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What’s the Difference? Recreational vs. Medical Cannabis in Canada

We compare price, quality, and accessibility of recreational and medical cannabis.

Plug & Play Grow Opps Make Cannabis Cultivation Easy for Canadians

Grow opp cupboards and condo solutions coming soon for recreational growers.

This Week in Cannabis: Top Stories From Across Canada From Nov. 9-15

Cannabis news from around the web.

Ontario Announces Regulations for Incoming Cannabis Stores

Cannabis stores across the province are set to open April 1.

From Point A to B: How to Transport Cannabis by Car

Play it safe! Put it in your trunk.

Edibles & Kids: 7 Safety Tips for Cautious, Cannabis-Consuming Caregivers

How to keep infused-edibles away from minors.

How Does Law Enforcement Know Your Cannabis Is Legal? Keep Your Receipt

How Does Law Enforcement Know if Your Cannabis Is Legal?

Ontario Cannabis Store Clears Backlog, Deliveries Are ‘Back On Track’

OCS shoppers can expect fewer delays… finally.

Who Pays? Regulating Cannabis in Canada Estimated to Cost $546 Million

Who's footing the bill for enforcing Canada’s Cannabis Act?

‘The Town That Banned Everything’ Permits Its First Cannabis Store

Will other reluctant municipalities follow suit?

Former Soldier Sings the Praises of Cannabis and Helps Veterans Help Themselves

The former soldier found relief through medical cannabis.

Wabanaki Cannabis Strain a Surprise to Namesake First Nations

The product was named without consultation from Wabanaki people.

Failed Deliveries Could Cost Canadian LPs €14.7 Million

A German cannabis distributor has filed a claim against two Canadian producers.

Meet Cody Van Gogh: The Canadian Creating Smokeable Works of Art

High art.

4,500 Ontario Cannabis Store Customers Affected by Privacy Breach

Someone gained access to personal information through the Canada Post delivery tracking tool.

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