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Watch Dave Chappelle Joke About Having “Weed Conversations”

Stand up comedy is a rich breeding ground for some incredibly funny bits and jokes about cannabis. We thought we’d explore the humorous side of this…

Watch Jimmy Fallon’s Funniest ‘Tonight Show’ Cannabis Segments

From sketches to jokes to hilarious celebrity interviews, here’s a roundup of some of Jimmy Fallon’s most giggle-worthy Tonight Show cannabis segments to-date.

Yes Please! Amy Poehler’s Hilarious Cannabis Memories

Leslie Knope may have shied away from cannabis (minus the occasional "insanely good" brownie), but the very funny and talented Amy Poehler is no stranger to it.

Revisit South Park’s Best Cannabis Moments (and Don’t Forget to Bring a Towel)

In honor of the four boys residing in that quiet little mountain town, here’s a look back at South Park‘s most amusing cannabis moments to-date.

That’s a Wrap! Thank You for Supporting the 2016 Leafly Comedy Tour

We brought the 2016 Leafly Comedy Tour to 12 cities with 12 headliners, special guest appearances, and loads of laughs. Thank you for your support!

Watch This: Golden Girl Estelle Getty Wants “No Reefers” at Her Party

The Golden Girls was a refreshingly forward-thinking television show that didn't shy away from sneaking in the occasional sly reference to cannabis.

Watch This: Remembering Robin Williams and His Hilarious Marijuana Jokes

In remembrance of Robin Williams, a man who touched so many lives with his humor and humanity, we've compiled some of his funniest stand up bits about cannabis.

Watch This: Snoop Dogg Loses to Sugar Ray Leonard on a Cannabis Query During Family Feud

Snoop Dogg squared up against Sugar Ray Leonard in Celebrity Family Feud and was beaten by the boxing legend on a cannabis-themed question.

Watch This: Snoop Dogg Performs Bob Marley Song During Lip Sync Battle

Snoop Dogg battled it out against Los Angeles Clippers point guard Chris Paul in Spike TV's latest episode of Lip Sync Battle, where celebrities duke it out in faux karaoke fashion.

Watch This: Conan O’Brien Hits the Vape and Plays Mario Kart with Seth Rogen and Zac Efron

To promote the release of Neighbors 2 on May 20th, Seth Rogen and Zac Efron challenged Conan O'Brien to a rousing game of Mario Kart 8 with some frat boy stakes.

Watch This: Stoned People Get to Meet a Sloth and Their Minds are Blown

What happens when a bunch of people get stoned and get to meet a sloth? Pretty much what you'd expect: pure magic.

Jimmy Kimmel’s “Mom Weed” Sketch Re-Brands Cannabis for the Suburbs

The latest sketch from Jimmy Kimmel re-imagines suburban life with cannabis...

Yas Kween: Broad City’s Best Cannabis Moments

Four and three and two and wuh-one! We're huge fans of Broad City, which is why we've assembled this compilation of the best cannabis moments from the comedy series thus far.

Watch This: Ali G Interviews a DEA Agent

Check out this funny clip from the early 2000s featuring Sacha Baron Cohen as Ali G interviewing a DEA agent about drugs. Booyakasha!

Watch Conan O’Brien’s Funniest Cannabis Segments

Across the comedian's many talk shows, he's dedicated quite a few jokes and funny segments to cannabis. Here's a roundup of some of his best bits to-date.

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