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Can You Bake with Cannabis Lube? We Tried It and Found Out…

Cannabis lube won't get you high when used as directed – but what if you eat it? In the name of research, we baked up a batch of cannabis lube cookies to find out.

Bong Water Hacks & Horror Stories, As Told by the Leafly Community

Leafly users share their bong water hacks and horror stories. Featuring frozen strawberries, eucalyptus oil, skim milk, chicken noodle soup, snow, chocolate pudding and many more.

The Leafly Bong Experiment: What Happens When You Replace Bong Water with Other Liquids?

We put one of the greatest "high-deas" ever to the test and replaced bong water with various liquids. Needless to say, the results were surprising.

The Ultimate Dollar Store Deal: How Accurate Is a $1 Marijuana Drug Test?

I was curious to see if this “Made in Mexico” at home marijuana drug test would be accurate and easy to use. As a medicinal cannabis patient, I knew I should test positive for THC.