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3 Infused Margaritas You Must Make This Summer

We kick the margarita up a notch with cannabis tinctures in these three infused recipes: Classic Canna-Rita, Mango Mockarita, and Strawberry Cough-a-Rita.

What Were the Most Popular Strains on 4/20?

With another 4/20 in the books, we at Leafly took a peek to see which strains our visitors were most curious about on the most cannabis-friendly day of the year.

10 Albums to Get High to on 4/20

We want your 4/20 to be musically perfect. Load a bowl (or five), throw on one of these albums, and enjoy the day/night to the best of your abilities.

10 Events in History That Prove 4/20 Is the Best Day Ever

4/20 is a day worth celebrating, not just because of cannabis, but for a variety of reasons. Need proof? Check out these 10 events that left a positive mark in history.

How to Have the Perfect 4/20

April 20th is here and you need ideas on how to spend this most sacred cannabis holiday. Here's a suggested schedule to follow in order to maximize your 4/20 celebration.

15 Movies to Watch Based on Your 4/20 Mood

Want to laugh? Cry? Think? Get your mind blown? Grab your strain of choice, settle in with a snack, and cue up one of these films depending on your 4/20 mood.

8 Mainstream Marketing Campaigns That Cheekily Reference 4/20

As cannabis becomes more widely accepted, more mainstream brands are getting in on the 4/20 action. Check out eight marketing campaigns with a winking nod to the holiday.

10 Products to Pick Up Before 4/20

To help you get into the 4/20 holiday spirit, this collection of cannabis flower, concentrates, and edibles might help elevate your celebration to a new level.

The Best Things to Do in Canada for 4/20

Canada is already in the throes of celebrating legalization, so take a look at what other 4/20 events are on the horizon in the Toronto and Vancouver areas!

The Best Things to Do on the East Coast for 4/20

Things are looking up for the East Coast after legalization and the events for 4/20 are starting to ramp up! Check out what's happening this year in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts.

Strains You’ll Want to Enjoy on 4/20

With 4/20 right around the corner, Leafly wanted to take a closer look at what strains the collective cannabis community sought after on the dankest day in question.

What Are Dispensaries Planning for 4/20, and How Can Your Business Take Advantage?

We reached out to some of our top-rated dispensaries to find out their 4/20 plans. Take a look and get some inspiration for your cannabis business.

Quiz: How Should You Celebrate 4/20? Let Us Help You Plan It Out

Hitting a roadblock when it comes to planning your 4/20? There's more than one way to celebrate: take our quiz to find out what your ideal day looks like!

Introducing Leafly Wings: High-Altitude Deliveries for High-Altitude Consumers

Leafly Wings harnesses the power of ornithologistical technology and will bring cannabis to millions of adult consumers across America by 2018.

Celebrate National Pancake Day With a Strain and a Short Stack

March 7 is National Pancake Day, a 24-hour timespan dedicated to truly one of life’s simple pleasures. Pair a short stack with these suggested strains—bon appetit!

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