test positive in ten days. What is wrong? Someone please help me! I’m so sorry to write so much but I felt the need to provide as much detail as possible. Thank you to anyone whom has read all of this!

    • Kay💚7😊👅

      Wow I’m sorry but they said it depends on how much you weigh age and how often you smoke good luck so it can still show up.

  • Wilfred Perez

    I tried the test last night& this morning and came off as negative. I smoked for 15 years heavily but have stopped to pursue work. Stopped smoking 20 days ago and out of 3 tests all negative. Guess not being around 2nd hand helps. I previously stopped and would fail. Gonna buy the expensive rite aid test and see if I pass that as well. Very happy this morning seeing a negative result.

    • buffie

      Did you pass the more expensive test?

  • Frankie Guillory

    Haven’t smoked or touched marijuana in 41 days. Test still shows me as positive. Not good.

    • Lisa B

      right I agree it is not reliable. I tested positive after 3 months a full 90 days !!

  • Lisa B

    The dollar store test in innacurate and cannot be relied upon. I hadnt smoked any marijuana in about 3 months and the test still said positive. I took the test at least 5 times over the course of the 2nd and 3rd months. seriously though, after 90 days it should have shown a negaituve result, but it kept coming up positive !! The dollar store test cannot be trusted to give accurate results. ya get what ya pay for…

    • Sierra Lee

      Im 60 days smoke free n i have a faint bottom or nagative line and a bold top or positive line so im not sure of my results but i did smoke potent weed everyday for years so idk

  • Susan Susan

    i take a small hit, like a pinch of weed a day for prevention of alzheimers and to calm myself while taking care of my elderly parents. i took the weed test and my urine is negative….im applying for a job that requires a drug urine test. will i test negative?

  • jholgate

    Damn. I was expecting something a bit more… scientific.

    I just happened upon this article, and only read it because this is a product I’ve used in the past. It was at least a few years ago, but I was in the Dollar Store and saw this same product, and probably thought the same thing as the author: “A dollar for a marijuana test? How can I lose?!” I am 6’3″ and an obese 330 lbs. with the metabolism of a bear during hibernation. Suffice it to say, THC is going to stay in my system for a looooong time. I picked up 3 or 4 of these tests with the intention of doing a little experimenting of my own (assuming they were as accurate as advertised.) At that point, I hadn’t smoked in like 40-45 days, so I expected the negative result (and it was negative, not inconclusive.)

    If I see these at the Dollar Store again, I think I will pick up several to do what I had intended in the first place: basically smoke for a given amount of time, say 90 days – 6 months, and then test myself at given intervals: a week, two, 30 days, 60 days, etc. and use my wife as a control (she doesn’t smoke at all.) Then stop smoking and test myself at the same intervals. I will also have to note the potency of the strains I smoke, which has been Cinex at around 19% THC and 9 Pound Hammer at 22% THC (reading those off the bottles I got from the dispensary, probably in early 2018 (tested by Rose City Labs 11/21/17)). God, I love living in Oregon…

    If I ever get around to this, I will try to remember to post my results here…

  • Chronic

    Don’t use these tests. I used water straight from the faucet and it came up positive. So apparently there is pot metabolites in the city water. That, or these tests are bullshit. They don’t work. Go buy a real test for $15 bucks. It’s worth it, and you actually get a cup and labeled strip.

  • Nailah Talibah

    I have taken 3. 1st one was taken the day I stopped smoking, the 2nd 15 days after I quit and the 3rd 45days after I have stopped smoking. They DO NOT work. Tested negative with S. A. M. but this at home test is still positive. Do not set yourself or anyone else to fail.
    You can ruin a life if you’re not careful.

  • Molly Mcleod

    Ok Everyone I smoked a week ago had to take a drug test today for family and children serv. Bought 2 dollar tree test and passed went to take drug test at center and passed…..

  • disqus_fGAOcHy45I

    I’m not a frequent user by any means, but 2 weeks ago I had a 10mg gummy and 2 days ago I had a 10mg gummy. I took the same test just now and passed it.

  • Finally, someone that knows what they are talking about!

  • Buttercup

    These dollar test DO NOT work, took over 10 test which were all positive, I was freaking out, went to Walmart and got a good one and passed(negative results).

  • Tim Gersch

    I’ve been using them for 6 months so far as I’m on pretrial services and they have been accurate as the expensive ones, I have taken 2 of these and a $15.00 one multiple times and same results, save your money I’ve had $45.00 tests come up inconclusive, it happens which is why regardless of brand or cost always double up, only thing 100% is the lab!!!

  • johnathan watkins

    Trash inaccurate test haven’t smoked in 3 years showed a positive I had to go and get a real legit home drug test just to make sure I didn’t eat too many poppy seeds

    • Sierra Lee

      Poppy seeds show up as something like heroine not weed

  • Comyndoc

    How do you read this test? If a line shows up, it is negative or positive? A friend has had positive tests with this. A better test from my nursing office shows him negative.

  • Josh Snow

    Is everyone sure theyre readin the tests right the top line is there and if theres any trace of a line on the T then you are negative is that right?

  • Branden Simpson

    For all those that lose. If your test read one line but u see a second line. But its barely and I do mean barely visible to the point where u say to urself that not a line it just look like it. That means ur negative. That test read all the way up to the very little thc in ur system. A lab test read from 10/50ng or 20/50ng. Which it will not show up or it will but that not the score they are looking for they only want to know if it’s great than 50mg. You can pass a piss test at the lab with thc in ur system. They just want to know is it greater than the cut off lvl they are giving u. Just cause you pass a real lab test doesn’t mean thc isn’t in ur system it just mean its lower than the cut off lvl they giving you. And they are not concern about it