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CannaFest 2017

CannaFest is 3 days/nights of classic rock music featuring 15+ bands and over 8000 “enthusiasts”. 2017’s event will also introduce […]

Toronto Police Raid Seven City Dispensaries

Exactly one week after Toronto Mayor John Tory announced impending crackdowns on the city’s illegal-yet-plentiful cannabis dispensaries, Toronto police made good on the promise, executing a series of dispensary raids across the city yesterday morning.

The 27th Annual ICRS Symposium on the Cannabinoids

June 22nd-27th The 27th Annual ICRS Symposium on the Cannabinoids The ICRS (International Cannabinoid Research Society) is a non-political, non-religious […]

Canadian Finance Ministers Hash Out Cannabis Taxes

For a second day in Ottawa, Canadian finance ministers from the federal, provincial, and territorial levels are gathering to strategize a coordinated approach to cannabis taxation.

Leafly List: The Best Cannabis Locations in North America, Summer 2017

The Leafly List ranks the top cannabis dispensaries and retail stores in major US and Canada cannabis markets every quarter.

Toronto Mayor Announces Impending Raids on Dispensaries

Toronto Mayor John Tory calls for a fresh batch of raids on the city’s illegal-yet-plentiful cannabis dispensaries

Leafly List: The Top Cannabis Dispensaries in British Columbia, Summer 2017

The Summer 2017 Leafly List for British Columbia is a data-based, community-sourced ranking that consumers use to find the best cannabis dispensaries in their area.

B.C. Kills Mandatory Minimum Sentences for Marijuana Producers

In a triumph for sanity and compassion, British Columbia has declared mandatory minimum prison sentences for cannabis producers to be unconstitutional.

Germany’s Green Rush Heats Up as Canadian Producer Expands Operations

The green rush in Germany is on, with a Canadian cannabis producer ready to spend millions to expand in the country ahead of the country’s launch of MMJ.

Canada: Legalization Later, Decriminalization Now

With full legalization a year away, Canadian lawmakers push for immediate decriminalization.

Tories Want to Cut Homegrow From Canada’s Cannabis Bill

The federal Tories, a conservative political party in Canada, is attacking a homegrow provision in the country’s pending cannabis legalization bill.

Tragically Hip Enter Canadian Industry as Investors, Not Just Endorsers

Gord and the boys are bullish on Canada's cannabis future, and their deal with Ontario LP Newstrike gives them a stake in the industry.

Will British Columbia’s New Leader Usher in Beer-N-Bud Stores?

NDP Leader John Horgan (above) will lead BC into the legal era. That might mean cannabis sold in the province's liquor stores.

Lift Cannabis Expo

May 26th-28th Lift Cannabis Expo   In 2016, Lift hosted two word-class cannabis trade shows, first in Toronto in May and […]

Poll: Canadians Want Ottawa to Erase Cannabis Convictions

A new Globe and Mail / Nanos Research poll finds 62% of Canadians want to pardon people convicted of cannabis possession.

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