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Leafly Canada holiday gift guide: Gifts for cannasseurs

Published on November 28, 2019 · Last updated July 28, 2020
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Photos by Jesse Milns

Cannabis connoisseurs—aka, cannasseurs, or people who enjoy weed more than occasionally—have very specific needs.

The best gifts for them are not necessarily the most expensive, but the most practical—presents that maximize the flavours and aromas of their favourite flower and concentrates, or items that improve how they store and consume cannabis.

Ranging in price from here you go, friend to I love everything about you, these gifts are sure to satisfy the discerning weed lover your list.

AHLOT Classic Ritual Box

Form meets function in this stylish, lockable box from AHLOT. Crafted from pine and Baltic birch, the Classic kit contains a rolling tray, preroll cones and tubes, a grinder, a storage jar, rolling papers and filters, and a beeswax candle. Looking for something a little bit different? AHLOT’s boxes are fully customizable.

AHLOT Ritual Box, $190

Goodwood TR33 triple doob tube

There are plenty of doob tubes for folks who like bringing a joint to parties, but what about folks who like to bring three? Enter the Goodwood TR33, so named because at least one tree is planted with every sale. If that doesn’t make you feel good about your purchase, there’s also this: Goodwood’s products are made in Canada, shipped in eco-friendly packaging, and never include single-use plastics. Oh, and the company donates 1% of its profits to charity, so you can feel good about this wood.

Goodwood TR33, $33

Canada Puffin Arctic Bubbler glass water pipe

Perfect for the patriotic puffer on your list, this hybrid water/dry pipe is crafted with Canadian-grown maple and hand-blown borosilicate glass. Because each piece is handmade, your gift will be as unique as its lucky recipient.

Canada Puffin Arctic Bubbler, $130

canadian lumber
Canadian Lumber rolling papers

For the dedicated joint smoker, consider an entire case containing 24 packs of papers—or 2 packs per month. These Canuck-themed papers won’t help your favourite joint aficionado cut down on their smoking, but they are tested at a third-party Canadian lab to ensure they’re free from asbestos, chalk, bleach, and other chemicals.

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Canadian Lumber rolling papers, $4 per pack

Torrch Mini Handheld Concentrates Vaporizer

For the concentrates fan who already has a sweet stationary rig, this portable dab doodad makes it easy to transport their favourite shatter, budder, or wax from home to event—or from pocket to mouth.

Torrch Mini Handheld Concentrates Vaporizer, $130

maitri pipe
Maitri Veda Black pipe

This Canadian-made stunner is so stylish, it’s hard to believe that at its heart, it’s just a pipe. But its beautiful simplicity is exactly what the traditionalist toker on your list will like about it. Plus, it comes from Maitri, a Canadian company dedicated to eco-friendly and local production.

Maitri Veda Black pipe, $39

Apache Flameworks Spoon Pipe

One-of-a-kind smoking accessories from Apache Flameworks and fellow local artisans are available from BC’s Boro and Beyond. While Canadians can shop the ever-changing selection online, those in Vancouver can visit in person for the full gallery experience where high-end, handmade glassware is the top draw.

Apache Flameworks Spoon Pipe, $60

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